online epub Dilemma at Bayberry Cove –

online epub Dilemma at Bayberry Cove –

S p in Bayberry Cove where her best friend Vicki now livesApparently Bayberry Cove has pretty much everything she needs but maybe didn t realize she was missing Through helping some of the women living in the town she rediscovers her purpose and her heart and finds friends and a new loveAn enjoyable ensemble of. R best friendAnd to her surprise she finds herself relaxing in the small seaside town thanks in part to Wes Fletcher the intriguing navy commander who's living in the cottage she wants to rent But then

It wasn t to bad not really my favorite theme At least it did not have a lot of graphic sex Solid story for the heartwarming lineThe heroine Louise has been passed over for a promotion because she s too intimidating too forceful too focused on work Her boss tells her to take a long over due vacation and she end. Can a lawyer be too intimidating Louise Duncan says no Her boss thoughhe suggests she take some time off to work on her “people skills” Never one to sit idle Louise heads to Bayberry Cove to visit he.

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Characters a pleasing read and I d definitely read this author again Wes and Louise find themselves on opposing sides of a law case against the candle company in Bayberry Cove He is starting semi retirement from the navy while she is taking a breather from not getting a promotion due to her lack of people skills. He meets a group of women who need her legal expertise and her take no prisoners attitude Louise gears Deadly Valentine up for a fight relishing thepcoming battleUntil she meets opposing council Commander Wesley Fletch.

I was born in Indiana and raised in a small town in Ohio I guess that explains why most of my romance books have small town settings When I'm not writing I love to travel My husband and I just bought a travel trailer so we could take our Silky Terrier Mix Sparky on trips with us I have one son who is also a writer a movie critic My stepdaughter is a horse trainer and supplies me with all