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As no big issue between the couple only misunderstandingsafter a decade they get a second chancethis time they get their HEAAlso liked the fact there was no miracle pregnancy in the endOverall a wonderful readRecommend it I loved the book and how it developed The development felt natural not forced or rushed It felt like the what would happen when ex s with unresolved feelings try to figure out how to be around the other I really would have loved an epilogue of them later on I am that kind of person that don t mind a miracle pregnancy in romance otherwise the hea does not feel complete Just imagine never being able to have even one child with the love of our life it s very very tragic So even if it s not that realistic I prefer a miracle pregnancy rather than infertility of the heroine This book reminded me of The Santangeli Marriage the heroine in that one was totally infertile and she had no chance for a miracle pregnancy It s just so so sad to read about and leaves ou with an aching heart even if there is a hea I don t really get it why some of the other reviewers are against the miracle pregnancy for the poor heroine I feel very sorry for the women both fictional and real that will never be able to have a child of their own not even one After this one I will need to read a book were there heroine is pregnant multiple times to make it less angsty Even when both hH thought they were betrayed by the other it didn t devolve into a blame game and revenge and other typical Harleuin brow beating in the name of pride and love They both have a conversation when they realize their previous misconceptions and move forwar. Nights soon drives them both crazy with needIt's becoming impossible to resist but with so much painful history between them can breaking up ever lead to making upfor goo.

Summary The Ex Who Hired Her

Ch 2012 release from Mills Boon Modern and Harleuin Presents April 2012 releaseXandra Bennett walks in for the marketing manager job interview at the oldest departmental chain store And guess what The CEO of the company interviewing her turns out to be the last person she expected to see He was Jordan Smith the man she d vowed ten ears ago to never to have anything to do with ever again She d never forgiven him for lying to her for not being there when she needed him the most and for letting her down It had taken her Tutoring Lady Jane years to rebuild her life and now when her dreams were in reach he was right in her way againFacing her after tenears Jordan know this was Alexandra Porter the woman who had dumped him without a cause and had lied to him But his body still tingled remembering her Can he forget their past and hire her nowWith this painful history between them will they be able to work together And will they be able to ignore the attraction shimmering just below the surfaces But why had Alex lied and dumped Jordan before And why had he let her down THE EX WHO HIRED HER has a realistic hero in Jordan Smith who hasn t found a suitable partner after he broke up with Alex And the heroine Alexandra is someone we connect with as she goes through so much and hits the very bottom before she rises again Can they find a way to trust each other again after all this time This lovely reunion romance is rich with emotion and humour and all of the characters are exuisitely rendered The poignant and realistic way in which they deal with their past is really magical to read This was a very good readthe story progressed really wellthere Tycoon Jordan Smith wants nothing to do with his ex lover Alexandra BennettOnly Alex is his new hotshot employee Their sizzling chemistry can't be denied and working late.

I actually found this whole story to be really sad From Alexandra losing herself her babies the love of her life to her being married to another guy and the divorcing him It was all about loss even the end of the book she was winning but it still amounted to loss because of things she could not give him I m not too sure if I liked or disliked this book Usually by the end I know my answer but I m still uestioning it and the logic behind all Alexandra s decisions A HP the ends without a miraculous pregnancy when infertility is an issue IT S A UNICORN This book made me sad It was a bittersweet oftentimes painful read I gotta find a happy book now The Ex Who Hired Her3 StarsJordan Smith is shocked to learn that the best candidate for manager of his family s department store is non other than Alexandra Bennet the woman who betrayed him and broke his heart Determined to keep their distance from one another Jordan and Alex soon discover that their sizzling attraction is impossible to resist But can they reconcile their differences and succeed the second time aroundStarts out well as the leads have strong chemistry and the story is well written Unfortunately once the reasons for Jordan and Alex s break up are revealed a lack of communication and misunderstanding that is typical of category romances the story loses momentum as Jordan tries to convince Alex that they should seize the opportunity to be together again while Alex runs hot and cold All in all a uick and enjoyable read and the sex scenes are steamier than expected for a Harleuin Presents Miniseries The Ex Files THE EX WHO HIRED HER by author Kate Hardy is a Mar. Memo to self when ou work with our ex keep all thoughts strictly businessNo matter how wickedly kissable those luscious lips or how sinfully seductive those endless legs.

Paperback Book ☆ The Ex Who Hired Her DOC Author Kate Hardy ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Kate Hardy is an award winning author of than 70 books for Harleuin Mills she's been shortlisted five times for the award as well as for two Romantic Times awardsShe lives in Norwich in the east of England with her husband two children a springer spaniel

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