FREE BOOKS Caught in the Act Amhearst Mystery Series #2 AUTHOR Gayle Roper –

FREE BOOKS Caught in the Act Amhearst Mystery Series #2 AUTHOR Gayle Roper –

Romance saga we watch the budding relationship go through a few minor problems There s something bothering Curt but he won t tell Merry what it is He s still a sweetheart of a man though I can t help but love himThis book s mystery surrounds Merry s co worker Jolene and her estranged husband That s all I m going to say about it I thought the author did really good with the shock factor at the end of the bookI m also glad that even though the story is taken from the heroine s POV Curt is still allowed to be a heroThis seri. Rong about who her friends really are Like its predecessor CAUGHT IN THE ACT looks at the long term conseuences of the ch.

Great 2nd book It was suspenseful funny attacking plants and totaling her 4th car and touching all at the same time Merry is taking a co worker home when they find the co worker s estranged husband dead on the kitchen floor Merry can t resist digging to find out a little But can she solve the crime This book is eual parts mystery and romance The characters are so great I cared about both And both story lines were strong and well worth readingRead my full review at Carstairs Considers In this second book of the CurtMerry. In a seuel to CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE girl reporter Merrileigh Kramer discovers a grisly murder and learns that she can be

Gayle Roper ¶ 9 Review

Es is turning out to be one I have to read one after the other as ickly as i can because I can t wait to see what happens next Ok read Christian romance Still love these series Love seeing Merry through adult eyes I would reread these a lot as a kid and now as an adult with reading knowledge nder my belt I still enjoyed these and would read them again Jolene is a character I love to dislike and want from at the same time Gayle Roper also knows how to organically incorporate good Christian conversation within the pages. Oices we make Woven with threads of romance and humor this mystery makes an enjoyable read with a clear Christian message.

Gayle Roper rejoices every day that she gets to be a writer because she's in love with story Even on the days that words rebel and have to be coerced onto the paper there is nothing else she'd rather do When readers like her work it's like God says See I knew what you were wired to do When her books win awards like the Carol Award Caught Redhanded or the RITA Award Autumn Dreams the

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