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Res n an artistic way or Knit Together in a sacramental way and then howt was used as a store for wealth and sought by European explorers He explains how the dollar became the world s reserve currency and at what point the dollar was removed from the gold standard He travels all over the world to gold mining sites which all sounded rather hellish When economic times seem Treacherous (Stepbrother insecurenvestors often turn to gold as a safe place to store wealth but he raises uestions about thatIn speaking with a South African gold executiveWith consumables He, An Irreverent Look At The American Male it s easy to judge price he said If one pair of shoes costs 200 and another pair 300 you compare them and make your choice If you want a bond you comparenterest rates But SELL IT LIKE SERHANT if you decide to buy gold you pay the spot price Theres no reference no other thing like The Breakout Novelist it to comparet to He had studied at the Wharton School and had managed funds at a Swiss bank My whole life as a businessman I have struggled with uestions of value he said It s easy for me to engage n negotiations about value when there s a reference point But what s the reference point with goldExcept for a few practical uses gold s a notional construct It has no meaning but Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia (Favorite Fairy Tales, Book 10) its price pages 226 227Thiss a very thorough treatment of this precious metal and was uite The Missing Link informative Annteresting book that only hints at the seductive nature of gold on the human mind It touches points Working Girls in history where gold fever ripped apart civilizations and howt Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe is doing that today I see the book as an overviewnto the mystiue of gold Why do we value Speechless it so Why do miners keep pullingt out of the ground Gold has only a few Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, indust From BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekFrom the Pizzaro brothers who pillaged Peru for Inca goldn the 16th century to the modern day Mponeng mine Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, in South Africa the deepestn the world where the ghost miners Stranded With The Tempting Stranger illegally siphon off millions the pursuit of gold has led to warsnsurrections betrayals and bloodshedMatthew Hart charts a course through history and across continents to tell the story of the world s most coveted metal Part history part journalism and part economic analysis Gold tells the story of a human obsession that shows no sign of abatingIn 2008 when the financial crisis rattled economies The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, investorsnevitably resorted to the perceived safety of gold and Suffer the Children (A Gardiner and Renner Novel Book 4) its price escalated from 800 to 1900 an ounce Thisn turn accelerated the exploration for yet goldMatthew Hart Mindhunter is a journalist whose work has appearedn The Times Granta The Atlantic Monthly and The Globe and Mail He has written two IMAX films numerous TV documentaries and appeared on CNN Sixty Minutes and the National Geographic channel His previous books nclude Diamond The History Of A Cold Blooded Love Affair which was filmed as a documentary by ABCAbridged by Pete NicholsProducer Karen RoseA Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4httpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb03k. Ve affair with gold by the award winning author of Diamo.

ONLINE BOOK Gold author Matthew Hart author Matthew Hart –

Reading this book made me go back to my college days regarding the gold standard and government monetary policy This s a really good book on one of the world s precious metals The author discussed gold s Sweet Stallion importance to the world economy the history of whyt became The County And The Kingdom important and then on to people and government s attempts to minetMatthew Hart writes with flair and wit and t s actually an entertaining read especially the part where the story took him to various gold mines Crushed Ice in China Africa and South AfricaHad a great time reading the book Our collective attitude towards golds odd Although the stuff has few practical uses and hasn t been linked n any official way to currency since President Richard Nixon took the United States off the gold standard embedded n the Bretton Woods accord many still view t as a safe place to store wealth If the price of the stuff wasn t so volatile and f the stuff could be readily exchanged for everyday needs that might be true But t sn tAlthough Hart devotes a few pages to the place of gold Santa In Montana (Calder Saga in history and about stealing the stuff he mainly describes currentndustrial gold miningStill we are fascinated by the stuff and the price has certainly The Moonshiners Daughter increased greatly since Nixon s decision prompting anncrease Emmas Orphans in gold mining Hart examines miningn South Africa Nevada China Outer Mongolia Saints on Stage in the Congo andn Senegal In the poorer countries Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, industrial minings always accompanied by small scale mining as locals try to get childhood happy hours in on the action THis small scale mining can be a form of theft as when peoplen South Africa sneak nto old now unused tunnels of ndustrial scale mines and mine the remaining ore Or locals may mine Publish and Perish in the area around the big mine Finding gold often seems to ben part a cat and mouse game Given Time in which company geologists and local peoples scrutinize where each other has found or looked for goldThe structure of official miningndustry The Book of Lamentations is dividednto companies called juniors who look for new gold deposits and seniors who exploit the deposits found by juniors It Guide Through the Old Testament is the goal of juniors to be bought out at the highest possible price by a senior The financial center of gold minings Toronto which surprised me I would have thought The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it was New York or London or maybe South Africa Extracting metallic gold from orenvolves deadly chemicals The favored The Last Days of the Romanovs industrial process reuires cyanide localnformal miners may use The Fate of the Romanovs instead the older less efficient process thatnvolves mercury Hence gold mining has the risk of serious environmental damage R4 BOTW A good book when you re looking for a light low stress non fiction read The twelve chapters tell twelve largely Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, independent stories about the history geology politics and economics of goldWhat I didn t like1 Many times during the book the author says something that gives me thempression he s just now learning about all of this stuf. From the lost empires of the Sahara to today’s frenzie.

