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So glad to have finaly read what many consider as the Bible of Animal Rights It certaintly met my expectations and grounded developed and solidified my views on the subjectI assumed that it would be just philosophicaly centered all the way through with a few references here and there to shed light on what animals actualy go through behind the scenes I was pleasently surprised that he dedicated two whole chapters to describing the realities behind animal testing and factory farming Chapter two about animal testing made me sick to my stomach I realize this was written in the 70 s and is ite outdated in that respect but that doesn t mean that these experiments should be buried in history and never mentioned again Singer talks about the cruelty of the experimenters in the vivisection community and also attempts to explain how normal human beings can be driven to performing such atrocities He provides s with otes and transcripts from the scientists themselves that really show how trivial and cruel the vast majority of the testing was This to me is the most outdated section of the book but it s still important to learn about I would advise not to discredit it on that basis as long as you keep in mind that this is not exactly how it works nowadays even though it s still a lingering issue For example the EU has recently banned all animal tested cosmetic products even if the experimentation was conducted outside the EU So to me all evidence points to a tipping point on this matterIn chapter three however factory farming very little change has been made since publication It s still pretty much the same and again the descriptions are heart wrenching Making it impossible to ignoreThe thing is since he talked so much about experimentation and farming I feel he could have at least gone a little further and talked about other problems Maybe not go on as much as he did with the previous two but maybe one chapter concerning the fur trade circuses bullfights things of that nature To me it was a bit odd he didn t elaborate a bit on those aspects of the animal rights movement Maybe he didn t want to make the book too long but for me it felt like something was missingThe second half is purely philosophical with a good history lesson on the animal rights movement all the way from Aristotle and Pythagoras Which I enjoyed and found Soldiers Pregnancy Protocol uite interestingIn general this is a solid book for the animal rights activist Not so much for the common meat eater though Honestly his writing isn t terribly inviting It didn t bother me too much but I can imagine people finding it a tad monotonous Some enthusiasm was missing but at the same time I recognize he wanted to remain as objective as possible It does a good job of arguing the case for vegetarianism and so forth but it could have done with a bit readability That said from an argumentative and philosophical standpoint it was a great read An intriguing and informative book I ll give it 4 stars because it s well written and makes you think though I can t say I d bother reading it againModern philosopher Peter Singer argues both abstractly and with detailed concrete examples that we are currently speciesist who must acknowledge that animals may not be our intellectual euals but the relevantestion is whether they like we suffer He documents how they can and do both psychologically and physically in animal experiments and in our food system He argues that we must seek to abolish animal experiments except insofar as we d allow the same experiments on human whether humans in general or severely mentally disabled humans who have the capacity of animals that we should dramatically reform our factory food system and that we should become vegetarians Honestly it s hard to disagree with most of his argumentation Though I don t know that I plan to change the way I eat I must admit that the amount of physical and psychological that an animal goes through to become my dinner is remarkableuotesThe idea of The Rights of Animals actually was once Behind the Throne (Morgan Crowe Trilogy, used to parody the case for women s rights When Mary Wollstonecraft a forerunner of later feminists published her Vindication of the Rights of Women in 1792 her ideas were widely regarded as absurd and they were satirized in an anonymous publication entitled A Vindication of the Rights of Brutes p1Thomas Jefferson wrote but whatever be Black people s degree of talent it is no measure of their rights Because Sir Isaac Newton was superior to others innderstanding he was not therefore lord of the person or property of others Singer s take If possessing a higher degree of intelligence does not entitle one human to se another for his or her own ends how can it entitle humans to exploit nonhumans for the same purpose p6Bentham wrote The estion is not Can they reason nor Can they talk but Can they suffer p7Although Bentham speaks of rights in the passage I have Captivated by the Millionaire uoted the argument is really about euality rather than about rights Indeed in a different passage Bentham famously described natural rights as nonsense and natural and imprescriptable rights as nonsensepon stilts p8There are other differences between humans and animals that cause other complications Normal adult human beings have mental capacities which will in certain circumstances lead them to suffer than animals would in the same circumstances If for instance we decided to perform extremely painful or lethal scientific experiments on normal adult humans kidnapped at random from public parks for this purpose every adult who entered a park would become fearful that he or she would be kidnapped The resultant terror would be a form of suffering additional to. The Book That Started A Revolution Since its original publication in 1975 this groundbreaking work has awakened millions of concerned men and women to the shocking abuse of animals everywhere inspiring a worldwide movement to eliminate much of.

