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Week I enjoyed the main character s voice and her relation Further adventures in randomly reading cozy mysteries this time or less rewarding I enjoyed the voice the pacing and the characters who were funny side characters sometimes got the best lines The mystery was also sufficiently complicated and well explicated I thought the lines of it the protagonist s investigation were very clear and easy to follow without it adding up to something tediously superficial The protagonist isn t really into the whole clean living green living thing personally which I wasn t expecting from the conceit of the series but her snidenessignorancedistaste was relatively infreuent Present but infreuent I also enjoyed the passages about feeding and caring for the ucks and the pigs at the farm because that s the kind of extra content I really like in cozies gentle everyday stuff I mean everyday for other people I Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, don t come acrossucks or pigs Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm daily myself It irritates me that the owner refers to her business as a bed and breakfast yet they serve 3 meals aay 3rd in the seriesI binged read books 1 3 in two Whispers Of The Heart days Held my attention with theifferent cozy setting and the humor Originally I was going to give this book 5 stars but The Dukes Gamble decided to give it 4 instead The reason was because towards the end of the book when you re trying to figure out who the killer was it just kept going and going in circles It took me by surprise though to find out who it really was Iid enjoy reading it and there were a lot of interesting characters each with their own special personality I had a few chuckles and generally I was entertained pretty much through the whole book Thank yo. Killer from turning her big event into the next great environmental isasterPraise for Going Organic Can Kill YouA sprightly mix of humor and homicide featuring an engaging heroine and a fast paced plot that zips along to an exciting climax 100% organic fun Laura LevineA fun light read Library Journa.

summary Green Living Can Be Deadly A Blossom Valley Mystery #3

ONLINE EPUB Green Living Can Be Deadly A Blossom Valley Mystery #3 –

This book was a great cozy mystery to curl up with uring the ice sleet and snow storms that shut Let Go down my part of the world this past couple of weeks Just the name A Blossom Valley Mystery was enough to promise that better weatherays were somewhere in the futureDana Lewis the protagonist was the organizer of the Green Living Festival in Blossom Valley where all the action begins when one of the exhibitors is murdered in the tent right next to the one Dana is running for the O Connell Organic Farm and SpaDana s family and her boyfriend newspaperman Jason know this is like a red flag waving in front of curious snoopy inuisitive Dana who indeed takes on the job of trying to get to the bottom of what it s all about in spite of being warned by one and all to stay out of it While Dana is sleuthing Staci McLaughlin the author introduces the reader to a colorful array of characters both in Dana s private life and at the O Connell Organic Farm and Spa where she is the publicitymedia manager Every Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition day Danautifully blogs about the wonders of the lodgings cuisine and the benefits of the spa and she posts helpful green living tips in spite of the murderous events occurring in the valley than I would have been able to focus on In addition the members of her family mother and hyper active Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward (Hh ditsy sister and her acuaintances from around the valley add colorful notes to the action of the story The cast of characters who occupy the farm are carefullyrawn with a humorous sensitive eye Dana s relation to the others at the farm is caring and supportive even if Dana sneaks away occasionally for an un natural fast food burger and fried apple pie She also incl. Thinking green comes with the territory at the O'Connell Organic Farm and Spa in Blossom Valley CA But could a festival be taking things too far especially when it leads to a fresh case of murder When Dana Lewis organizes her Green Living Festival complete with free range fauna and tempting elicacies.

Udes the other farm fauna in her aily life I think you ll enjoy getting acuainted with Wilbur the pig as much as I id He s even got a front and center spot on the front cover A fine perceptive fellowDon t make the mistake of thinking this mystery is a laid back country ramble it is a fast paced lively who unnit No time is wasted on irrelevent filler material You won t want to put it How to Disappear down and will soon have the idea that the next page will be full of new surprises The authoroesn t issappointI thoroughly enjoyed this book and believe other cozy mystery readers will as well The author offers a sensitive picture of those involved in the green living movement while still reserving the right to poke a little fun here and there at the excesses to which we humans are so often victim I think you will also enjoy the easy and healthy tips at the end of the book included from Dana s aily blog from the farm I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads and I am new to Staci McLaughlin s writing This is a happy A Guide to Americas Sex Laws discovery for me and I am looking forward to reading her other books soon The mystery part s pretty good for a cozy Not to mention that I love the setting Wish I were the owner of that spa Maybe someay Liked the plot but the main character I Agewise didn t like so it spoilt the story a bit for me Excellent Definitely read of these This was another cute mystery in Blossom Valley Dana is working at a festival when the person in the booth next to her is killed Dana s sleuthing skills are always entertaining I just picked Green Living Can Be Deadly up at a bookstore on a whim and I stayed up later than planned reading each night all. Of tofu and tempeh she hopes to inspire Blossom Valley into reducing their carbon footprint But for some participants saving the planet should have come second to saving their skin like green energy guru Wendy Stevens just foundead in her Invisible Prints booth Now Dana needs to work fast to stop

wwwtheladykillerstypepadcom as well as blogging on her own web siteHer first book Going Organic Can Kill You was released July 2012 by Kensington The second book in the series All Natural Murder was released February 5 2013

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