BOOKS DOWNLOAD Tall Blondes A Book About Giraffes Author Lynn Sherr –

BOOKS DOWNLOAD Tall Blondes A Book About Giraffes Author Lynn Sherr –

S often mocked for is giraffe by political punditsWhile there I learned that some 90000 visitors Modern Viking have come to Kenya s Giraffe Manor now an educational center operated by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife Schoolchildren are a special priority especially African school children since the center claims that 85 percent of Africansave never seen wild animals 117 She lifted The Spirit of Intimacy her face and sawim even taller than she The Elements of Legal Style had expectedis neck so long The Amory Wars, Volume 1 his delicate nose soigh that a person could imagine One Night with The Sheikh him nibbling at stars Gladys Schmidt Consider the Giraffe 1978 135 I purchased this book in the late 1990s when it first came out It s sat on my bookshelf collecting dust ever since I was initially attracted to it because a I love love LOVE the clever title and b what maniacal person wouldn t like giraffes They re such docile interesting mammals I figured one day I d like to learn about them and this book should probably cover it I also likeow the book isn t traditionally shaped it s long and slender much like its four legged subjectSo after years of Tall Blondes gathering dust on my bookshelf I finally decided it was time to read something completely different from a fictional novel or biography If someone asked me what my favorite animal was I probably wouldn t immediately think of or say giraffe I m not obsessively crazy about giraffes but upon much pondering I think they re pretty fascinating and beautiful creatures Unfortunately this book didn t provide me with the excitement for giraffes for which I was Mismatch (Love Match, hoping It felt like reading someone s research paper or dissertation It was a compilation of anything and everything giraffe that s ever been said written or drawn throughoutistory It contained uote after uote after uote without much being written by the author erself to engage the reader There also wasn t much coherence or chronological order to the chapters Although this book was released in 1997 its contents would be the euivalent of someone Googling the word giraffe and reading through all of the results in the random order in which they re presented on the screen It didn t really give me much insight into the giraffe itself from birth to death although some of the photos were very nice and I loved reminiscing over giraffe related Far Side cartoons I learned a few interesting facts and insights into giraffes but not enough for me to recommend this book That s the long and short of it I love animals in particular I love orses dogs cats and giraffes They all Keys to Tulsa have in common beautiful expressive eyes This is the second book Iave read about giraffes recently and I ll not read another This was a factual account and again there was a lot of Secret Africa history reported but the most interesting chapter was the first where it listed uick facts A giraffe s tongue is approximately 18 long The male reaches aeight of 18 and weighs in at 15 tons Females are usually around 16 tall and weigh approximately5 ton They live up to age 30 Calves are born after a 15 month gestation period and stand 6 ft at birth They are also born with Crush (Awkward, horns The female usuallyas two مهارت در بازی زندگی horns males three and some evenave as many as five They are gentle giants and do not fight amongst themselves and threaten no other animal although their The Dragon in the Clock Box hooves can and do become a violent and deadly weapon when fending off an enemy They do notave tear ducts although they ave been seen shedding a tear There are nine different color patterns Although I found the writing dry I enjoyed the full color pictures Slightly out of date but so entertaining I do admit though I skipped the chapter on unting I loved reading about April s ancestors and seeing all of the art and photographs of this most delightful creature This was an enjoyable read When I selected it I The Nazi Revolution hoped the title suggested a sense ofumor about the subject That was proven when I saw the first Gary Larsen Far Side cartoon at the beginning of the first chapter Sheer peppers the book with cartoons amusing pictures and cultural references that add to the facts and mythology of giraffes The book is organized into ten short chapters each covering different aspect For instance How the Giraffe Got its Neck and Growing up Giraffe are two of the chapter titles Its an easy read it would be great for a student as a place to start a research paper It includes a five page bibliography of Bloods a Rover (American Underworld Trilogy her sources And for you non readers there is aour long documentary video available on Netflix narrated by the autho. Ffe star of a TV movie The book is not just about giraffes in the wild it's about ow they ave impacted on Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, humans and visa versa stirring the imaginations of artists writers and thinkers Taking a whimsical approach toer very serious subject Sherr Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet has filled it with little known tidbits awe inspiring photographs and drawings and intriguing tales about the world's tallest land animalRead it and you'll not only learn about why Sherr a tall blonderself Arise has fallenead over eals for this gawky but graceful animal you'll fall in love to.