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The pain of the experimentThe same experiments performed on nonhuman animals would cause less suffering since the animals would not have the anticipatory dread of being kidnapped and experimented A Mighty Big Wish upon This does not mean of course that it would be right to perform the experiment on animals but only that there is a reason which is not speciesist for preferring tose animals rather than normal adult humans if the experiment is to be done at all It should be noted however that this same argument gives My Mother, a Serial Killer us a reason for preferring tose human infants orphans perhaps or retarded human beings for experiments rather than adults since infants and retarded human beings would also have no idea of what was going to happen to themSo far as this argument is concerned nonhuman animals and infants and retarded human beings are in the same category and if we The Italians Stolen Bride use this argument to justify experiments on non human animals we have to ask ourselves whether we are also prepared to allow experiments on human infants and retarded adults and if we make a distinction between animals and these humans on what basis can we do it other than a bare faced and morally indefensible preference for members of our own species p16I conclude then that a rejection of speciesism does not imply that all lives are of eual worth While self awareness the capacity to think ahead and have hopes and aspirations for the future the capacity for meaningful relations with others and so on are not relevant to theestion of inflicting pain since pain is pain whatever other capacities beyond the capacity to feel pain the being may have these capacities are relevant to the The Greek Tycoons Mistress uestion of taking life It is not arbitrary to hold that the life of a self aware beingis valuable than the life of a being without those capacities To see the difference between the issues of inflicting pain and taking life consider how we would choose within our own species If we had to choose to save the life of the normal human being or a mentally defective human being we would probably choose to save the life of the normal one but if we had to choose between preventing pain in the normal human being or in the mentally defective imagine that both have received painful but superficial injuries and we only have enough painkiller for one of them it is not nearly so clear how we ought to choose p20I shall have nothing or virtually nothing to say about these things because as I indicated in the preface to this edition this book is not a compendium of all the nasty things we do to animals p22For most human beings especially in modernrban and suburban communities the most direct form of contact with non human animals is at mealtimes we eat them p95Companies that had no connection with agriculture have become farmers on a huge scale in order to gain tax concessions or diversify profits Greyhound Corporation now produces turkeys and your roast beef may have come from John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance p97The sufferings of laying chickens begin early in life The newly hatched chicks are sorted into males and females by a chick puller Since male chicks have no commercial value they are discarded Some companies gas the little birds but often they are dumped alive into a plastic sack and allowed to suffocate Tikki Tikki Tembo under the weight of the other chicks dumped on top of them Others are groundp while still alive to be turned into feed for their sisters p108On castration Anesthetics are generally not Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, used p145More than a third of North America is takenp with grazing p166The Bible tells s that God made man in His own image We may regard this as man making God in his own image Either way it allots human beings a special position in the niverse p187In 1821 Richard Martin a land owner in Galway proposed a law to prevent the ill treatment of horses The following account conveys the tone of the ensuing debate When Alderman C Smith suggested that protection should be given to asses there were such howls of laughter that The Times reporter could hear little of what was said When the Chairman repeated this proposal the laughter was intensified Another member said that Martin would be legislating for dogs next which caused a further roar of mirth and a cry of And cats sent the House into convulsions p204Benjamin Franklin Twos Company used the same argument the weakness of which Paley exposed as a justification for returning to a flesh diet after some years as a vegetarian In his Autobiography he accounts how he was watching some friends fishing and noticed that some of the fish they caught had eaten other fish He therefore concluded If you eat one another I don t see why we may not eat you Franklin however was at least honest than some whose this argument for he admits that he reached this conclusion only after the fish was in the frying pan and began to smell admirably well and he adds that one of the advantages of being a reasonable creature is that one can find a reason for whatever one wants to do p209Singer His Convenient Highland Wedding uotes Schopenhauer arguing that vegetarianism is not morally obligatory because Northerners need to eat meatnlike say vegetarians in India whose existence he could not deny Singer also Secret Hideout (Cooper, uotes Bentham arguing that vegetarianism is not called for because animals are probably happier being raised for food than struggling to exist in the wild Singer then summarizes One cannot help feeling that in these passages Schopenhauer and Bentham lowered their normal standards of argument p210In the 19th century Lewis Gompertz the second secretary of the RSPCA was a strict vegetarian who refused to ride in horse drawn vehicles p232 Even after so many years most people remains eithe. The cruel andnnecessary laboratory animal experimentation of years past In this newly revised and expanded edition author Peter Singer exposes the chilling realities of today's factory forms and product testing procedures offering sound human.