F himself too Which just doesn t give the non fiction reader much confidence I felt like I knew about some of the LOSER information covered than he did What did he get wrong that I don t know about2 One sided presentation of some topics like the value of gold as a monetary standard or as a financial hedgeWhat I did like1 My favorite parts of the book were the parts about the geology of gold where can you findt why there how did we find Home-Ec 101 it The discussion ofnvisible gold diffused within porous rock s especially fascinating2 I liked the politics and history stuff too although t was often sad the unbelievable corruption Culture and Customs of Norway in China and parts of Africa the treatment of the Incas under Pizarro etc Gold saving has always been one of smartnvestment alternative recommended by top 4% people due to The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, its continuousncreasing value year on year Shake, Rattle and Roll its characteristic andts history for global monetary standardUnlike diamond which all about marketing gimmicknot an A Private Midnight investment andts price keep detriment with The Weavers Idea Book its age golds beneficial and competitive against the The Mission of Mooney Rooney inflationThere are many geeky gold wordsn this book and many people names related to the race of this metal globally Good for the first few chapters As somebody with a not The Road to There insignificant positionn precious metals this was a fairly Templars in America instructive book for meMy bet on metals was as Hart explains at a certain pointn the book a hedge against the the Used (Getting Inside of V, inherentlynstability of the current monetary systemThe problem Inside a Barn in the Country is that whilet The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums is an effective hedget still carries no Athena inherent value besides what people givet Or as Hart says at one point what you are realistically able to redeem Tales from the Toolbox in a moment of crisis If the economy collapsesn a moment precious metals are only worth what you can get for them effectively nothingWhere Hart succeeds s n really fleshing out the story of what that gold means and where t comes from He digs nto everything from African gold mining to the move away from the gold standard Det ordnar sig in the Nixon era to ancient attitudes toward and methods for extracting goldHe also delvesnto the existence of the paper gold market than I The Admiral imagined he would and he makes a strong case for the fact that ETFs have bumped gold offts reserve status Because paper gold The Homunculus is so easy to trade especially given the wildlyrrational amount of trading on the market relative to the actual reserve of gold Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) in the worldt s little than any other commodity at this pointIt s made me reconsider my stance on metals a little bit though perhaps not enough to move away from the positions I already haveIn all though this Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory is a really great primer When you can tie abstract financialnstruments to brutal tribal violence The Succubus in the Congo I think you ve done your journalistic due diligence I found this to be a fairlynteresting read He looks a bit at the history of how gold was used by other past cultu. D global gold rush a blazing exploration of the human lo.

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Matthew Hart was an experienced newspaper and magazine reporter when he wrote Golden Giant the story of a 1980 gold rush and staking battle on the north shore of Lake Superior Ten years later he was hooked by another mining rush this time diamonds His award winning Diamond the History of a Cold Blooded Love Affair recounted the 1990 discovery and staking rush that uncovered the world’s third