Book read Elizabeth the ueenThe Lady Elizabeth –

Another fascinating book by Alison Weir a compassionate examination of Elizabeth I I always appreciate how Alison Weir keeps us up to date eg Todaythis etter can be found in the British Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, library She makes the past very much part of the present Elizabeth I was uite the character brilliant witty naughty vain compassionate vulgar gracious a bag full of opposites A must read for all Elizabethan enthusiasts I ve read Alison Weir before both historical fiction and history and have found every one of those books riveting In this account of Elizabeth I Alison Weir brings to her subject scrupulous historical research and the novelist s art of colourful racy and humorous touches She breathes fire into her subjectIoved the account of Elizabeth s Progresses What a master of PR and self promotion Elizabeth was and what a brilliant example she sets to all those who excel in this field nowadays I can t help thinking that if the internet had been available to Elizabeth it s clear how she d have used it and the millions of The Witches likes and follows she d have had She was a ueen who went viral for theo. A special bundle of one fiction and one non fiction title from betselling historian Alison Weir both centred around Elizabeth I The Lady ElizabethEngland 1536 Home to the greatest most glittering court in English history But beneath the dazzling façade ies treachery Elizabeth Tudor is daughter to Henry VIII the most powerful king England has ever known She is destined to ascend the throne and deferred to as the King`s heiress but that all changes when her mother Anne Boleyn Henry`s great passion and

Read Elizabeth the ueenThe Lady Elizabeth

Book read Elizabeth the ueenThe Lady Elizabeth –

Inds me of the position the West is currently in having to compromise with Assad against a worse evil Elizabeth I was constantly having to choose between the Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles lesser of two evilsI found the book by turn moving harrowing and sobering You cannot help seeing correspondences between the pressures on Elizabeth and those on today s politicians If she was in charge now we d probably have avoided several of the conflicts we ve seen since the Second World War How for example would we respond to Islamist extremism if we had the personality the strength and the particular uirks of Elizabeth I to drive events I feel that in very different times she would have found a card to play eually clever and appropriate as the ones she played in sixteenth century EnglandA brilliant account of this great monarch ELIZABETH THE UEEN ONLY VERSIONI enjoyed this aot than I expected to originally purchasing it as part of my Alevel history Tudor studies I found out a The Princes Mistress lot about Elizabeth I andoved finding out about her relationships with various other famous people such as Francis Drake What an interesting uee. Ortrayed as both a woman and a ueen an extraordinary phenomenon in a patriarchal age Alison Weir writes of Elizabeth's intriguing Immortal Jellyfish long standing affair with Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester of her dealings sometimes comical sometimes poignant with her many suitors of her rivalry with Mary ueen of Scots and of her bizarre relationship with the Earl of Essex thirty years her junior Rich in detail vivid and colourful this book comes as close as we shall ever get to knowing what Elizabeth I wasike as a pers.

Ve of her subjectsWhen an actress in the role of Elizabeth I addressed us a couple of years ago from horseback at Kenilworth Castle to commemorate Elizabeth s visit there to the Earl of Leicester in 1575 her common touch her warmth and charm were no mere dramatic devices but based upon the evidence we have of Elizabeth I s actual words and behaviour to her people What better way to the California love andoyalty of the English people than to ensure you are highly visible and accessibleAlison Weir has fleshed out Elizabeth s character to a powerful degree through the close examination of the events for which her reign is both famed and notorious so now I feel I understand and can empathise with the woman behind the historic events her humanity her strengths and weaknesses It makes me too fully conscious of the pressures that were upon Elizabeth and it fills me with admiration at the way she responded both as a woman and as a ruler to key events such as the threat posed by the behaviour of Mary ueen of Scots The way Elizabeth reacted in particular to the massacre of St Bartholomew in France rem. Olly is executed for treason A pawn in the savage game of Tudor power politics she is disinherited declared a bastard and Afgantsy left with only her uick wits to rely on for her very existence But Elizabeth is determined to survive to foil those who want to destroy her or who are determined to use her as a puppet for their ownethal ambition and to reclaim her birthright Elizabeth the ueenThis book begins as the young Elizabeth ascends the throne in the wake of her sister Mary's disastrous reign Elizabeth is

Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameAlison Weir is a British writer of history books for the general public mostly in the form of biographies about British kings and ueens and of historical fiction Before becoming an author Weir worked as a teacher of children with special needs She received her formal training in history at teacher training