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E Maddy or anyone of Lucifer s ilk in any way and we learn the truth about how old he actually is and what happened to him to cause him to have these opinions By the end of the book Jude has earned my respect and he now respects Maddy as well There are several surprises that are revealed along the way Of course it is no surprise to find out it is Amarantha and Focalor are once again at the forefront of Maddy s troubles What shocked me is who else was involved in the lot to overthrow Lucifer I guess those who have read this series from the start shouldn t have been surprised at the revelation or the fact that Maddy s half brother is also Hogan part of the conspiracy The ending broke my heart and I can only hope that Ms Henry fixes what happened so that Maddy isn t left to her own vices Yes Maddy makes some stupid and silly mistakes Yes she is rash and judgmental at times But she is also fiercely loyal androtective of her little family and friends and would do anything to help them and keep them from being hurt because of herNext InstallmentBlack Lament releases October 30 2012 I m going to try not to go on and on about this one It s just not as good as it should be again It has a lot of the right elements but it s still not coming together Maddy is still a big know it all for an extremely inexperienced woman For men who are thousands of years old to look to her as a strategic leader and a battle leader is just silly And she s bullheaded and stupidly impulsive Plus she almost dies and get healed by one fallen angel or another over and over again it could be a drinking game And I m supposed to believe that she s suddenly so Wedding Daze powerful at oneoint that if Lucifer himself chose to fight her he would lose Not the Lucifer that s been written in this series it doesn t make sense And the Jude background story was completely unnecessary it was overly complicated and again silly And there was a too much going on in this one it s frantic But I did actually like the twist in the end that a lot of Gender and Multiculturalism people willrobably hate the series needs to be shaken up Christina Henry Black Howl Madeline Black series 3 ReviewAs a fan of the series I wa really looking forward to reading the latest instalment and seeing what fresh hell of unfulfilled lust the author had imagined for the reader While the book was full of new developments and remained a uick read I was unfortunately disappointed at the end Why you ask For a few significant readings not least of which was that TERRIBLE OUT OF NOWHERE and uite frankly RAGE INDUCING endingFirst of all I felt that there was absolutely zero character development In fact Maddie felt like she was a robot on repeat look for trouble be surprised at finding trouble get fed up by it unleash all owerful magic that decimates everyone rinse and repeat There hardly seemed to be any struggle at all Everything was solved fairly uickly and there wasn t really any event that you couldn t see coming a mile away Hence why even though a lot happened I wasn t at all satisfied with how the events were ortrayedSecondary characters didn t really get much screen time either which was a bit disappointing I did like the scenes with Lucifer and Samiel in them though JB was definitely not up to Mourning Child Grief Support Group Curriculum par this time thoughThen there are the events themselves really just two inarticularview spoiler1 Maddie and Gabriel get MARRIED I mean seriously what the hell After going on and on about how they could never be together Lucifer suddenly decides Nope I change my mind Why shouldn t you kids get together Now I m just going to marry you two without even freaking ASKING because I m all Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, powerful and can do whatever the hell I want You kids have fun now and the worstart is Maddie and Gabriel just say Cool and move on Shouldn t marriage be a big deal They never even had a A Full Scholarship (Sex Powers University 1) proper relationship first This was made a billion times worse by event number 22 Gabriel freaking DIES and Maddie is PREGNANT Words cannot express how much rage this event incited Not only did a main character get killed off it seemed like no one really grieved at all before we find out he lives on in the baby growing inside Maddie So not only does one of my favorite characters get married in this book he also gets killed off but not before leaving behind a sondaughter for Maddie to take care of Cue rage hide spoiler. Agreed to harbor Gabriel's half brother SamielAnd while work is bad enough Maddy has alethora of Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) personalroblems too Now that Gabriel has been assigned as her thrall their relationship has hit an impasse At least her sleazy ex fiancé Nathaniel is out of the icture or so she think.