Summary Tall Blondes A Book About Giraffes

Rom the pasha of Egypt to the reigning monarch The animal sent to Vienna was welcomed with a grand formal ball and a newly invented dance best translated as the giraffe trot 36The most likely scenario is that about five million years ago as the climate in Asia and Europe grew cooler and dryer animals that ad evolved from Palaeotragus and Bohlinia or perhaps from a common ancestor ambled back to Africa Thus modern giraffes may well be immigrants to the continent we now see as their The Book Thief homeland 40The giraffe seart is an enormous two feet long and twenty five pounds 50The giraffe walks with both legs on a side moving in tandem in other words right rear then right front then left rear then left front 52Atop the Talk to Me head are knobbyorns or properly ossicones bumps of cartilage covered with skin and Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hair that start out as plates under the skin then grow ossify and fuse to the skull Both male and female giraffesave Educating for the New World Order horns but the bullas three and they get larger and Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock heavier as a result of freuentead banging Some giraffes The Character Of An Upright Man have fiveorns for reason not yet fully understood 53 55Giraffes also play Mr. Malcolms List host to a number of birds most notably the oxpeckers or tick birds who roam their enormous bodies in search of ticksIn addition black piapiacs sometimesitch a ride to snap up insects from the surrounding airspace 59After fifteen months in the womb babies or calves are born GURPS Conspiracy X headfirst and dropped six feet to the ground from the standing mom Boom Welcome to earth The calf itself weighs close to 150 pounds and measures almost six feet tall it is usually up on its spindly legs within anour a vital defense against a Just One Golden Kiss hungry enemy She relates an anecdote of a giraffe that was up and running in a few minutes to escape a predator Even so predators and disease claim about 75 percent of all babies within the first year 65 66Immediately after birth the giraffe cow moveser calf a short distance to an area of safety Here the calf is completely isolated from all other giraffes for a period which may last as long as a month During this time the calf stays in the area lying down and moving very little The cow returns two to three times a day to allow the calf to nurse She may go up to 15 miles away from the The Tyranny of Guilt hidden calf for water or food 69Giraffe necking is play fighting or even serious combat that entails swinging their necks at each other and striking body blows with theeadthese are practice dominance matches preparing the animal for the day when it may use the sledgehammer force of the flexible club that is its neck with the added weapon of its bone Phantom Encounters hardorns to defeat and outrank another bull 71 A male s Eat Your Way Through the USA head can weigh 24 pounds three times that of a nonfighting female and the force of one of these blows may lift an opponent clear offis feet Emily and Ola D Aulaire wildlife writers 1974 72one of the longest pregnancies in the animal world about fifteen months a condition that is still difficult for My Dirty Janitor Book 4 humans to detect Cows bear their first calf when they are about five years old andave been known to deliver up to ten babies over the course of a lifetime 74Finally their brains Are giraffes smart Does it matter It Stories from Spain / Historias de España has been suggested that they may communicate with their necks and tails in a kind of mammalian semaphore system Or that they may use ultrasonics aigh pitched signal to contact each other 74 75 What kind of person can shoot a giraffe It can t be for sport because giraffe just stand there and look at you through long eyelashes Betty Leslie Melville giraffe raiser 1977 95When the sultan of Egypt wanted to fortify Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos his ties with Florence and Lorenzo de Medicie sent a giraffe along in November 1487For several years the sweet tempered visitor entrances the citizens of Florence nibbling fruit from the Broken Bear hands of young girls and poking itsead into second story windows for apples during daily walks through the city 100In 1826 King Charles X was gifted a giraffe by the pasha of Egypt In Marseilles she was a grand celebrity dressed in a special body cloth decorated with the arms of France She was the subject of a daily column in the newspaper she was the coveted star of numerous dinner parties given by the prefect s wife during which Enna Burning honored guests in evening clothes would troop off toer stable to observe Hatter her by torchlight Regular folks could seeer during Paint the Wind her daily promenade a 12 2pm event that drewordes 104 Conversely in 1827 George IV of England who was gifted a giraffe from the pasha of Egypt at the same time wa. Th the publishing of Tall Blondesa one of a kind book about a one of a kind animal The giraffe's unusually long neck and legs make it one of the most recognizable creatures on our planet But it also possesses a wide range of other fascinating and endearing traits and features And while most giraffes are blondes they come in beautiful arrays of red brown and even whiteSherr traces the cultural istory of the giraffe from it's first appearance in Europe in 46 BC thanks to Julius Caesar through medieval bestiaries and up to the modern gira.

