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Story is in his POV Only about how much he wants Darcy and could fall for her again etc etc Nothing about his children At allFor her part even though she is all a flutter about him and might be falling for him again she does sometimes remember that he doesn t care about the children at all But something tells me only a modest show of interest will get her to drop her underpants He broke into her house moved his office and life in without her permission because he needs her and wants to convince her to marry him even though he plans on taking off in a year and only being around every so often Oh and he doesn t care about the kidsShe fucking lets him She got pissy and did start to call the cops like I was yelling at her to but then one statement from him about the police chief and desk sergeant being friends of his and she backs off Then lets him stay She then goes on to accommodate him by keeping the twins out of his hair instead of sending them in there when they re fussy and sualling She doesn t force him to spend any time with the kids He ust goes about his work day Just too different She's happily ever after and he's here today gone tomorrow Darcy Connors can't believe it It's been hard enough trying to track Mitch down but now she must.

Sking for her help even though she took personal time from work She even offers him meals While sitting in his makeshift suatting office the twins show up at the door and watch him twice He feels absolutely nothing Only in the most generic terms of being cute kids He still feels nothing toward them Feels no need to spend any time with them or get to know them Nothing It s so disgusting to me He tells her he likes them and not to make him a monster She says yeah but he doesn t love him and a vague sense of affection isn t enough I say how in the fuck does he like them he doesn t know them hasn t spent a minute of time with them Nor has he shown an iota of affectionShe finally lets him know in no uncertain terms she can only be with a man who loves her kids He thinks to himself he can attempt that BEING WITH HER IS THE ONLY REASON HE LL ATTEMPT TO FEEL ANYTHING ABOUT HIS CHILDRENOh and he still plans to take off in a year to go back to traveling the globe and being unreachableThis is where everything stands and there is something like 36 pages left in this book hide spoile. Tell her new boss that their weekend in Paris has turned into a lifetime commitmentand it's double trouble Mitch is about to trade in his playboy past for fatherhood and family.

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( READ The Boss's Double Trouble Twins Harleuin Romance ) Ò Raye Morgan – latinboyz4play.com

Expected so much from this book but turned out to be a bust Story was a bit rushed and confusing for a romance book The summary created anticipation but the book did not deliver le do Abril 2014 15 stars I don t even know what to say about this outside of a cut other than I can t understand what authors are thinking when they write stories like this It s like they type it up and never read it again Spoiler filed ranty synopsis of the plot under the cut view spoilerFirst Darcy puts off telling him about the twins stupidly in the beginning even though he ended up giving her a perfect setting to do so Why was it so important to do it the next morning and mess up his whole work day trying to work through itApparently it wouldn t have messed up anything though because he doesn t care about the babies At all I don t know how long it s been since he found out but he hasn t shown the slightest bit of interest in them doesn t ask about them hasn t asked to see them talks about them only in abstract terms as some obligation to pay for He hasn t once thought about them when the. Having the boss's twinsThe last person Mitch Carver expects to walk into his office is Darcy the woman who haunted his sleep for months Despite the attraction he knows they are.

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