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Lot of humour All environments are described very well dialogue s and his travel partners the wildlife tribes and their habits and the danger of it all Often you think O Hanlon won t survive the book A real adventure A very special read experience and very instructive as well A mixture of minute old fashioned naturalistic observation of plants mammals and especially birds in the ian rain forest and the vicissitudes of traveling with a motley crew of locals along with O Hanlon s alcoholic English friend Simon who comes along for a kind of comic counterpoint to the meticulous O Hanlon but can t take any and drops out a little than halfway through the book In Trouble Again loses something when Simon goes because he is a kind of cynical everyman having no idea why he decided to come along with the obsessive Redmond in the first place He thus provides spice to what might otherwise be a throwback to the standard 19 th century Englishman s dogged exploration of the wonders of foreign lands Without Simon O Hanlon is left with a Colombian scientist and two or three hanger on roustabouts who go with him for the money These people are interesting for a while but gradually become rather tedious and tend to blend into one another In the last fifty pages or so O Hanlon and crew come upon the legendary Yanomami who they expect to annihilate them with poison arrows then eat their flesh The natives it seems have even fear of their ungle compatriots than do outsiders conditioned by the tendentious largely discredited ravings of the infamous Napoleon Chagnon who forms O Hanlon s view of the tribe as much as he does everyone else s The Yanomami however turn out to be a friendly humorous lively group of hunters gatherers and tricksters who want O Hanlon and his bunch to give them things but never act remotely aggressive or fierce Four of them even oin O Hanlon s party and travel with him becoming good friends in the process valued for their expert hunting skills O Hanlon has great fun decimating the stereotypes of anthropologists which is perhaps the book s most attractive feature All in all In Trouble Again is well written sumptuous at times harrowing and at times funny but lacks much narrative drive and is weighted down by O Hanlon s overly detailed heavy naturalistic descriptions most of which seem to come from his reading of earlier books rather then actual observation A bit slow but worth reading for its several virtues. And where the locals may be the most violent people on earth next to hockey fa.

If you have traveled the this is a way to relive the experience the animals and birds insects and sense of the rainforest His formidable knowledge of the flora fauna and his fellow man is presented in an off hand way and his feigned innocence of the dangers provides the right touch of wry humor If you haven t been there or plan to go however this may not be to your taste This is a good book unfortunately I read it with my wife and this was not as enjoyable to her It is about several males that head out into the wilds together and very much a man s story much as any hunting or fishing story with plenty of bathroom okes and farting Happy Family jokes The descriptions of the wilderness and the flora and fauna are wonderful I really like how the author freuently compares his experiences with those of previous explorers in the same area with liberal uotes from those former explorers included This is an excellent read for anyone with interest in this area of the world Read in Dutch Interesting information in the second half about the Yanomomi tribe of indians in the Venezuelan rain forest The first part about theourney itself drags by the middle of the book and there was too much about the birds which would have been better illustrated with coloured illustrations or photos What happened to all the photos Simon and Redmond took There is a beautifully illustrated account of a recent expedition online was also interesting to note that the Yanomamiwho from the Western perspective are a stone age tribe and own virtually nothing living a subsisten A different style of travel book With zany humour The Taboo Feeding jungles of the world have always attracted me as little understood frontiers of experience and places full of wildlife wonders I read his book about travel in Congoungle years ago and felt much the same about this one There is something missing clear narrative maybe which made it difficult for me to get into It didn t hold me as I would have expected it to I was also disturbed by the tendency for his group to kill everything that moved though they had to find their food somehow I suppose This is armchair travel writing at its finest O Hanlon s account of his ourney along the river systems of Venezuela is funny exhausting and enthralling as he battles swarms of black fly poisonous snakes grumpy colleagues and recalcitrant guides He is as observant as only a dedicated naturalist can be and his account is the next best thing to O'Hanlon takes us into the bug ridden rain forest between the Orinoco and the

Eing there No actually I would say it is better than being there since it has convinced this reader that this is one place I will never wish to visit notwithstanding O Hanlon s entirely matter of fact acceptance of all things parasitic mouldy and otherwise gross But for reading while snuggled up in a comfortable arm chair with a ready supply of coffee and croissant to hand this is a won I found this book in a Guatemalan eco hotel in the ungle and it couldn t have been appropriate A hilarious and fascinating account of an englishman s Arvyndase (Silverspeech) journey through theungles of Venezuela in the 1980 s with a crew of vivid characters to meet a tribe of Indians known for their ferocity and violence towards each other and outsiders things you can expect tapir groin ticks clash of cultures funny dialog and weird foodsgreat travel read The book is probably better than a three but I have a weak stomach and there are some disgusting things in the The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies, jungles of South America not to mention lots of snakes I give a lot of credit to the auhtor for what he did He boated down some rivers in the basin looking for the Yanomami Indians He set off with his friend from London Simon and South Americans who worked on expeditions in that area Theourney sounded uite harrowing and Simon who was a bit of comic relief left relatively early Redmond O Hanlon really immersed himself in the culture eating Fear Factor type meals and bonding with an outcast Yanomami even doing Yoppo the local drug with him When he finally reaches some real Yanomami Indians I was nervous for him and his South American cohorts The Yanomami are a dangerous bunch and they don t like those who don t follow their customs I do wish that I was a bit up on birds I don t really know enough to match their whistles and calls with their species and frankly I am not a morning person and that is when they are at their most active and it rather annoys me But I do think he stumbled upon some birds that are uncommon and to a bird lover that would be really uite thrilling The second half really picks up and is much interesting than the first Redmond is so wacky I really loved this book because O Hanlon describes his Curve Lovers 3 journey with so much detail you get the delusion you are at the yourselfWhile reading you got a lot of sympathy for Redmond His patience curiosity the way he acts and accepts the things he s got to deal with But for the most of his writing with much detail and especially Nfested withaguars and piranhas where men would kill over a bottle of ketchup.

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BOOK READ In Trouble Again A Journey Between Orinoco and the –

Redmond O'Hanlon is a British author born in 1947 Mr O'Hanlon has become known for his journeys into some of the most remote jungles of the world in Borneo the basin and Congo He has also written a harrowing account of a trip to the North Atlantic on a trawler