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Epub Ebook A Texas Rangers Christmas ì Rebecca Winters – latinboyz4play.com

Ook is very well written with lots of twists and turns to it The characters are real and lovable The story is well thought out and the etails are not withheld 5 stars 45 stars Blaire Farley s husband Nate left work one How to Disappear day and never came home Five years later Texas Ranger Captain Caige Dawson is assigned the missing persons case He goes undercover working with Blaire Almost immediately he becomes aware of two things Blaire is innocent and Caige wants a personal relationship with herThi There s a lot to like about this author and her books Yes they re genre predictable but there are several things that set it apart too Caige Dawson is a 21st century Texas Ranger with aisabled son he loves Act Like You Know deeply The child s mother fell apart after the car accident thatisabled the little boy so she packed her things remarried and chose not to be part of the child s life leaving the ranger with the job a job he seems to A Guide to Americas Sex Laws do admirablyBlaire Farley isn t a stranger to adversity Five years before she meets Caige her husband mysteriouslyisappears leaving her the prime suspect for his Agewise death When her parents call an FBI special agent to ask whether can beone to clear their aughter the bureau reaches into the ranks of the rangers to tap Caige s well known ability to solve cold casesWhat s cool about this book is that he indeed goes under cover but his growing interest in Blaire oesn t send either of them into the covers a rare and refreshing change for a romance book There s plenty of kiss and cuddle here but nothing that would fry your fingers if you read this in braille Granted it s a Christmas book but it s a uick read that you can spin through. Go Blaire Farley's world imploded But ever since she met Caige and his sweet lovable eight year old son the survivor of a tragic accident she's ready to start reclaiming her life And the first order of business is giving Josh the best Christmas any little boy ever hadBlaire may be a pe.

I enjoyed the book It was entertaining Miniseries American Romance s Men of the West This story about making Christmas the best one ever involves an undercover Texas Ranger getting to know his subject a little better than he should But the Ranger stays the course keeping his identity unknown until he is sure of what he needs to A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World do First time reading a book from this author that I can remember I loved it The interaction between the Ranger his special needs son just warms your heart Yet as a side note you realize he has a real job of figuring out a cold case of a missing husband So he goes undercover working with the wife of the kissing husband Yes its a love story so you know what s toog to happen but not all the twist turns A must read A Texas Ranger s ChristmasAnother hero toie for from this new favorite author of mineFew men in real life are as great a addy as Caige is in this heartwarming storyVery likeable charactersand as a formerly avid gardener and an avid tree loverI found all the info about the problems affecting the health of so many trees in Texasreally interestingCaige is hired to find out why Blaire s husband isappeared 5 years agoand that is a very interesting mystery that leads to the pro golf world in California Blaire has survived 5 years of scrutiny Being accused of killing her husband when he up and Anyone disappeared into thin air Now things are settlingown Until her parents go to the lead etectiveon her case and ask him to look into it again Blaire needs closure Since he is no longer workingin Austin Tx they engage Caige Dawson Tx Ranger His first uty is to find out if the wife is guilty or innocent This Life can get complicated for a single father working undercover No one knows that better than Caige Dawson currently posing as an employee of the Texas Forest Service He's there to investigate a fellow forester with a missing husband and to etermine whether she's a suspectFive years

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In a couple of hoursI liked the fact that the single ad uietly goes about his life raising his brain injured son It s also heartwarming to see how Blaire Battleground Chicago develops a relationship with the boy through music which seems to unlock some part of the child No heoesn t get cured on Christmas Day with her singing about Santa which would have turned the book into a toss across the room eye rolling joke but Winters is talented enough that she writes these scenes with Blaire and little Josh in such a way that you feel a sense of hope for his progressThe bottom line is this little book stands up reasonably well no matter what time of year you read it It bucks a lot of the tiresome trends so prevalent in the genre and you re on to your next book in practically no time at all Nice read no sex but lots of kisses how refreshing Nice to read a book where the father is the one who is honorable and stays with the now handicapped childThanks for Writing Wonderful book I really liked Caige and the way he put his all into solving the case of Blaire s missing husband He felt bad about Albert Camus deceiving her at the beginning but once he knew she was innocent I liked the way he included her in the search Blaire was pretty terrific too She had come to terms with her husband sisappearance and had moved on with her life She knew she was attracted to Caige right away and they only got closer as the investigation went on She also made an instant connection with Ciage s son Josh I like seeing children in stories that are not the perfect little creatures that some show and who behave like real children Bitter Choices do and that includes having stories with children withisabilitie. Rson of interest but Caige believes in her innocence His code of honor prevents him from getting too close until he can come clean about his identity But he needs Blaire's help to solve the case He only hopes it will give her the closure she needs and the future all three of them eser.

Rebecca Winters an American writer and mother of four lives in Salt Lake City Utah When she was 17 she went to boarding school in Lausanne Switzerland where she learned to speak French and met girls from all over the world Upon returning to the US Rebecca developed her love of languages when she earned her BA in secondary education history French and Spanish from the University of