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Be used for a lesson to teach about African American black culture African American poetry Short and sweetBroomwheat teaGood for what ails youespecially when poured by loving hands Lovely thoughtful poems full of meaning about family and family roots Gorgeous illustrations This is a warm and beautiful collection of poems with a child s voice It begins with Cherish Me which speaks of her beauty and asks that we cherish her The second poem shows how her family does cherish her but shares her parents warning that there are those in the world who would do harm to children kissed long by the sun and so she is wary The collection is about self family and tea is a common theme running throughout This book is composed of 12 lyrical poems that xplore one girl s Lakeside Redemption experiences as an African American Floyd Cooper s warm and inspired illustrations bring the poems to life Perfect for grades K through 3rd grade Teacher Tip Use this book toxplore themes such as family Individuality and pride of Heritage with your student. Mented Poems rooted in home family and the African American In Pursuit of a Princess experience Highly readable and attractiveAdded Brightlycom Each poem has a uniue message and theme and is accompanied by beautiful brown and goldarth tone illustrations related to broomwheat tea.

Genre Poetry This book is a collection of poems told from the perspective of a growing African American little girl With the complexity of the poems I would recommend for grades 4 5 The poems in the book lend themselves to many different topics After learning the features of poetry and how it is written students could analyze the poems and determine what the author is saying They could Second Time Loving express their interpretations of the text as sometimes in poetry people get slightly different meanings based on their ownxperiences Students could also determine the meaning of certain words and phrases to build a deeper understanding of the text There is a lot of figurative language that they would need to get through to really understand the meaning This would also be a great place to discuss culture and tradition and compare to student s individual cultures They will find many similarities They will also probably learn something new about African American culture that they didn t know before Awards1994 Coretta Scott King An award winning beautiful picture book poetry and art exploring issues of African American identity A favorite book to share in schools and homesIncluded in Brightlycom's 2017 list of recommended diverse poetry picture books for kids and a Coretta Scott.

Ook Awards Short poems nice illustrations I specially liked Cherish Me and Hide me in the Cradle of Your Love Multiple award winning author poet and playwright Joyce Carol Thomas offers readers this lovely gem of a book Twelve lyrical poems share a glimpse of the African American home and family distilled by Thomas into thoughtful word pictures that are rich with motional contentCherish Me is one of my favoritesCooper s warm palette lend the illustrations a Very nice poems and superb drawingsAs you would cherish a thing of beautyCherish me Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea is a book of poetry to read and reread I Dark Awakening enjoy the poemsach time I read them The book is also beautifully illustrated by Floyd Cooper This book was not at all what I was xpecting when I chose to read this book as a Coretta Scott King honor book It has an amazing collection of pictures that perfectly illustrate the text This book could be used in the classroom in many ways For xample it could be used in a poetry lesson but it could also. King Honor BookA must according to Kirkus Delicately interwoven images Laden with meaning the poetry is significant and lovely Cooper's paintings with vibrant unsentimentalized characters in arth tone illumined with gold are warm contemplativeBooklist com.

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Books Download Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea –

Joyce Carol Thomas was an internationally renowned author who received the National Book Award for her first novel Marked By Fire and a Coretta Scott King Honor for her first picture book Brown Honey In Broomwheat Tea Her other titles include I Have Heard Of A Land a Coretta Scott King Honor Book; The Gospel Cinderella; cCrowning Glory; Gingerbread Days; and A Gathering Of Flowers Ms Thomas