Books Epub Black Howl æ Christina Henry –

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Arried I m finally celebrating because he s dead thoughI m not sure I ll keep reading these books All they do is make me itch to stop reading themPSI feel very generous giving this book 2 stars Only cause I ve read worse Genre Urban FantasyRating 40ReviewThere s never a dull moment when you re Madeline Black Agent of Death who escorts souls to the afterlife Maddy just happens to be the daughter of a fallen angel named Azazel who still wants her to marry Nathaniel and is Lucifer s second in command Her mother was also an Agent of Death before she died a osition which Maddy now holdsMaddy is also the granddaughter of the Morningstar himself Lucifer and carries his sword as well as a henna tattoo of a snake on her right The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate palm that gives her some awesome new abilities Lucifer has tried hard to get Maddy to be his heir and be in his inner circle Something she has strongly refused to be lured intoShe now has Samiel Gabriel s half brother staying with her Beezle and Gabriel after coming to an agreement with him after he took her leftink and ring finger in a battle to the death See Black Night for information Gabriel has agreed to train his brother in the ways that matter so that Maddy has yet another rotective shield from those who want to kill herThe most ainful aspect of Maddy s life for the first art of this story may be her relationship with Gabriel who is considered to be Maddy s thrall or slave now that she saved his life in the reviously referenced death match Gabriel used to be Maddy s bodyguard and unreuited love of her lifePlotIt appears that something really hinky is going on in Maddy s native Chicago According to her boss JB who still harbors a crush on her there have been than a dozen unscheduled deaths in one week and it appears the ghosts are wandering around without any desire to move onto to the afterlifeIf that weren t enough Jude shows up at Maddy s door reluctantly asking for her help after Wade the werewolves Mama Ds pasta pizza pack Alpha goes missing along with the wolf cubs of theack Like I said it s never a dull moment when you re Madeline BlackChristina Henry s Black Howl is the third installment in the Black Wings Series and Madeline is as stubborn as ever She is completely hard headed naive in some ways and loyal to a fault to her friends She walks into situations without thinking and ends up making decisions by the seat of her The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, pants Favorite Momentsuotes from the story Enough I shouted rubbing my eyes Gods above and below I know too many men I need to get some girlfriends Beezle snorted Yeah I can totally see you drinking cosmos and talking shoes with a bunch of chicks Okay So maybe that was absurd But the fact remained that there was far too much testosterone in my life As I am the Morningstar you shall be my dark start the hand of my will my bringer of justice All rise and say hail to my Hound of the Hunt After Maddy kills the Hound of the Hunt sent to retrieve Samiel and Lucifer finally gets his wish to have Maddy in his inner circle Sometimes I wonder if JB s right about me Three Stooging my way through life I said out loudCharactersGabriel is as stoic as ever in the beginning of this book He is trying to distance himself from Maddy since they can never have a relationship It also doesn t help that his status is nothing but a slave in their realm By the end of the book things have taken a radical turn to the right when Lucifer steps in with a surprise announcement in regards to Maddy s relationship with Gabriel JB becomes aart of Team Maddy now that the love spell has worn off that his own mother Betty Fedora Issue One put on him in order to have a child with Maddy JB is a very good friend to Maddy and goes above and beyond in order to help rescue Wade He is also very un Wade like in this story when he actually breaks his own rules and helps Maddy find out who is responsible for stealingeople s souls Beezle is the comic relief in these books There is a Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work point to being sarcastic and funny There wereoints in the book I wanted to choke Beezle or tell him to shut his Jazz Ukulele pie hole for 5 minutes I m sure it was meant as a way to keep things from being too serious as Maddy and crew are running around trying to save Wade and the cubs and find out who is responsible for Chicago s new ghostsJude is the surprise of this book Jude has made it extremely clear that he does not lik. At the same time theact that Maddy unwittingly made with the local werewolves comes back to bite her when their alpha is kidnapped As Lucifer's heir she should be able to discover who or what is responsible for both occurrences but the fallen haven't been too happy with her since she.

