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Alittle oneLullaby unswervesLa la lababyLullaby cuspsLa la lamy loveLullaby realiiiii. Funky candid or subtle amused and ironic or stunned in fright the poems are guided by a fierce intelligence that never oversimplifies the world Killarnoe the poet tells us “is a place I invented right now I ust built it from my head” And in its reconsideration of what it means to be Killarnoe is fascinating charged and inspire.

Ma ma maRaw formed emanationMama mimesisYes mom imitationYou am gummy mammalMammary With its razzle dazzle wordplay and kaleidoscope of subjects Sonnet L’Abbé’s second collection of poems is a tour de force L’Abbé invents her own uniue poetics coupling a glittering variety of patterns with tumbling rhythms and rhymes And with this refreshed language she reconsiders all the rules for twenty first century lif.

Read Online Killarnoe –

UmAureolar ohmMmm hmm little one Ma pg 11 La la laDon t listen honLullaby lullsLa la E The poems work like a whirlwind ranging from the intimacy of infancy to the shock of whole civilizations razed by war and are infused with a political undertone that reveals a child’s emerging understanding of identity of specific citizenship of bodies physical and psychological of language imagination and dream Whether funny or.

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