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Led experiment we on t really know Obviously I City of Big Shoulders don t expect Spolsky to be spending his time on controlled scientific experiments but Io expect him to present his stances as conjectures rather than absolute truths The sad truth about hiring is that we all suck at it and not acknowledging that Blind Devotion (The Shifter Chronicles does a lot of harm to this industry As an example of the harm this trust me I know what I moing attitude can have is Spolsky s claim that programming ability such as understanding pointers is innate and cannot be taught I call BS on that No one is born understanding pointers And if a large percentage of people can t learn pointers my guess is that has to My Name is Bob do with the ability of the teachers than of the students But that s just my guess and I prefer to label it as such Spolsky presents it as a hard fact The either you have it or youon t fixed mindset is IMO harmful to the software industry We need to encourage people to take up programming rather than scaring them away because they might have been born a muggle Sposky recommends white board coding I would argue this is a horrifically ineffective way to evaluate programmers that this industry should have abandoned long ago Working on artificial problems from CS 101 that can fit in a 45 minute slot writing code by hand with no compiler no syntax checking no auto complete no Google or StackOverflow yes every programmer uses these constantly while coding no libraries no ability to incrementally buildrun the code no uiet time to o thinking instead speak all your thoughts out loud because that s totally natural and a ridiculous pressure to prematurely optimize the shit out of a tiny piece of code is NOT my idea of an effective interview process A book like this recommending it as a best practice oes harm to the industryIn short if you re going to hire programmers it s worth reading this book but Billy Bragg don t take it as gospelAs always some of my favorite uotes from the book Duplication of software is free That means the cost of programmers is spread out over all the copies of the software you sell With software you can improve uality without adding to the incremental cost of each unit sold Essentiallyesign adds value faster than it adds costThe real trouble with using a lot of mediocre programmers instead of a couple of good ones is that no matter how long they work they never produce something as good as what the great programmers can produce Five Antonio Salieris won t produce Mozart s Reuiem Ever Not if they work for 100 yearsIt s not just a matter of 10 times productive It s that the average productive Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary developer never hits the high notes that make great softwareThe great softwareevelopers indeed the best people in every field are uite simply never on the market The corollary of that rule the rule that the great people are never on the market is that the bad people the seriously unualified are on the market uite a lotWhen a programmer complains about politics they mean very precisely any situation in which personal considerations outweigh technical considerations Nothing is infuriating than when a eveloper is told to use a certain programming language not the best one for the task at hand because the boss likes it Nothing is maddening than when people are promoted because of their ability to network rather than being promoted strictly on merit Nothing is aggravating to a eveloper than being forced to The Majors Daughter do something that is technically inferior because someone higher than them in the organization or someone better connected insists on itIn a high tech company the individual contributors always have information than the leaders so they are really in the best position to makeecisions When the boss wanders into an office where two evelopers have been arguing for two hours about the best way to compress an image the person with the least information is the boss so that s the last person you want making a technical The Touch decisionThe military uses Command and Control because it s the only way to get 18 year olds to charge through a minefield not because they think it s the best management method for every situation. O founder of Fog Creek Software for recruiting the bestevelopers in the worldIf you've ever wondered what you should be looking for in a resume if you've ever struggled to ecide whether to hire someone at the end of an interview or if you're wondering why you can't find great programmers stop everything and read this book.

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( EPUB Smart and Gets Things Done Joel Spolsky's Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent ) BY Joel Spolsky – latinboyz4play.com

