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Their way across the Minnesota prairie bringing only their most precious items Sarah s prized possession was her cornhusk doll Drusilla There are many adventures along the waysomeone becomes VERY lostand will she ever be found again in the tall prairie grass Beautifully written simple and a uick read Little girls will love this storybygone days or not Sit down and read it to themyou ll feel good as well Good luck finding an old copy. L journey in her own inimitable fashion She is a most delightful reporter and there are good times and misfortunes and lots of funny experiences on the wayThrough Drusilla's jet black eyes and merry chatter this is a fine picture of pioneering for boys and girls ounger than those for who most such books are written.

One of my favorites as a child This book belonged to my mother Her older sister made a cornhusk doll and dressed her like Drusilla for her I still have the doll and the book and they are precious It s been a while since I have read it and suspect that it is not PC about Native Americans but wonderful characters esp the women Perfect for Laura Ingalls Wilder fans This was one of my childhood all time favorites I checked it out of. One spring things began to happen at the Hodgetts Boxes and trunks all over the house a ueer wagon covered with canvas in the back ard the family happy and excited one day and sad and cross the next poor Drusilla could not understand what it was all about for her little head as well as the rest of her small body we.

The library so many times I was probably personally responsible for wearing it out Later in my life when I had children I searched for ears to find a copyI did and though a little ratty and a discard from a libraryI had to have it In a time like this when kids are bent over their video games ipads computers or whatever this is one to try and find and bring them back to the days when covered wagons filled with hopeful families made. Re made of corn husks and her eyes were just two bright jet beads Drusilla was Sarah's favorite doll and she was included of course with those possessions that were piled on the load the day the family started off in the covered wagon for MinnesotaAnd it's Drusilla who gives us the first hand account of that eventfu.

DOWNLOAD Come on along Fish Author Emma L. Brock – latinboyz4play.com

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