Kindle Epub Thank You and Okay An American Zen Failure in Japan Ê David Chadwick –

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Review Ò eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ð David Chadwick

A look at Japanese culture particularly Zen from an American Highlights the differences and friction points as well as compromises via scenes from his daily life in and out of the monastery This summer for my ten wedding anniversary I was supposed to o to Japan Obviously that s not happening so I ve decided to read some of my husband s favorite works on Japan Zen and US Americans in Japan Although I don t know how much of this experience still applies Chadwick lived in Japan in the late 80s it was delightful to read especially for insights into Zen practice and Zen temples and the Japanese language Interesting memoir of the author s time in Japan I wasn t particularly interes. David Chadwick a Texas raised wanderer college dropout bumbling social activist and hobbyhorse musician began his study under Shunryu Suzuki Roshi in 1966 In 1988 Chadwick flew to Japan to begin a four year period of voluntary exile and remedial Zen.

Rience After training for many years at the San Francisco Zen Center and Tassajara Chadwick moved to Japan for a few years to study in the traditional training He herein recounts his experiences with seemingly limitless reserves of alertness humor warmth and accuracy He masterfully conveys the heart of his practice along with its inevitable bewilderment and ives an evocative and entertaining portrait of the life of a aijin wayseeker in Japan When Eihei Dogen said The life of practice is a continual mistake he surely didn t mean that with a wink like It s not REALLY a mistake The essence of Zen is falling short and by that metric this American Zen failure is a spectacular succes. Ects the bewildered bureaucrats and the frustrating English language students as they worked inexorably toward initiating him into the mysterious ways of Japan Whether you're interested in Japan Buddhism or exotic travel writing this book is reat fu.

Kindle Epub Thank You and Okay An American Zen Failure in Japan Ê David Chadwick –

Ted in the zen specific aspects but much of the story is concerned with his own life as well as the folks and situations he encounters in Japan Recommended although his jumping back and forth between his pre and post marital periods was a bit disconcertingThe influence of his teacher Katagiri Roshi plays a significant role in the narrative I d encountered Roshi as she refers to him Chadwick calls him Katagiri in the autobiographical novels by Natalie Goldberg her latest one The Great Failure specifically deals with her feelings about him after his death Of all the books I ve read on Buddhism this completely unassuming memoir by David Chadwick is by far the closest to my own expe. Education In Thank You and OK he recounts his experiences both inside and beyond the monastery walls and offers insightful portraits of the characters he knew in that world the bickering monks the patient abbot the trotting housewives the ominous ins.