[ KINDLE Zipping My Fly Moments in the Life of an American Sportsman ] author Rich Tosches – latinboyz4play.com

Might have been a ood book if not for the dorky humor I almost The Butterfly and the Baron gave up reading this So sarcastic I had trouble determining what exactly was true and what was not It was a very different style of fishing writing I enjoyed his self deprecation as I too am a clumsy fisherman who cano many trips without seeing a fish But I also enjoyed his connection to his children and the role fishing played in that Rich. Imagine A River Runs Through It seen through the eyes of Dave Barry and you'll et an idea of Rich Tosches' sharp eyed reflections on the art hobby and obsession of fly fishing Armed with a rod a pen and an eccentr.

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KINDLE Zipping My Fly Moments in the Life of an American Sportsman author Rich Tosches – latinboyz4play.com

TsSo he s not funny Why do I keep reading I hope to at least et some Taras Song good stories about fly fishing Do I No Not a single one Each story is an excuse to tell terrible jokes fly fishing only serves as the context for the jokes This book surprised me Looked like your normalarage sale book Though it is occasionally cheesy there were than a few times that I laughed out loud Worthy of a read if you re a fly er. E This encounter and many others during a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of fly fishing are captured in a side splitting collection of observations on every angle and angler of one of America's favorite pastimes.

Tosches was touted somewhere on the book as combining Dave Barry and David Sedaris in the flyfishing world Ummmmm no Not even close That s an insult to those other men who truly are funnyZipping My Fly reads as if Tosches decided to make sure every sentence in the book had a joke when he went back to edit the pounding of jokes never stops to let you enjoy anything subtle and most of them read as afterthough. Ic sense of humor Pulitzer Prize nominated sportswriter Rich Tosches headed for the Grand Teton Mountains site of the World Fly Fishing Championship and cast a keen eye on his fellow trollers from all over the lob.

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