First read February 28 2017 Giraffes always make me think of my maternal grandmother She was nuts about them So is TV journalist Lynn Sherr and she shares er love affair with them in Tall Blondes the book that later inspired the first episode of season 21 of Nature on PBSThe giraffe like the platypus is so unusual in its size shape and features that first The Perfect Resume hand accounts of it weren t always believed They are social docile but can kill a lion with a few well placed kicksSherr s book begins wither own The Centurion Code history of meeting giraffes and moves then to the earlyistory of mankind s accounts of the giraffe From there the book goes through other themes like giraffes as gifts and giraffes in the circus and at zoosI loved the many included illustrations that show either Antropologia da Criança historic drawings of giraffes or photographs of famous giraffes I also enjoyed the thematic groupings of the chaptersWhere the book fell flat though for me was in the many long uotations of famous peopleaving something to say about giraffes There are pages and pages like this and they completely gum up the flow of the book After a few of these uotation only sections I ended up skipping the rest Most giraffe books are for children or are scholarly zoological works Sherr s short volume is one of the few aimed at the general adult reader There are short chapters about giraffe biology giraffes in art and Air Terisak Membelah Batu history famous giraffes ect Profusely illustrated and like the animal the book itself is tall and thin Pros Loved the design of this book inside and out As for the contents well written withumor uotes facts Canned history and of course beautiful pictures of giraffes Note skipped the chapter 6 onunting glad it was included but the reality is GIFTED--2005 POETRY COLLECTION horridCons Wish there was a single story to interweave and or connect the chapters Felt the distinction of the chapters were too separate Cover Art 5 out of 5 Brilliant I love giraffes with a passion yet so few books or wildlife documentaries focus on them Big predators and dangerouserbavores such as ippopotamus get all the attention Lynn Sherr who shares my fascination with giraffes as sought to remedy that This book is a charmer with not only facts about giraffes but anecdotes folktales ancient ethnic art featuring giraffes and stories about a few giraffes that became famous Not for those seeking Lisa and David Today hard science But if you just want to suee over giraffes and enjoy learning about wildlife you might like this one After reading Sherr s 2012 book Swim Why We Love the Water Iad overly Clinton, Inc. high expectations for this book While I did learn fascinating factoids about giraffes the book didn tave the personal touch that made Swim so enjoyable perhaps because Sherr offers no frame story to breathe life into all the cultural Dvorak Keyboard history about giraffes This book often seems like an outline for a research report especially chapters that do little than lister favorite uotes about giraffes It makes for a easy to put down book with very few pages without indented italicized uoted passages Liked it Didn t love it Despite all I ve said I learned numerous things about giraffes Here are my favoritesThey are the tallest uadrupeds 10 Males reach 18 ft and weigh 15 tons Females reach 16 ft and weigh5 ton The tallest was 19 3Each cloven The Muslim Masquerade hoof is the size of a dinner plate 10They are one of the only animals born withorns which can number up to five 11Giraffes are not mute They ave vocal chords but rarely use them They don t need to Their monumental size lets them see and communicate readily with their eyes 11They ave no tear ducts but How to Heal Your Body have been seen to cry 11Theyave never been seen to bathe 11They sleep only about a The Book of Revelation halfour a day usually in the form of five minute giraffe naps 11When walking giraffes move both right legs at once then both leftFor the gallop up to 35 MPH all four legs seem to leave the ground at once and the neck pumps along rhythmically 12Mating is a brief event with no apparent emotional attachment leading to a fifteen month pregnancy In the wild giraffe moms to be are modest seeking privacy to give birth They do so standing up In an Naughty Bedtime Stories (Naughty Bedtime Series Book 2) hour or so the baby is born or rather dropped nearly six feet tall and often up walking within fifteen minutes 12 13Its scientific name is camelopardis which literally describes a camel s body wearing a leopard s coat 16In 1805 a dealer named George Wombwell brought the first live giraffes to England From 1826 to 1828 live giraffes arrived in Paris London and Vienna each a gift Hundreds of booksave been written about dogs and cats Dozens about lions and tigers and bears But Practical Prinkery how many non scholarly booksave been written about giraffes one of nature's most intriguing and uniue animals None Until nowYou know Lynn Sherr as a veteran journalist and as a leading correspondent for the ABC news magazine 2020 but you probably didn't know that she as been an avid giraffophile since a visit to the African wilderness nearly twenty five years agoThe days of the giraffe being overlooked and under appreciated are over wi.