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Don t bother I usually like Marie Ferrarella but not this one Marcos is an ass Wendy has no depth I could care less about her It wasn t boring enough to not finish but don t bother starting bland The hero was a jerk for no reason because the heroine was written as totally different than she should have been The hero was reacting to the way that I think the author intended the heroine to act but she totally missed that boat And then the 21 year old heroi. Atlanta heiress Wendy Fortune was used to being overlooked by the rest of her powerful family But when a last ditch job at Red Rock's best restaurant revealed her hidden talents in the kitchen she was determined to

Read Books Fortune's Just Desserts –

Manager of said restaurant Marcos was ready to uit but the owners were his Tia and Tio family and he was no uitter It s oing to be an epic war in the kitchen until Wendy sweet talks the picky head chief into teaching her how to cook and they all discover she s a natural One Intimate Night genius at desserts Soon Marcos is fighting a whole different battle with the young heiress Great tie ins to the rest of the series while remaining a stand alone romance with a HEA ending. Pampered playgirl Wendy Fortune Now he had to fight hisrowing attraction to his sexy new pastry chefan attraction Wendy was doing everything to encourage Maybe a spoonful of sugar was just what the workaholic need.

Ne with absolutely no experience in the kitchen any kitchen started whipping up brand new haute cuisine desserts Not buying it Miniseries The Fortunes of Texas Lostand Found Wendy doesn t understand why she has to work or find her own way because her family has plenty of money which means she does too She is the youngest in the family and her parents are tryin Wendy Fortune was the newest employee at Red Rock s best restaurant much to the dismay of the. Rove to everyone she could handle the pressure Especially her tall dark and sexy bossMarcos Mendoza had always lived by one rule never ever mix business with pleasure It was bad enough he'd been pressured into hiring.

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