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N of Rafe Santiago His job involves solving problems and he senses that there is some problem with Elena possibly involving her horse Springer who is soon to give birth In typical romance fashion the two meet and sparks fly As they begin to now and care about one another real problems come to the forefront An enjoyable romance with a little suspense thrown in When I started this book I didn t Resilient know how it was going to be Iept reading and the I read the I got into it This book had a lot of twist and turns in it The one character changed her life but she wouldn t share with anyone what happened in the first employment place She Rozwazania o Psalmach kept it all bottled up inside and thought I would stay that wayuntil a tall dark handsome man walked into her life Heept asking her uestions but she wouldn t answer him and he started doing his own investigation of his own on her But he started falling in love with her and she was falling in love with him as well How as this relationship going to work out with so much going on with her past Things will work themselves out in the end Very entertaining This was a really good book I loved the characters story line emotions suspense scenes and overall feeling in the book The is something I wouldn t mind reading again I laughed snickered teared up a little held my breath had a death grip on the book for a little while sighed and had to clear the windows a some Towards the end I did sooo not see that coming The ending was perfect I can t wait to see what s going on and gonna happen with Finn I had fun and enjoyed reading this Great for pretty much an anytime read u I was given this book by the author I thought this audio book was great This was my twelfth Kauffman book I love Donna Kauffman s books and this one was no different This is the story of Rafe and Elena Elana is a horse trainer who is working for the wife of one of Rafe s friends It is obvious to Rafe that Elana is hiding something or hiding from someone He is determined to find out what her story is When Rafe approaches Elana on the pretense of wanting riding lessons from her Elana i This is the next series by Donna Kauffman that I decided to read There are three books in this series which is full of hot guys in Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book kilts how can that be bad Some of the stories are a little unbelievable but that makes them every girls dream right. Seductive overtly feminine women Rafe usually beds The closer he gets to her the harder it is to control that fiery passion he's worked hard toeep cooled the جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها kind that can catch a man off guard and leave him open to danger because whatever secret Elena's protecting it's bigand worthilling for Because when you're from the Bronx you take care of what you love or die tryin.

O don t have the means to champion themselves Elena is a horse trainer hired by Kate to work with the horses at her camp for disabled Tug Hill Country kids She previously worked for a large racing stable and supposedly left that job in search of a calmer uieter environment for her own horse who is pregnant and who had difficulties with her first pregnancy Elenaeeps to herself is friendly but does not go out of her way to befriend other employees at Dalton Downs After covertly witnessing a conversation between Elena and her vet who showed up unexpectedly to talk to her one day Rafe is convinced that Elena is hiding something and determinedly and doggedly sets out to uncover her secret The writing felt a little crisper and like the first book there is a lot of characterization and dialogue both internal and external along with plenty of amusing banter not only between Rafe and Elena but between Rafe and Mac Mac is a little involved in Rafe s story than Rafe was in Mac s and that was a good thing giving us a look at the friendship and brotherhood bond between them I figured out Elena s secret uite awhile before the guys did or part of it anyway but it didn t bother me or take away from my enjoyment of watching the plot unfold And things got pretty tense towards the end leading to a very satisfactory resolution Overall I enjoyed the actual mysteryplot here than in the first book but I think if I had to choose between Rafe and Mac I would go for Mac Sorry Rafe DNFVery pushy and irritating hero He was so interfering Like that fly or mosuito near your ear once or twice you swat it and then it starts getting on your nerves when it continues to buzz near your earThere is a difference in being concerned and constantly being in someone s space and asking uestions Its her life She will tell you if she wants to You need to earn her trust instead of assuming that she will just spill her secrets when you demand them UghI totally agreed with the heroine Whether or not that s the case I d prefer to handle my own affairs my own way Just because we lost our heads for a few moments this morning doesn t mean I need or want your interference It s nothing personal just I ve been taking care of myself for a long time and I like it that way Elena Caulfield is a horse trainer at Dalton Downs working with troubled horses when she comes to the attentio. Voice in his gut that tells him when someone's got something to hide horse trainer Elena Caulfield is definitely hiding something and Rafe intends to find out what it is and take care of it his wayBut his way wasn't supposed to include feeling an intense attraction to the tomboyish Elena With her mud caked boots uiet strength and gentle manner she's nothing like the flashy.

Actually grabbed this one because of a review in Booklist Grabbed the first book too This got a better review than the first book but I actually found that romance a little interesting than the one in this book Like the first book it was just ok I ll probably read the third book just to complete the trilogy What I learned was that there is a lot of sexaul innuendos when it comes to horses The author does a good job of light hearted comedy mixed with intense emotional relationship issues What I didn t likewas the initial inability of the hero to see the heroine as attractive I don t really think that it s a fault in the book it s just something that irked me I believe that most women aren t glamour girls We all do our part to look attractive But a woman can look super hot in overalls and long johns And still I liked it The storytelling was good and managed to tease while Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 keeping my attention I definitely reccomend I received all three books in the Unholy Trinity trilogy from the author after entering a giveaway on her Facebook pageWe met Rafe briefly in THE BLACK SHEEP AND THE PRINCESS so I alreadynew his style and personality would be uite different than Mac s I ll admit right now that I like Mac s cover better than Rafe s there s just something about a man in jeans and a black t shirt Mac also appealed to me because he was a former cop and I like stories with copformer cop heroes Rafe is the white collar type always impeccably dressed and groomed Which of course provides an immediate contrast between him and our heroine Elena who is always dressed in overalls and boots often with a thermal underwear top and usually dirtymuddyhorse poopy Most definitely not Rafe s type yet he can t seem to What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, keep himself from watching her as she trains the horses for Kate s campids I followed with the plot this time around much easier than in Mac and Kate s book finding it less convoluted and confusing The fact that it revolved around horses and Elena s previous job as a trainer at a racing stable may have helped as the world of thoroughbred horse racing used to be my life s dream back when I was a teenager Rafe of course is one third of the Unholy Trinity the three friends who grew up terrorizing summer camp and are now partners in a company called Trinity They help people the underdogs righting wrongs championing those wh. They're back the boys you go out looking for precisely because your mother warned you not to the bad boys every good girl needs at least once if not twiceRaphael Rafe Santiago may have left the streets years ago but the street has never left him A rough childhood in the Bronx taught him never to let his guard down to eep everything in order and always to trust that little.

Online free The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty By Donna Kauffman –

wwwdonnakauffmancomDonna Kauffman passed away on April 9 2020 of pancreatic cancer