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Well written but this book is normous and I decided to admit defeat and prioritize some other stuffWilliam Paley was one of the founders of CBS and or less invented the way network television and radio was run Maybe I ll give it another shot in a few years This is a long at slightly over 600 pages but very readable Sleepless (Bird of Stone, expose of the life of CBS mogul William S Paley As the author states at the outset he was a very complicated man filled with contradictionsWe follow him as he raised CBS to be a nationwide radionterprise and then make the transition to TV In this Paley was less innovator and much a juggling ntrepreneur listening too and balancing several ideas before finally taking the plunge Inevitably much to the annoyance of his business associates he would usually take the credit for the success of various operations which were initiated by others And woe to those who were ven mildly involved A close up of the powerful William S Paley who built CBS and charmed New York Society with his beaut.

N this book Paley s parents disappear from view once he is married to his first wife We have no idea how they related with his first and second wife or with their grand children There is nothing on how CBS coped with the civil rights movement in the 1950 s and 1960 s Nothing on the woman s movement and how this affected television And very little on the Vietnam War which was central to American living rooms during the ra The Smothers Brothers show was cancelled by CBS due to its controversial nature but this is also not broachedHowever the portrait of Bill Paley the man and those surrounding him during his long life is incomparable and complete Paley died at the time this book was published in October 1990A favourite uote from page 579 my dition The stealthiest assassin was of course Bill Paley who always kept a silencer on his weapon You just never knew how where and when Paley would come at you. S work captures the man behind the scenes deal maker image maker hedonist supreme in his steely glor.

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N a less than successful business activity Even if Paley was warned beforehand of the dubious nature of the project he would search for and blame the necessary scapegoats Reading through the book can be at times like an Invisible (The Curse of Avalon episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with lists of jewellery furniture and other luxurious items There is much in this book on Paley s two wives both of whom werentirely different Frank Stanton who was a dedicated President of CBS for over 25 years was treated callously by Paley The same could be said for William L Shirer Edward Murrow and Paley were great friends for a time but this relationship too crumbled Nothing lasted forever with Paley He comes off as self centered unable to share the limelight with anyone He was a collector of Yummy Supper enterprises money women and art At thend of the book it was very hard to find the motional heart of the manThere are some things missing Iful wife Babe From this humble beginning to his loss of power and his network's fall from grace thi.

FREE ONLINE In All His Glory The Life and Times of William S Paley and the Birth of Modern Broadcasting –

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