BOOK KINDLE Not about Madonna author Whit Hill –

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I absolutely love this book Hill has a voice that is funny sardonic and sweet in a way that made me not want to put it down Although Madonna figures prominently in the text it is truly not about madonna in the sense that Hill is observing her own rowth as a dancer choreographer and musician against the backdrop of her friendship with this larger than life character who eventually becomes a household name Not everyone with an artistic bent or talent is driven towards FAME as a Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, goaland and Hill s comparison of her own humble though euallyreat in all the important. Personal memoir of Madonna's college roommate which describes their friendship when

Whit Hill Ä 6 read & download

BOOK KINDLE Not about Madonna author Whit Hill –

Rit in it At best it should have been a page or two in a magazine aimed at those interested in celebrities What do we learn from this book Nothing No insights no engaging prose no thoughtsI read it because I am rating it and other memoirs This one is at the very bottom and that is saying a lot considering some of those above it Madonna struggling life as a dance student in Ann Harbour I highly recommend Heliotrope Books Not About Madonna My Little Pre Icon Roomate and Other Memoirs by Whit Hill It was an intimate peek at Madonna and so much that I couldn t put dow. Madonna sent the author The author also oes on to describe her own life in the arts.

Ways artistic path with the dramatic trajectory of Madonna s is what will make this book fascinating to creative people of all sorts who struggle with that ideaA parallel theme that runs through this memoir is the notion of how we are shaped by our relationships with our mothers particularly how we deal with losing them and the many ways that that can happen Heartbreaking at times but racefully written so that the resiliency of the human spirit is what really shines through Fantastic I highly recommend Why was this book published There is not a whit of literary me. Hey were students at University of Michigan Ann Arbor Includes transcript of a letter.