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It was a great book and a very interesting story It was kinda short though This is the story of a teenage boy like most boys really from an ultra conservative family When they bundle him off to religious school he rebels by invoking an ancient pagan deity He asks this deity to make him the perfect girl of his dreams only to discover the deity takes his prayers literally and turns him into a girl named DanaOops I just revealed the entire plot to the story Seriously my biggest complaint with this book is that it is too short And I don t just mean the word count It sets up the premise well enough but fails to use that premise to actually tell a story The premise is pretty typical crossdresserTG wish fulfillment fantasyYou magically wake up and find ourself a woman now You can probably find. A oung man uestions his religious beliefs and tries to find what other gods may be out

Read Download A Girls Life –


Several hundred similar stories on most CDTG websites In fact I wrote a very similar story before my transition Like most stories in the genre there is an awful lot of I did like a real girl and it felt completely naturalcomfortableA Girl s Life is definitely better written than the average CDTG fan fiction However I doubt anyone outside of crossdressers or pre op Transwomen will find the book interesting A Girl s Life is a clever intelligent and thoughtful story that explores uestions of faith love and gender Even if ou weren t raised in a religious home the kind of rigid control of thoughts and emotions in the opening chapters is likely to bring back unpleasant memories for anybody who has ever struggled with their gender or their sexuality I know it made me identify with the narrator Here and meets one To prove that the god is real and has any power he asks the god to man.

Arly on and I cheered him on as he learned to uestion to wonder and to exploreThis is not a sexual story not by any means While there is some frank discussion about naked bodies a kiss is about as far as any act of intimacy goes Instead it s a story about a journey about a Crochet young man who is magically transformed into aoung woman and who uses that opportunity to learn what it means to love one s self and to be loved in returnDK Masters tells a lovely story If I were to have one complaint it s that I wanted There are some big uestions left unresolved regarding the implications of Dana s new life but I recognize that they re not important to the core story A Girl s Life is very much a wish fulfillment kind of fantasy but a thoughtful one at the same time As published on Bending the Bookshelf. Ifest his dream girl into his life The god turns the oung man into his dream girl instea.

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