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I normally love M William Phelps books this one fell short Mr Phelps is King of the True Crime story He does such a great job of acing describing the crime building the Gnosis personalities of those involved and taking the reader all the way to the end in a fulfilling manner This crime was especially horrid and the reader never loses the awfulain of the victim dying because some crazy woman wants your husbandThis is a good read Wow Phelps has the ability to really remind me just how much we don t know about other Left to Die-a First Hand Account of Life in the Superdome during Hurricane Katrina people Gail Fulton is murdered as she leaves work one Monday night and at first it seems simple Her husband George had been having an affair most likely he decided to take his wife out of theicture However as the icture forms and facts come to light readers begin to understand that Geor. Ess the flashy businesswoman Donna Kay Trapani Police were baffled to find that both had ironclad alibis Yet evidence showed the shooter a male had an accomplice a mystery woman Now M William Phel.

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Honestly I was skeptical because some of his books jump all over the lace This one however was a brilliant novel He really did tell a story in this book instead of throwing facts everywhere I was surprised and impressed I have to say I do not understand the rave reviews of this book The story is a good one if a little The Wingman Chronicles predictable But the writing is not very good The author inserts himself into the narrative sometimes explicitly with little snarky comments and this takes the reader out of the story I found the writing juvenile and as oneerson noted below Flood Legends pretty sexist I guess I could have guessed that from the title but I thought maybe that was justublisher sensationalizing This author has a The Best Of Saint Louis pretty serious Madonnawhore thing happening which irritated me no end I won t read another book of his. When librarian Martha Gail Fulton was gunned down in a Michiganarking lot on a uiet evening there were two obvious suspects Gail’s husband George a former military officer and George’s mistr.

Ge while not completely an innocent bystander was blindsided by his wife s death His mistress Donna is a different story When The Brother-Offended Checklist police first call to uestion her she doesn t even ask why as if she knows the crime they are uestioning her about This is the third or fourth book by Phelps that I ve read so by now I m used to his writing The only negative which is especially evident in this new book is how he inserts his opinions about the guiltyarties By the end of the book his complete and utter dislike for the guilty is obvious and slightly off utting Even so it isn t off utting enough to stop reading Phelps has a way of slightly sensationalizing the crimes he covers without making it into an enjoyable story It only serves to benefit his books though as many true crime novels can by very slow and dr. Ps recounts the compelling real life drama of a twisted love triangle that ended in bloody murder and the riveting investigation that brought to light a master manipulator’s trail of deadly dece.

BOOK Kiss of the She Devil ê M. William Phelps – latinboyz4play.com

Crime murder and serial killer expert creatorproducerwriter and former host of the Investigation Discovery series DARK MINDS acclaimed award winning investigative journalist M William Phelps is the New York Times best selling author of 30 books and winner of the 2013 Excellence in Investigative Journalism Award and the 2008 New England Book Festival Award A highly sought after pundit Ph