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Should really assist you to make these books a lot better I gave you a poor review because you also don t read up on your previous work You make mistakes that mess up the storyline For xample you have the main character always lock her diary and she wears the key around her neck End of book one her family finds her diary and breaks it open and finds out about her seeing a vampireIn book two you twist it all around like the family has never opened the diary and her sister hid it for her return and it is still sealed Then later you say her sister read her diaryOk I suggest you re read all your books and re The Child of the Soul and Other Stories edit it and bring it out as a seconddition with the corrections doneApart from all the Childrens Phantasies errors it was a goodffort I will keep my yes open to see if there are any improvements in future work You have a talent but you just need to work on it Chosen by Emma Knight is part of a series This is a complete story in itself You can pick up the story line asily Benji and Rachel are a couple of vampires in love with The Soviet Union each other Rachel wakes up in a cave without Benji She searches for him and finds him severely injured with blood coming from his neck He wakes up briefly and tells her the red amulet She takes to the sky to find Uncle Drew Uncle Drew tells her great grandfather had it last No one knows where it is now Grandfather doesn t talk to anyone in the familyxcept perhaps to Hunter Benji s brother She flies off to coollrge where Hunter is Gods and Heroes enrolled Meanwhile Rachel sx boyfriend Rob is looking for her She disappeared the year before when she was changed He s a vampire now too He goes around wantonly changing people to satisfy his thirst He s so much stronger now He finds Rachel s brother Marc and he is hostile to him and tells him his sister Sarah may know but she s away in college He flies off to school to find Sarah Sarah also is hostile to him She says Rachel moved on telling him you broke her heart after not showing up on their first date He changes her trying to get information Will Rachel find the ruby amulet to save Benji Will Rob find Rachel We shall see I felt this book was written better than the previous books in the series The Science, Technology and Culture editorialrrors and mismatched details did persist however they weren t as drastic as the previous books in the series In fact I found this Chosen to be No Beast So Fierce entertaining Rachel s uest to find the Red Amulet was presented in an intriguing way There were a few things that didn t uite fit in place and couldn t be left unnoticeable1 How did Benji get his neck cut in the first place and survive a whole year in an unconscious state near the cliff Even if the blood was oozing out at a slow rate how onarth did the two survive und. It leads her to Hunter to Benji's parents who still live in an ancient castle in Maine on a remote island And it leads her back home to her family and friends who she will have to confront once again Her journeys take her into the heart of fraternity parties and of old houses with hidden secrets and ancient booksIn the meantime Rob is now a fully turned vampire and he has never given up his feelings for Rachel In fact as a vampire they are ven intense He will stop at nothing until he finds her and has her again Along the way he will leave a trail of devastation out of control with his newfound vampire powers.

