BOOK KINDLE The Son of Summer Stars author Meredith Ann Pierce –

My Rating 5 stars Book Series Book 3 of the Firebringer series 3 books My Thoughts I can t say much about this book because I read it so long ago I m iving it 5 stars because I loved it every time I read it Conclusion Hard core fantasy about unicorns Not for everyone but I loved it Very disappointed It was okay but certainly not as Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook good as I remembered 1 and 2 being Not much happened and Jan wasn t even involved in the bulk of what little action there was he watched it second hand I liked Illishar but Lell s story seemed to be cut off abruptly after much was promised The twins likewise featured prominently and then dropped out of the story abruptly The ending felt abrupt and forced after the long leisurely lead up And Korr s view spoilerdemise hide spoiler This is the third segment of the Firebringer series It was written ten years after the first so the plot twists were unexpected probably to the author as well because I don t believe she had intended to continue the series originally Well written and hard to put down Anotherreat hit and a thrilling conclusion to the Firebringer Trilogy by Meredith Ann Pierce It susceeded in uniting all the subplots and creating an epic ending to the big plot in Reine Mädchensache general I was very satisfied Pierce has a very formal way of writing that suits the tale and I like how the tale is told by a supporting character interesting way too Also God is referenced many times but in a different Animal Babies guise I don t know about you but everytime I read Christian literature in a fantasy setting it turns the magical meter off I then lose interest sad I know but for the first time it didn t happen Pierce accomplished the hard combination of Christanity and Fantasy Good jod Most of all however is the adressing in depth emotions and issues that everyoneoes through in life I like her veiw on it Lastly take a look at the cover now I ot to say that this cover rocks Like all of the other covers it has a kind of bleery aulity that draws you into the motion of the. The Final Volume of the Firebringer Trilogy A secret haunts Jan's dying father Korr a secret so dark that if exposed could bring the downfall.

BOOK KINDLE The Son of Summer Stars author Meredith Ann Pierce –

Ork through these things Lell and the twins are the best thing about this book because they re the closest thing you et to developing relationships over time I was also particularly unfond of having Jan with the dragons just watching everything unfold instead of actually participating in it It made his presence feel entirely unnecessary especially since the scouts of Halla allegedly needed help finding their way home except not really It s all a little contrived just to have dragons it seemsThe ending of this book is the least satisfactory thing about everything You can t have a trilogy and a 400 year war building up to this moment and then end before ever showing the unicorns settling down in their ancestral home they and we by following along have fought so hard forInstead we qasas-ul-quran get the abrupt conclusion of a fight Jan telling everyone he slept with his sister and then his Mother and Mother in oath telling him Actually you re notOh well that soodThe End I m a bit speechless after finishing this trilogy The author paints detailed and vivid pictures with her words so much so that I often re read sentences paragraphs and even entire pages This fantasy series is a full immersion experience Readers are introduced to the mythology legends languages religions fighting styles and customs of not only unicorns but wyverns ryphons pans humans dragons and others Each community is complete in its construction As a writer myself I learned a lot reading these books As a horse lover and fantasy fan I was delightfully entertainedRegarding the plot the legends prophecies and relationships come t It pains me again to ive the final installment of this series two stars this series that started so beautifully with Birth of the Firebringer But The Son of Summer Stars just flopped Revelations were paper thin I had Dead-End Road Mysteries guessed them in the second book And the climax was anti than anything The two starso for Ilishar Aiony and Dhattar and for Dagg because I didn t forget him even if Jan and Tek di. Of the unicorns or return and face the conseuences of his father's acts and of his own A first rate ending for a fine fantasy series Booklis.

StoryAnyway if you love unicorns are christian philisophical meanderings or a exciting fantasy story then this series is for you Thank you Pierce for the Hear the Wolves great journey that I will never forget Another 710 What areat finish to this series I only wish that she had written series to accompany this one I could see one about Lell and Illishar their love story and perhaps continuing on to the story of the first winged unicorn I could also see a series about the Dragonueen and the fallen Lynex So many spin off series Oh how I wish that she had kept writing I am Valors Measure glad to own this trilogy I will definitely be reading this one again and again Five out of five stars to The Son of Summer Stars Darkeretting darker This series is to become a favorite uick paced and wonderful to immerse yourself in the land of Firebirnger Loved every detail Land sea air it all came together under the throes of an intense battle that captures you from the first volley thrown It s wonderful and keep you interested to the last page I like the series uite well but this is my least favorite In the first two books the foreshadowing was very well done You BFI Film Classics get it but you may notet it immediately upon the hint being readIn this book apparently that is the wrong way to read In this book the Sledgehammer of Foreshadowing will hit you over the head about every 2 paragraphs Have fun This still Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan got four stars from me but it probably deserves lower My adoration for the series and the writing style keep it at really liked because I did really like it I wish there were books in the series so I could keep reading itThat said this is definitely the leastood book in the series Character interaction is cut down by a lot the novel is a lot of things happening without people really etting to react to it Even Jan doesn t really seem to react to any of the revelations He stresses about them until things happen and he s resolves himself to do something in response but there s no real communication with characters to Of the Firebringer Jan is left with its terrible burden and an impossible choice renounce Tek his beloved mate and lose forever the kingship.

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Meredith Ann Pierce is a fantasy writer and librarian Her books deal in fantasy worlds with mythic settings and yet overturn standard expectations freuently featuring young women who first wish only to love and be loved yet who must face hazard and danger to save their way of life their world and so on usually without being respected for their efforts until the end of the story