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I read this when i was out of my mind so i didn t write a reviewthis strikes me as a particular misfortune because apparently i recommended it to my editor and she loved it but all i can remember is a truly staggering amount of platonic cuddling that vaguely creeped me out on account of there having to be some serious hive mind level wholesomeness for like 12 orgeous men and women to pile into a king size bed in their underwear every night without once someone becoming either inappropriately moist or inconveniently swollenbecause you put me in a bed with that many attractive people at once and i m sayin mistakes will be made Reread 1272015Definitely liked it the second time through Definitely a very different fic There s action and a few creepy baddies to enjoy and yet at the same time I Virgin Widow get a feeling ofremoteness while reading it I dunno maybe it s that there s just so much info dumpage About characters their past and werewolf social structure It s interesting but I don t want to read about it right in the middle of an important scene Whenever that happens in a book or fic I picture the characters standing around picking at their nails while a voice overoes blah blah blahGotta say I was yet again shocked by the identity of the Sheriff s significant other but it did cause a lot of plotty Wife in Exchange goodness and some interesting character developmentThe romance isn t overt by any means but it s there Derek and Stiles are practically a pack of two within the pack which includes Derek Stiles Scott Allison Jackson Lydia and Danny The first time through I was amazed at how many pack cuddles you can fit into one fic but this time I was amazed at how much cuddling there was between Derek and Stiles And nary a boner until the endamazingI would truly love to see a short retelling of this fic through the eyes of a regular citizen of Beacon Hills if such a person exists With all the hugging kissing rubbing and sleepovers they must be convinced thisroup of friends is really a m nage sept Amazing amounts of puppy piles Other than that I m having a hard time remembering it Derek and Stiles have an extremely close relationship but there s no pining or being oblivious they just seem to suddenly The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, get togetherNot bad just not my thing As just a Teen Wolf the After Years story this fic knocks it out of the park Well written lots of action As a Sterek romance it kinda missed the mark for me That part of the story didn t come into things at ALL until the last 10% No lingeringlances no mention of pushed down or Night And Day growing feelings There was a lot of touchy feely stuff but it was in a wolfy way not in a lusty way Then suddenly in the last 10% Stiles realizes he s in love with Derek who reciprocates they have the smexitimes and that s it I m all for slow burn but this story had no real burn at all It wasn t a big shocker when theyot together I just wish it had happened sooner A Teen Wolf StilesDerek fanficIt s a Teen Wolf story than a Sterek fanfic I would say Sterek happens very late in the story its hot as hell yes but still it happens at the end very lateIts a loooong fanfic too so if you like to read about mystery killings in the Teen Wolf world you ll probably like this oneI m mostly all about Sterek though so I can t Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow give it than 3 stars but the writing is awesomeThere are puppy pilesoing on I don t do puppy piles and don t really like the whole Stiles as the pack mom kind of character either But oh well Stiles The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid got his Derek in the end and that s all that matters no So I was really unsure about this one at the start For two reasons 1 John and Chris being married was just weird and it didn t work for me At all 2 Iet that a big part of this fic was the pack feelz All the touching and rubbing and snuggling together was fine but Scott and Stiles showering together What the actual fuck Once I Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys got over the halfway mark though I really started to enjoy it Either I ju. Teen Wolf AUThe Pack after collegeraduate school and the starting of careers comes back to Beacon Hills No.

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BOOKS KINDLE Sacred In the Ordinary author Idyll –

