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And urgent when you're ost between the stars in a crippled and out of control ship your shipmates aren't talking to each other and haven't for thousands of years and you don't re.

We must all hang together Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said to his revolutionary peers or we will assuredly all hang separately This is a sentiment that's even appropriate.

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Ally exist in the first place Such is the case in Sean Williams'  Ever This story was chosen for inclusion in the  Seventeenth Annual Collection of The Year's Best Science Fictio.

#1 New York Times bestselling Sean Williams lives with his family in Adelaide South Australia He’s written some books forty two at last count including the Philip K Dick nominated Saturn Returns several Star Wars novels and the Troubletwister series with Garth Nix Twinmaker is a YA SF series that takes his love affair with the matter transmitter to a whole new level You can find some relat

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