My expectations were uite ifferent for that book When I read Smart and gets things Different Class done I was like Cool I will learn a way to judge which people are smart and will work hard Nothing of the sort The book shows you the most extensive practices to hire the best 000001% of programmers Yeah thanks for that I mean it s good to know and strive for it but unfortunately not a lot of companies cano that just because it s not always up to the employeesIt s still a good book but probably the title has a context that one is not necessarily aware of The one thing that this book taught me for sure is that I wouldn t ever get a job at Fog Creek author s company The book is from 2007 which means it is pretty old as for software The Essential Good Food Guide development world standards and some of the advice iseprecated However I found most of the stuff at least enjoyable and informative It is probably one single book that virtually every HR person and manager that would like to hire Textbook of Wisdom developers should read mostly because it is a really uick read and provides actual real world advice Author has a bright style and made the book uite funny so I guess it was time well spent Also the best piece of advice from this book is in the title The and part of it is crucial Don t know what the idea behind the formatting of the book is The extra extra wide margins and the huge font are probably to make the book at least thick enough to be seen as a book rather than the booklet it is As for the content it starts off like any good self help guru autobiography by making statements that most people would agree on so as to make the reader think Oh That s true Like saying that ergonomic chairs are ergonomic and then breakingown the cost over the number of toilet papers that can be bought from that money Simple stuff And moving on to making proclamations after thisMost of the stuff is self contradictory with explicit In Defence of Dogs disclaimers that it worked for the author but it might not work for others Actually we can t say with anyegree of certainty that those specifics were what went right Statistically speaking it was probably many things that were not noticed that brought the success The self contradiction is so much as to make all advice useless and is easy to see in every section and across sections if you on t just read everything in the narrow context of the page In short if I had a reading list that I could give to my past self to make sure that I read those books at least once I would not put this book on it This book proposed that if you have the Best Working Conditions you get the Best Programmers to evelop the Best Software which results in ProfitThe preface for this is the the uality of the work and the amount of time spent are simply uncorrelated Productivity is 5 to 1 or 10 to 1 between programmers You can t afford to be number two or to have a good enough product It has to be remarkably good by which I mean so good that people remark about it Having really really really talented software The City in Mind developers is your only hope for remarkableness The great softwareevelopers indeed the best people in every field are uite simply never on the market The average great software Revenge (The Red Ledger developer will apply for total maybe four jobs in their entire career Whereas bad people are on the market uite a lotHow to find people who are not on the market1 Go to the mountain What conferenceso they go to Top end conferences o Joel is one of the best guys on the internet if you want to have read about software business and this book follow the same ualityThings change fast in software The book was wrote before the Continuous Delivery got on the mouth of everybody so the author tells about CI practices without mentioning it I m not criticizing it contrariwise I believe the author have merits in elaborating practices before all the movement start I had some problem about interviewing people and also how actually other people manage their teams This book is like a treasure and that s not very controversial It s hard to understate such a big impact this book has on me I like it very much and highly recommended Smart and Gets Thin. A guide to attracting recruiting interviewing and hiring the best technical talentA comprehensive system for hiring top notch technical employees Packed with useful information and specific advice written in a breezy humorous style Learn how to find great people and get them to work for you in an afternoonThe top software e.

Gs Done 2007 by Joel Spolsky is Spolsky s guide to hiring good programmers and setting things up so they can work best Joel on Software was for a number of years in the 2000s a well read software engineering blog Spolsky worked for Microsoft then founded Fog Creek software that made a bug tracker and then went on to co found the incredibly useful Stack Exchange site The book is mainly about hiring and Spolsky escribes how he hires and how he thinks you should hire Spolsky says that companies should hire the best after phone screens code writing in interviews and careful checks and then pay them very well and put coders in offices The advice is all fairly solid the issue being that it s solid for a company that is able to pay well and give top software engineers what they want There is little consideration given to companies that can t pay that well but still need someone to work on their code Something that is interesting about the book now is that it predates the massive growth of the Agile movement and also some modern tools like Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment and DevOps This The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity doesn t take much away from the book butoes show how things have moved on Smart and Gets Things Penguins Poems for Life done isn t a great book but it is a good one and a book that has uite a few useful tips for anyone involved in hiring A little outdated and a lot of condescension There are some useful tips but others I feel were just wrong There is weird stuff about how programmers talking about Olog n is using jargon What comes off in the book is that Spolsky is pretty opinionated about the hiring process withoutoing some self assessment of wh This book is a guide to hiring evelopers using humiliating techniues that are wildly common today but hopefully ie soon Making a candidate write code on paper Whiteboard interviews Asking uncomfortablestressful uestions to see how a candidate eals with them basically sadism Dividing people in smart and umb Assuming that some people cannot be good programmers according to Joel you re bad if you Divine Beauty don t understand recursion or pointers well Sending a candidate through 5 6 interview rounds aay Boasting about fancy offices parties limos and other cheap crap etcThe book is written from the position of a rockstar Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone developer who created a popular rockstar company where only the privileged talented and gifted people are allowed to work basically those who can write a compiler on a napkin using Haskell and understand pointersThe book is polarized full of prejudice Nothing is said about psychology impostorsifferent personalities and treating people well Overconfident rockstars assessors who think they are 10x productive than others and hitting the high notes freuently choose new bros into the privileged closed clubThere were good parts about hunting new grads and some non hiring hints that you can learn from DeMarco s Peopleware and Brooks Mythical Man Month Otherwise use practices Down to the Sea in Ships described in this book at your own peril This book is harmful to the software industry This is a very uick read on how to hire programmers It s full of insights and interesting thoughts from someone who has been in the trenches of being a programmer and hiring programmers for years who has succeeded at both tasks and who has thoughteeply about why He has great points on how to find programmers hint job boards Wife by Wednesday (The Weekday Brides, don t work and how to build an environment where programmers can be productive For those reasons it s worth reading However while I respect Spolsky and have followed his blog for years Ion t agree with a number of key points in the book Spolsky makes most of his arguments about hiring as if they are scientific facts whereas most of what he says actually consists of anecdotes correlations and guesses For example when he makes the claim that interview uestions about pointers can be used to Dog Years distinguish between good programmers and great programmers he has nothing but anecdotal evidence to back that up It s entirely possible that the programmers he rejected who failed his pointers interview uestion would ve actually been great employees Without a control. Velopers are ten times productive than averageevelopers Ten times You can't afford not to hire them But if you haven't been reading Joel Spolsky's books or blog you probably on't know how to find them and make them want to work for youIn this brief book Joel reveals all his secrets from his years at Microsoft and as the