Read online Animal Liberation AUTHOR Peter Singer –

R False Family unaware or indifferent to the horrible way we are treating animals Most people arenaware because it is difficult to see connections when you live in a city you never leave and just see a piece of red inanimate matter wrapped in plastic that just tastes deliciousAnimal liberation must have been a shocking book a revelation to many people about the Regency Improprieties unfairse and abuse animals suffer because of our insatiable search for pleasure our ignorance about food the power of the food sector and the fear of of what Just like abolitionists Singer is a pioneer of the animal liberation movement and argues that there is fundamentally no difference among racists sexists and specieistsAlmost three years ago I decided to stop eating animals I just did with nobody telling me anything Never ever had people besides my mom when I was a child been so worried about what I ate Nobody had ever worried about my protein intake or pretty much anything else Suddenly they do now Why is it that they feel my choices threatening Is there some guilt in them just to see me reject animals in my plateI do not think you need justifications to break your connections to this infamous inhumane and disgusting industry However Animal Liberation helps you to see many facts you have probably not seen and help you take that step Animal Liberation is credited with launching the animal rights movement in the industrialized world when it was first published in 1975 by the then relatively Cinderella Bride unknown Peter Singer You can blame all of the illogical stupidity of PETA on this book But PETA s antics tend to blind people to any logical discussion of the real points in Animal Liberation Singer does not support the animal rights movement epitomized by PETA but holds many of the same views referred to as speciesism based on a logical examination of the practices of the industrialized societies in theirse of animals The examination is based on Utilitarian morals and ethics and you have to read the book with that frame of mind even if you don t agree you have to be open to tilitarian ideas to nderstand some of what Singer is talking aboutMost people in the industrial world are far removed from how their food is produced and how their beauty products or drugs are tested and approved This blinds many people to the true magnitude of the Mistletoe Hero (4 Seasons in Mistletoe use of animals in sustaining or modern standard of living Animal liberation strips off the blinders and exposes the realities of our system of animal exploitation Animal Liberation is an academic book on ethics but is also in your face and readableI first read Animal Liberation when I worked in the fish store back in C ville One of our regular customers was a post doc biologist at theniversity She came in one day to buy 100 Zebra Danios to be Mr. Strictly Business used in an experiment I m not sure now what the exact nature of the experiment was but Jason argued with her and said he would not sell them to her if she was going to cut their heads open and stick electrodes in their brains Jason continues to argue by asking her have you even read Animal Liberation to which she responded yes have you The only thing Jason could say wasm No actually Even though Jason John and myself had for a time been vegetarian neither Jason or I had read Animal Liberation yet and I m not sure if John had finished it yet We d become vegetarians based on discussion of the principles in Animal Liberation with several of our customers and friends including a ethics teacher at the The Potato Chip Puzzles (The Puzzling World of Winston Breen university This was when I pickedp my first copy of the book figuring that I could not speak intelligently about the decision I had made could not even justify the decision nless I had actually read the book I m glad it was Jason and not me that got caught on the soap box without being preparedIf it s hard to imagine going vegetarian or vegan read Animal Liberation and then think about it It s hard for anyone I ve meet to read Animal Liberation and not change their lifestyle in some way Not everyone goes vegetarian or vegan but they all change some the arguments are compelling and the images and examples of humans se of non humans are graphic and disturbing Australian philosopher Peter Singer wrote Animal Liberation A New Ethics For Our Treatment of Animals over forty years ago I was still in high school and it was one of the buzz books of my generation I decided to re read it with the new additions this year because my son is a life long vegetarian he loves animals and I wondered does it still hold Sex By The Numbers (Harlequin Blaze, up Would this younger generation still want to read it The answer is yesThe treatment of farm and lab animals are still as bad as they were forty years ago and maybeeven worse Pigs and chickens are shoved into pens that are too small for them as the large industrial farming complex needs to make and profits They are kept inside and might never see the light of day their entire lives Their level of suffering as the author points out is inhumane and exploitative and it is our moral right not to allow this harm to continueI don t eat red meat or pork but I do eat fowl and fish This book made me wonder if I needed to change my ways and become a vegan as author Peter Singer suggests In my opinion any book that makes youestion your life style choices is a good one and his argument is intelligent and persuasive If you want to educate yourself and maybe take on a new perspective than this classic book will be for you I gave it five stars because it deserves it for being so ahead of its time and bringing animals rights to the attention of people The author s wish is that his book would change the world and that a vast amount of animal suffering can be avoide. E solutions to what has become a profound environmental and social as well as moral issue An important and persuasive appeal to conscience fairness decency and justice Animal Liberation is essential reading for the supporter and the skeptic ali.


Peter Singer was born in Melbourne Australia in 1946 and educated at the University of Melbourne and the University of Oxford After teaching in England the United States and Australia he has since 1999 been Ira W DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University He is married with three daughters and four grandchildren His recreations include hiking and surfing In 2012 he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia the nation’s highest civic honour