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Aws vivid pictures of the intense combat on Canada’s shores and the interplay of the St Lawrence battle with war politics in Ottawa Washington and London At the same time he weaves a second story how researchers reassembled the scattered war records in Canada Britain the United States and Germany and brought the long forgotten battle to life for new generations of Canadians and international audienc.

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Than alliance high command And for than forty ears the battle was characterized as a Canadian defeatBut was it a defeat Drawing on new material from wartime records including ultra top secret Allied decryptions of German naval radio communications Roger Sarty shows that Canada mounted a successful defence with far fewer resources and in the face of much greater challenges than previously known He dr.

  From 1942 to 1944 fifteen German submarines destroyed or severely damaged twenty seven ships including three Canadian warships a US Army troop transport and the Newfoundland ferry Caribou More than 250 lives were lost It was the only battle of the twentieth century to take place within Canada’s boundaries and the only battle to be fought almost exclusively by Canadian forces under Canadian rather.

Download online The History of Canada Series Author Roger Sarty –