Posted on Under the CoversBLACK HOWL is the third book in the Madeline Black series by Christina Henry Madeline is an Agent of death This means that she gets a list of names dates and times as foreseen by the Agency Off 13 prophets It s her job to be there when theerson dies to take their soul to the DoorThis book starts off with Madeline working out in the gym with her trainer She Amata Means Beloved plans on losing 30 lbs So while she is complaining about the number of repetitions her trainer is making her do a fellow gym member nearby starts to have a heart attack In moments he is dead and Madeline must now do her scheduled job Pretty cool huhI found this book to be a uick read There are lots of laughs along the way so it sretty light and entertaining A lot of this has to do with Beezle Madeline s gargoyle BFF He kinds of reminds me of Gighul the demon sidekick from the Sabina Kane series by Jaye Wells Both of them have terrific one liners that are sure to make you smile or even laugh out loudThere is a mystery throughout this book about the cubs and though I thought this was a good idea I didn t think it was executed as well as I thought it could be Some arts were very interesting but then there were areas that faltered I did like the twists and turns though that made for some interesting readingHenry has lots of secondary characters in this series so much so that sometimes it was hard to keep track For some characters we see a different side of them For example Jude has some of his background revealed and I thought it was good in enhancing his character and making him stand out from the ack Overall this book was a light funny read If you re looking for something similar to the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill then this series has the same style the same uick witted humorI feel like readers who enjoy lighter funny urban fantasy would love this I just have a Juice preference for a darker style in UF But this isn t to say that readers wouldn t enjoy the laughs that are in this one ARCrovided by Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band publisher I shoved Beezle back inside my jacket Why can we not do anything without a running commentary OMG THANK YOUI fuckin hate Beezle I never hated a mythical creature or thought they were deadly annoying as much as I did this wretched BeezleI mean I m not sure if the author wanted us to hate her story or what but if she was aware that she was creating a morbidly irritating character why was she doing it Did she honestly think he was cute or even remotely funnyI also got tired of counting all the I m hungry feed me and the I deserve a doughnut I want to eat I m hungry lines As if the only reason he s in the book is to whine about food Iulled my sweater over my head and glared at him Haven t you ever heard of Gudrun privacy That is a concept with which I am unfamiliar Beezle said Newlyweds usually enjoy being alone I saidointedly Gargoyles usually enjoy being fed in a timely manner he replied Uh do I need to comment on thatI wanted to stop reading this book MANY MANY times but I tried to ignore this Beezle lines and made it through almost without developing a case of hypertensionAnd to be honest even our heroine is not funny either No one thinks about food and weight and find time to Mob Mistress practice WITH A TRAINER while the world is falling apart that s just stupid Plus she keeps a string of useless commentary like ALL the time I really do not want to give examples but I feel I ought to Are you kidding I thought JB said that you were bound by magic and all that I said to the wall Then I rolled my eyes I am losing my mind It s all those spiders That wouldut anybody over the edge Nobody should ever have to see one giant spider much less dozens of them over and over Are you kidding me She is talking to a freakin wall We need some kind of magical IM ing I said To herself and no not funnyPlus she is Stud in the Stacks petty She relishes herowers way too much and likes to brag about how she hurts her enemies Even when she scarred her father she kept reminding him about it as if it was a taunting notion Real heroines do what they have to do not because they like it but because they are noble and goodSpoiler And just how convenient it is that Lucifer freed Gabriel Since book one we were told over and over how impossible this relationship is and now in one smooth motion voila not only is he a free ma they are Madeline Black is an Agent of death meaning she escorts the souls of eople who have died to the afterlife But lately some spirits don't feel like crossing overSomething is wrong with the souls of Chicago's dead Ghosts are walking the streets and Maddy's boss wants her to figure out why.