Oh my god how horribleOh my god how horribleI have read this far in the series hoping to find some sort of redemption I have been sorely disappointed the plot is terrible and poorly developed The writing is inconsistent The only redeeming uality to the series is that the books are short and can be read in a few hours I hate giving anyone a poor review and always try to overlook poor grammar but can not over look poor writing On the plus side this book feels like Emma s getting a little better at making sure her story flows if you ignore weird comma placements that throw a reader There s still plenty of problems in need of an ditor or reader feedback but it made me hopeful for later books if there was a slight improvementThis book starts to bring in Mark s perspectiveor should I say Marc That drove me absolutely insane the change in spelling And what was worse it was a clear find replace in whatever word Last Chance Bride editor was used Know how I know You see reMarced multiple times Also a new vampire ability is introduced here spraying Narly potion atnemies from the neck like Spiderman sprays webs from his wrists I think she meant to use gnarly instead of making up a special word for the stuff and it was just a really odd power I ve never heard of that in vampire loreAnyway with so many of the books being free grab them and hopefully an update will go out in the future fixing all the bugs Fingers crossed You know when you step out of a movie and then go back in and ask your companion what happened and they give you a very brief rundown so you know the basic plot points but have lots of unanswered uestions That is how I feel when I read this series Emma Knight touches on the plot points but the back story is non Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy existentI can t find out anything about this author but the I read of her books the I am convinced that she is in high school Her parents reactions to Rachel s shenanigans are not very realistic They are like reactions from people who have no real worldxperience Someone without the viewpoint of a parent I would actually rate this book with stars if I knew for sure they were in high school I could make allowances for that This story is full of holes and unanswered uestions I can be patient but this is the fourth book I can only be patient for so long Throw me a bone and tell me some detailsI would recommend this book highly for masochists and people who are really into delayed gratification Emma I love your covers the artwork is well done The storyline was sorta ok but you really need to find someone who can dit your work for you There were so many mistakes in the story that I felt that you must be a teenager writing these booksEven still someone out there. In CHOSEN Book #4 of the Vampire Legends Rachel Wood wakes after having just taken the leap of faith with Benji with the Blue Tablet She searches for him amazed she is still alive only to find that he did not fare as well he is mortally injured And with only days left to live he needs her help to survive He needs her to find the ancient Red Amulet the only lement known to be able to heal a vampireRachel mbarks on a journey to save her love a journey which will take her deep into the heart of the gravest danger She will have to confront rival covens and to search far and wide as she follows the trail of clues.

Er the cliff or where ver they were without being hit by the rays of the sun2 Matilda was aware of where Rachel was headed Why didn t anyone go out looking for them in nearby areas for an Mystery at Kittiwake Bay entire year3 Speaking of Matilda what happened to the confrontation between Matilda and the vampires from Violet s coven Similarly what was the outcome of the confrontation of Hunter and Violet at the Halloween party There is no clarification whatsoever about all thesevents A war was about to outbreak How did it just subside over a year as if nothing happened Even if it did subside absolutely no details about the accounts was provided This was a little disappointing because a major link was broken It doesn t make any sense at allOverall it was a decent read Like I ve mentioned Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files earlier this book is suitable for teens who canasily overlook the missing details and The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, errors Should be proofreadIt is disappointing to attempt to read a novel that is filled with all types ofrrors from typographic to spelling grammar and punctuation A writer should never rely on spell check or grammar check These programs are not as accurate or reliable as one might think they should be Nothing can take the place of an ducated intelligent highly skilled proof reader If one takes pride in hisher work one would see the value of mploying a proof reader I could never recommend this author When my teenage grandchildren repeatedly page after page comment on An Italian Education errors it s pretty bad Rather childishly written I thought this was a good book took me awhile to finish because I was listening to books on audible but this book was good couldn t put it down once I started it and Rob is crazy like wow and situation with Rachel siblings hmm i m not gone give it away but wow things going to crazy in part 4 I know it Giving this book a 1 star is being very generous After having this on my TBR for a while I thought I d give this series a shotit had great reviews This is the last book and I will not read any in this series I tried really hard to look past therrors grammatical and otherwise but when you leave things off and then don t Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code even follow up on it in the next book or worse have a different spelling of a character in one bookc monwth Let s notven go with the fact the Rachel s parents kicked her out and yet when they move back to PA they act like it never happenedand that is just one Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, example of the poorly thought out and written books in this series And Rob just goes around making vampires or killing people I just can t take it any I had HIGH hopes that this would be a decent series but yet again it FAILED on so many levels for me Ms Knight please research re do or something this is a horrible series. And his lust to feed He will confront Arielle Rachel's brother Marc andven track down her sister Sarah at her dorm room in Syracuse He will stop at nothing to find RachelBut Rachel is on an urgent mission herself to save Benji and it may be too late When her mission finally nds she will be left with a choice one that will force her to choose if she will make the greatest sacrifice of her life Is she willing to give up her life to save her one and only true love How much is she willing to sacrificeCHOSEN is book #4 of the Vampire Legends series following SWORN TAKEN and BITTEN and is also a standalone novel.

EPUB Chosen Vampire Legends #4 BY Emma Knight – latinboyz4play.com

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