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I loved it butHow many times do you need to specify that the watch is the one Lydia gave him or that Fenelli is the medic rom Cleveland or that Tommy and Lincoln s last names are Hart and ScottThe numerous instances of the black A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby flier annoyed me too but I assume that was perhaps a choice made to keep the point that Lincoln was black in mindExceptokay We get itAnyway I did enjoy the read but then when don t I enjoy most WWII books I picked up Hart s War expecting the standard WW2 Narrative and I wasn t insanely disappointed in this regard I wasn t able toinish the book and was never truly A Mother in the Making felt drawn into the story portrayed Theirst 70 pages are only a build up without much context as to whats going to happen in any of them besides the Her Kind Of Cowboy finalew when everything starts getting explained Where I left off a court case was about to begin avoiding spoilers so i m going to leave it at that I don t know if that s what carried the Novel throughout the rest of the story and His Pregnant Christmas Princess frankly I don t want toind out From reading the Through the Language Glass first 70 pages I can understand that the author is very skilled in weaving a story and setting however this story just didn t captivate me That s why I gave this bookour stars Because while I didn t like the story I was able to understand that it wasn t bad and can easily be seen as a high uality story in the eyes of another I loved the movie and the book is even be. Second Lieutenant Tommy Hart a navigator whose B 25 was shot out of the sky in 1942 is burdened with guilt as the only surviving member of his crew Now he is just another POW at the iercely guarded Stalag Luft 13 in BavariaThen routine comes to a halt with the.

Ding the African American Tuskegee airman who has been chargedIn developing the setting Katzenbach had the help of his ather Nicholas Katzenbach Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, former Attorney General under the Lyndon B Johnson administration and a POW in a German prison camp during World War II This is reassuring to the reader who desire authenticityWhile the book is one which has a cast of characters Katzenbach is able tolesh out a character in a You Are Not A Gadget few short sentences as is the case of Vincent Bedford or Trader Vic Bedford had a thick southern drawl with an excitable uality to it He was an excellent poker player a than passable shortstop who d done some time in the minor leagues Before the war he d been a car salesman which seemed appropriate But what he truly excelled at was the commerce of Stalag Luft Thirteen turning cigarettes and chocolates and tins of real coffee that arrived either in Red Cross parcels or packagesrom the States into clothing and other goods I love a good mystery and Hart s War is certainly that While the reader has many pieces of the puzzle the whole of it does not come together until the end of this suspenseful story I thoroughly appreciated how it came togetherAs with many of my Sanctuary favorite books this one left me much to think over and especially the moral dilemmas which are likely to occur during a time of war I highly recommend this book and lookorward to reading Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, from John Katzenbach. Ed to defend the soldier In a trial rife with racial tension and raw conflict where the lines between ally and enemy blur there are those with their own secret motives and a burning passionor a rush to judgment no matter what the cost From the Paperback editio.

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KINDLE PDF Hart's War –

Tter I m happier with the ending of the book than I am with the movie ending Depressing book And I mean depressing because the book is so bad it will put a sad Friendfluence face in every reader it gains The story is kinda good but it gets annoying VERY often I do not recommend it to anyone specially if you like to read about WWII view spoilerPlus the ending is the biggest peace of SHIT you could ever imagine Fucking terrible hide spoiler Well Hart s War is another of those books which I ve let languish on my book shelfor over ten years I initially purchased it to read before watching the movie of the same name and when I watched the movie prior to reading I lost interest in the book This was an unfortunate decision as I was to discover John Katzenbach s writing is exceptional and his ability to create the atmosphere of the WWII POW camp develop characters create a irst class mystery and leave the reader with moral dilemmas to solve shows me that he is a writer who I should continue to read and should not have passed by until this pointThe setting is Stalag Luft Thirteen which like the camp rom Hogan s Heroes has allowed no escapees It is an oppressive place and Tommy Hart Much like the other prisoners Stranger feels the lack ofreedom acutely Before the war and being shot down Hart was working on getting a degree in law Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis from Harvard When a man is murdered in the camp Hart is given the task of defen. Arrival of a new prisoner First Lieutenant Lincoln Scott an African American Tuskegee airman who instantly becomes the target of contemptrom his ellow soldiers When a prisoner is brutally murdered and all the blood soaked evidence points to Scott Hart is tapp.

John Katzenbach is a US author of popular fiction Son of Nicholas Katzenbach former United States Attorney General John worked as a criminal court reporter for the Miami Herald and Miami News and a featured writer for the Herald’s Tropic magazine He is married to Madeleine Blais and they live in western MassachusettsHe left the newspaper grind to write books racking up 12 novels so far p