Eview you should read if you are interested in this book For real it is totally why I read this bookHow to write a review 101This book is all about Pack Seriously this is an education on what a family truly isIn order to thoroughly enjoy this book you need to picture Stiles a bit different I think that if you can Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, go into it knowing that things happened differently and the Pack is different you will be turning pages like a freakFirst off they are allrown up Stiles is still a bit himself but he is so fucking controlled and responsible and dedicated that it felt a bit like a struggle to Life Changing Smiles grasp it Once I did I found this new world an amazing place to beThis is a strong androunded Pack Functioning It was uite a beautiful thing to seeThe romance was there but not in your face of an oh yeah wow pretty and hurry up It might have almost been as Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, good as the in your face oh my God just face the music kind of romance It totally made sense at the end and was so worth the waitI knocked a for the Sheriff he was written poorly and portrayed poorly I think everyone in the Pack should read this one There is a podfic I amoing to listen to it very soon DNF 60 cause life s too short to be reading stories that just aren t for meI m Only a Whisper generally a huge fan of fics with strong pack feels and I enjoy the occasional puppy pile but there were moments in this story where it just feltweird Like when Stiles and Scott showered together WHAT Umm no thanks If anyone soing to be Copper Lake Secrets getting naked and wet with Stiles it better damn well be DerekThere were way too many touchy feely pack moments which was super strange because I didn t actually feel like any of them particularly liked each other Again weird In one scene Jackson is upset and Derek suddenly swoops in and cradles him like a little kidwhich I m sure in some circumstances this would have been sweet and moving but here it was just random and awkward There was even a moment when Derek was crying on the floor seemingly for no substantial reason and Stiles held him close for hours and my only reaction to this was a Suck it up Princess and b Blergh Which is a PROBLEM because I read this stuff for the Sterek moments and if a Sterek moment makes me roll my eyes andag then I just ain t feeling it The aspect I loved yep I loved something about this story HOORAY view spoilerI love the idea that the pack are strategically acuiring the entire town or the important parts and positioning themselves in jobs that benefit the packs development security and standing Very smart hide spoiler 25 starsOthers said it already long fic Brooklyn's Song good storyline puppy pilesalore Sterek cuddles from page one too So why am I not ushing all over the place First of all for 99% of the story the cuddles were exactly that sweet and tender moments of friendship Not once does anyone hint at between Derek and Stiles okay there are the subtlest hints if you pay close attention but never once from Stiles or Derek This made the turn around at the end particularly unconvincing Other problems I had dumping your whole AU on the reader on the first pages is hardly elegant writing Also Derek and Stiles exist in some sort of bubble the rest of the cast have close to no dialogue or much interaction with the pair Mostly we re told what s happening This is also true for the pack as a whole The pack is usually all over each other even in public I d expect some sort of reaction when for example the Sheriff Allison and the Mayor Jackson or the reclusive star artist Derek and the history teacher Stiles are repeatedly touching hugging sitting on each other etc I started this a while back but didn t hold my interest because of the whole pack thing It s really confusing But since I don t like leaving something unfinished I read it to the end After a while I was able to look past the wierdness and it was enjoyable Rounded up to four I would have liked it better if there was sex. SNote This is a whole lot of packfic with a very slow build DerekStiles78759 words completeCover Artist leis.

St ot used to all the pack stuff or it wasn t as in your face I m not sure which I adore the fics where Derek and Stiles work as a team and communicate well I enjoyed all their page time together even when they were just sitting in the same room doing their own thing This is a very slow burn but I enjoyed the wait and it never felt dragged out to me So I m just Plain Jane The Hotshot going to pretend like the shower scene never happened because for serious that shit was just all kinds of wrong 45 StarsThis was definitely different I veot to Family of Her Dreams give kudos to the author on this because for me this was a well thought out story about theang ten years from now It was detailed and meticulous and the pack is stronger than ever They have learned a lot Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed gone through a lot and are wiser and seasoned to handle pretty much anything that s thrown their way To ensure their safety they have hatched and slowly implemented arand schemeplan of total integration of themselves in all areas of importance that I found absolutely ingeniousOn top of that setup this was also really about showing how much the pack has changed They are a well oiled machine with Derek at the helm and Stiles as his second They love each other protect each other help and comfort each other They are definitely exclusive insular and codependent and they know it and they don t Girls Night Out give a rat s ass who doesn t like it Youet to witness their lives and how they attack everyday problems as well as supernatural crisesThis veers a bit off from canon but one can easily let some things Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) go and embrace others For me there was a particularly shocking pairing that I couldn t wrap my head around and still don t Also the Sheriff is surprisingly in denial about a lot of things and that was eyebrow raising since I haven t come across that beforeWhat I appreciated the most was the mature setting because we don t see it that often They re no longer teenagers They veone to college and have had relationships and now have careers and are thinking about having babies Most impressive to me was Stiles There s no magic but he s a Into the Wild (The McGraws, grown man a leader who s shown he s not just a mere weak human and is ruthless in protecting those under his care There s obvious weight and responsibility to that and I liked itSeveral have scoffed that this is not a romance but I beg to differ It s true that the small amount of smex that does occur doesn t happen til the end and there is no pining or cluelessness or angst in that area Instead I felt the whole story was romantic Granted it is in no way overt At the core and throughout this fic is Derek and Stiles It s about their partnership and bond and reliance on one another They are a cohesive unit that runs the pack together Their connection is so strong and so in sync they know each other inside and out and I thought it was amazing to witnessOf course I was disappointed that the obvious inevitability of these two didn t happen at the start and continue throughout You have to suspend belief that in and amongst all the puppy piles the platonic intimacy and nurturing and supporting and caring and petting that Stiles and Derek took this long to actually realize and voice their feelings In fact it s uite a shocker it didn t happen sooner but I thought the author explained the reasoning behind that very well So Iuess this is my longwinded argument that if you re ok with very little smexiness I know most of us aren t including myself and are looking for a different but no less poignant and smart take on their epic love then this does a pretty darn impressive job of that Well to me it did So much of Stiles life is intertwined with Derek s in ways it isn t with the rest of the pack They carry each other s secrets and yes their hidden fears and buried worries their flaws and cracks he knows that he wasn t on this trip alone they took it together him and Derek one moment Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, gesture word at a time Ok so here is the Thing'sotten less complicated after all this timeBased on a kink meme prompt that Cowboy Swagger (Sons of Troy Ledger, grew legs andot seriou.