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What a reat shame This held such promise and I really liked the way she writes BUTand a huge old but it s full of mistakes Gutted as I d not have packed it in if not for this Woman used instead of women the word stairs emphasised for no reason I could see the word a missing from sentences than once a really irritating habit of putting commas needlessly before conjunctionson almost every page yet not adding one where it s needed here Patsy followed bringing her up to dateThere were no paragraph breaks at the start so it jumped to another place altogether on the next line making it tricky to read yet further in they were needlessly added I What Was Lost got to this line only 8% in and sighed loudly and packed it inperhaps it s just that I m womanI just don t understand why anyoneoes to the trouble to write what seems to me a Go-Go-Go! good story and then pu Detective Patsy Hodge on the run from a crappy relationship takes a new job with the CID in Bristol England Her scary crabby but handsome and brilliant boss John Meredith takes a liking to her and brings her in on a puzzling case where all the victims died by lethal injection it could be assisted suicide or euthanasia or maybe even murder Along the way Patsy fights herrowing attraction to Meredith as he fights his to her acuires a stalker and sows discord because some on the team believe she is moving up so fast because she s doing it on her backI m very fond of English police procedurals and this one did not disappoint I liked the budding relationship between Patsy and Meredith and the relationships between the team members I thought I d figured out the villain mid way through but I was wrong and the action packed ending was a surpriseThis story was so Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook good I purchased book 2 and immediately read it Ienerally try to space out my series reading but I was just so intrigued by the characters I wanted to know what happened next I now have book 3 ueued up This series has really caught my fancy I have to say I really enjoyed this book I loved the characters enjoyed the story line and was a little shocked at who the murder was I am really looking forward to the next bookIf you enjoy a Reine Mädchensache good mystery you will not be disappointed Highly recommend A suspenseful crime mysteryThe book begins with the death of a critically ill littleirl As the pain becomes unbearable she begs her mother to Make it stop Mummy you re a doctor With her parents and young brother lovingly Animal Babies gathered around her her mother tearfullyrants her reuestFast forward eighteen years DC Patsy Hodge is a recent transfer to a rather boring position in Bristol serving under DI John Meredith Things start looking up when they respond to a suicide that has ra. When it seems that all is lost and you have no hope Misplaced Loyalty can be fatalDetective Patsy Hodge leaves her old life behind and transfers to Bristol and a new job with the CID Wanting to make her mark as a female detective she attends a suspicious death with her new boss; straight talking no nonsense Detective Inspector John Meredith Within days the body count begins to rise as victims old and new are discovered to have died in the same way Some could say the vict.

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Kindle Edition Book Ý Misplaced Loyalty Meredith Hodge Novels Book 1 KINDLE author M.K. Turner Ý PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Odge who to Tanya s disgust seemingly had attracted his attention in than a professional capacity All of the characters are fully functioning fleshed out people very real if somewhat annoying at times And their stories run alongside the pursuit of the case with Christmas thrown in as a bonus The story is intriguing with various red herrings laid down to distract both police and reader with an ending which was most unexpected Narration throughout by Lee Beddow is Offenders and Detainees good no fieworks justood solid delivery nicely paced and intoned and with character voice definition He is pleasant to hear and has clear renunciation making his reading easily understood A nice solid performanceI very much enjoyed this book the first in a series of Meredith and Hodge mysteries and look forward to reading I was very fortunate in being freely ifted with a complimentary copy of Misplaced Loyalty at my reuest by the rights holder via Audiobook Boom Thank you so much MKTaylor has now been added to my list of authors to watch for in the future and I can recommend this to all who enjoy British police procedural with well developed personalities in the writing And fans of the who dun it This is aso a romance and I personally usually dislike this but it was far from being of the smootchy kind this one was fun A ood read And a striking cover After reading an advanced copy of book 8 which I thoroughly enjoyed I thought it best to start right at the beginning and picked up Misplaced LoyaltyHere we meet Meredith and Hodge as they first start working together learning about their uirks and personalities With a serial killer on the loose making deaths appear suicides bodies stacking up and historical deaths coming to light as possibly involved this is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns Crimethriller with a bit of romance chucked into the mix Then to cap it all we are left on a cliffhanger Now to download book 2 to et the next fix I highly recommend the Meredith and Hodge series from the 2 I have already read If you are looking for a new author take a chance on Marcia she won t disappoint you This was my first M K Turner book and thought the premise was very oodactually a nice relief from all the Dead-End Road Mysteries gruesome serial killer mysteries so popular now The Meredith and Hodge characters were well developed if somewhat unbelievabledo think the story could have benefitedreatly from a lot less of their relationship issues with emphasis on the police investigation and procedures This is an easy fast read Struggled between three stars average and four very ood ultimately decided to upgrade it to four only because yeah I would like to read the next book in the Meredith and Hodge series. Nister when her life is threatened But just how serious is that threat Despite being surrounded by police officers the case takes precedent and Patsy even considers using the services of a private detective who just happens to be friend and former boss of John Meredith It’s far from clear if this development is connected to the case Meredith or perhaps both With ill feeling developing within the team the motives of colleagues working on the case are brought into uestio.

Ised the suspicions of the police surgeon He has noticed similarities with other cases that may indicate that the suicide victim was assisted perhaps against their will A disturbing pattern soon emerges that has the entire department involved in the case with some off hour involvement between Meredith and HodgeThe book is a well written mystery that ends w GREAT STORY I really enjoyed this mystery It has everything you could want Suspense twists and turns Lots of action There wasn t a dull moment And A really nice romance that kept you uessing too This was the first book I have read by Marcia and I am looking forward to reading the other books in the series I like that the main characters are not portrayed as being perfect but as every day people with thei At 526 pages the sheer length of this book is daunting But once I started reading I became intrigued with the mystery and decided to persevere By the time I d Valors Measure gotten through 20% of the story I was confused by the plethora of characters many of whom seemed to have the same or very similar names I went back to the beginning and took notes on the characters something I have never done before Usually my memory for names and characters isood There is a Laura a Linda and a Lisa Worse than that I found two Joes a Joseph and Jo One of the police officers is Joe Collins and one of the victims is Harry Collins Even after BFI Film Classics going back and re reading these parts I coul I have literally just finished reading this and the story itself isood However the execution for me was lacking It felt very much a chick lit with a love triangle with two Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan guys chasing airl In itself that is okay just not for me There was too much shall I or shan t I or is that because it has been too long since I datedAs a whodunit it worked I only worked out who did it about half a page before the big reveal Which is reat Although I thought the reasons why they did it was weak Format Audiobook I might be a bloke but I still feel painAt almost fifteen hours this is a long book but one that holds the reader s attention throughout Misplaced Loyalty is a British police procedural set in Bristol where a rash of apparent suicides seem to have a common element death by a lethal morphine injection They could well be assisted suicides illegal yes but often compassionate until some of the bodies have bruising suggestive of not being a death desired by the victimThe investigation is led by DI John Meredith a ood detective but with less than admirable attributes hard drinking and overly fine of the younger ladies and reatly admired by his colleague Tanya Jennings His team had recently been joined by very capable and upwardly mobile Patsie Ims were merely party to assisted suicide others may call it euthanasia and many believe that either way it shouldn’t be classed as a crime; but when it becomes evident that some of the victims were forced to accept a lethal injection DI Meredith launches a major murder investigation which covers a period of over twenty yearsAs victims are discovered and the investigation athers pace someone takes an unhealthy interest in Patsy Their motive moves from irritating to si.