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T descriptive journey of art longing music family and relationships I loved this book Not only iswas the author s life fascinating but his writing ability is first rate I was thinking of uoting some of my favorite lines but I d be here all day I picked up this book randomly now I really want to read his other booksOnly one uibble Why would anyone SO intelligent pay any attention to a palm reader. An brilliantly interweaves and contrasts his past experiences with his present day reflections on the universal outhful desire to flee home and family and the simultaneous “undertow of origins” urging a return The result is a work that combines unusually rich storytelling with extraordinary literary ualityPoignant elegantly crafted and often funny Native State is an indelible portrait of the artist as a oung man and as son and dying father grope toward acceptance a coming to terms with self family origins and the elusive American idea of ho.

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Ommon with mine the rootlessness but he actually did have some so in many ways than I didBut his vocation of musician and writer and entertainment father led him into stuff that doesn t touch my life at all most especially the drinking and the drugs Interesting read One of the most well written and interesting memoirs I have read by a contemporary writerA fascinating very personal seemimgly hones. Of the last centuryAn engrossing investigation of memory and identity love and desire art and fate Native State vividly portrays the author’s attempts to escape the confines of a celebrity filled alcoholic family through music writing and travel His descent into the colorful milieus of musical and literary geniuses and lowlifes divas and crooks fortune tellers and culture gods in Paris Tangier London Copenhagen Barcelona San Francisco Kyoto and Los Angeles coalesces into a distinctive intimate depiction of a pivotal cultural era Throughout Coh.

I had never heard of Tony Cohan before seeing this book and deciding to read it The title and cover caught my eye Interesting life he has had He is about a half generation older than I am and while I remember some of the era he talks about my experiences were far far different So in that sense I learned a lot about the life of a Californian who became a transientand how his life had a little in A captivating deeply affecting memoir chronicling a journey from a Hollywood childhood as the son of a fading show business figure to a bohemian life in Europe and back to his native state of California where the author must face the man who had driven him away Summoned from abroad to attend to the ninety four ear old father he’s never been close to writer and musician Tony Cohan finds himself reliving his own peripatetic life a kaleidoscopic odyssey from California’s sunny postwar promise through the burnt end of the 1960s to the final days.

( DOWNLOAD Native State A Memoir ) Author Tony Cohan – latinboyz4play.com

Tony Cohan grew up in Manhattan and Los Angeles where at the age of fourteen he made his debut as a jazz musician After attending Stanford and the University of California he spent two years in Europe and North Africa performing with jazz artists Dexter Gordon Bud Powell and blind Catalan pianist Tete Monteliu Returning to San Francisco he worked briefly at the University of California Press

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