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Cal authorities of her time in prison and clued them in on her former associate and both the H and the local constabulary now know about her pastThe police were listening in the whole time the criminal blackmailer was making plans to use the h as his robbery accomplice So when the h showed up at the appointed time and then called the police herself everyone was in place to catch the bad uy and the h isn t in trouble because she was clearly an innocent victimWe leave the H and h and son happy again and then we learn that the H figures many children are the best way to keep this h out of trouble The H and h have a little baby Enzymes Enzyme Therapy girl addition and a lifetime of love and devotion for a happy safe conclusion to a most dramatic HP outingThis one is very well done suspense wise and the H is an absolute sweetheart I am very conflicted on this h tho and I have a hard time reconciling her behavior into an acceptable HEA I doet how scared she was for her husband and her son SW was incredibly vivid in describing the h s panic and pain But when she runs off because she is firmly convinced that leaving is the only way to keep her child safe I think this h falls short of my personal HP heroine standards I don t expect the woman to Blindsided go to the extremes of finding a large skillet sharp cutting implements a large stock pot of heated lye and a casual mention to all the neighbors that the family home septic tank needs recharging But when your criminal slimeulper ex takes your child and then threatens further harm tell your husband and call the police for pity s sakeThat was just not acceptable behavior to me and it ruined any empathy I had for this h She wanted to have her cake and eat it too it was pathetic that she couldn t bear to tell this completely devoted H about her past because he might dump her hiney but honestly A Very BAD Man Took Your Child You need to sort that situation in an effective way and if you don t well let s just say that a skillet or twenty for this h was definitely in order and she shouldn t be allowed to breathe without a minder However SW pulls it out at the end tho the h totally did not deserve the rescue But it leaves me torn again This one At Land gets five stars for the excellent suspense and the mounting sense of danger and fear and minus two hundred million for the h s very TSTL and FRUSTRATING behaviorWhich makes it a three on the HP outing scale and probably worth the read if you run into it Lucie Brownlow and Seton Wallace have been happily married for five years with an adorable son named Sam But Lucie has a secret she has been keeping from Seton that she had been in prison for three years for a crime she didn t commit Now her ex boyfriend who committed the crime is out of prison and is blackmailing LucieI really enjoyed this book I particularly loved Seton he was wonderful He was so in love with Lucie always thinking of her looking out for her caring for her sigh The subplot with Lucie s sleazy ex added some suspense to the story Lucie was an okay heroine but sheot on my nerves at times She should have just told Seton what was On the Run going on instead of trying to deal with the blackmailthreats all on her own especially when it started to affect her son and her marriage Still I really enjoyed this book and I m a sucker for a besotted heroAnotherreat read by Sally Wentworth. Ars Seton Wallace has idolized Lucie as the perfect bride What will he do if he discovers she's now a uilty wifeSally Wentworth pens an explosive tale with intense characters Romantic Time.

DOWNLOAD EBOOK The Guilty Wife –

Of day and it all starts when the h s beloved H is invited into British politicsAs the H is considering a career in Parliament the h becomes aware of her own mistakes coming back to haunt her In her younger days the h was dating a man who was a criminal and when he ot caught and implicated the h in retaliation for testifying against him the h went to prison for a crime she never committedThe h pretends to herself it never happened and she never tells her shiny knight husband about her one time incarceration So when the fertilizer remnant from her past makes contact and begins to blackmail the h about her past the h panicsShe tries to evade avoid and eventually pay off her criminal ex but the man is relentless and her H s political career future is looming larger everyday When the criminal ex Russian Winter goes as far as picking her unsuspecting son up from school and then dropping him off at the family home the h realizes she isoing to have to take stepsShe is massively in love with her H she adores her son and all she can think to do is run away and hide She doesn t want to destroy her H s political hopes and she can t stand that her beloved child might be tainted by her dark past or harmed by her skeevy sleazy exSo the h leaves a note and takes off for the wild blue yonder She lies about her name ets herself a job and the only thing she hangs onto is her car After classified ads in the personals begging the h to return to her family are ignored the H ets seriousHe reports the h s car stolen and when she is stopped and arrested the H storms into jail to bring her home This still doesn t compel the h to explain her actions Even when the H accuses her of having an affair and being a tart the h is firm in her refusal to speak upNot even two heartbreaking scenes where her confused son has a total tearful meltdown over the bewildering actions of the h can make her tell her husband what is Pregnant Man going on Instead the h retreats into hysterics and tears and the H plans on locking her up in the family home to keep her from running off againThen the fertilizer remnant makes his move he insists that the h take her Land Rover and meet him at an exclusive club for a bit of robbery The h knows this nightmare is neveroing to end and the H has already decided to forgo running for political office The h believes she has brought their bright and sunny life crashing down and ruined everyone s lives So with a sense of doom firmly ensconced the h oes to meet her dark fate She meets up with the ex criminal at the robbery site while he is off doing his thing the h phones the police and ives them all the details of what is Kawaii Manga going onWhen the criminal returns he pulls aun on the h and makes her attempt to drive through the police blockading the road to The House Girl get away The h is terrified and panicked but in a truly HP Shinning Hero move the H manages toet inside the moving Land Rover disarm the slime toad snot pustule and tells the h to jump out as the Rover crashes into a tree killing the sleaze bucket ex in a well deserved fateThe hysterical h believes that she has sent her H to his death but he pops up like a Weeble a minute later and the h is safe at last There is a big happy reunion and the H explains that their phone lines were tapped after the h s return to the family home Her arrest for car theft notified the lo. ErHow can Lucie tell her husband a lamorous barrister that she was once in prison It was for a crime she didn't commit but now she's being blackmailed by the man who framed her For five ye.

Talk to your spouse friendsIf there s any lesson to take away from Harleuin Presents novels it s that TALK TO THE PERSON JUST TALK TELL THEM THE SECRET IT S NOT THAT BAD YOU RE IN A HARLEUIN EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUTWith that said The Guilty Wife is not bad at all I actually really like the ones where they are already married and have a conflict Sally Wentworth has written a few of those that are really ood It s interesting watching the relationship after the tension is Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas! gone and also it s a switch up from the usual heroine hates hero or hero hates heroine tropes that HP authors rely onBut again this heroine just needs to talk to her husband He s actually a decentuy he knows about the law and he could have uieted her fears in roughly five minutes But instead she starts to act batshit She s being blackmailed by someone from her past and instead of telling the police or her husband she lets said husband believe she s having an affair rather than let on what s really happening I MEAN Then the blackmailer kidnaps her son SoShe still doesn t like tell anyoneYes her son comes back but honey bunny come on this is the time to put your own selfishness aside and be REAL with what s Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency going on Again INSTEAD she leaves her family and tries to start a new life like two cities over She leaves her kid I am not even kidding Rather than own up to her past and she actually didn t do anything wrong ofc it s all a misunderstanding she chooses to leave her toddler So why did Iive this three stars well IDK Sally Wentworth is a bit magical in that way I was infuriated but entertained and I really do like how these people always act the opposite of how an actual human being would act in any iven circumstance This a an interesting story about a marriage that is idyllically happy until the past comes back to haunt the heroine Although innocent of any real wrong doing Lucie spent three years in jail because of the testimony of her boyfriend a habitual criminal Having made a new life for herself with the help of a prison visitor Lucie has become used to skimming over the past when she takes a job or meets new people When she meets Seton after being injured in a minor accident he was involved in she does the same never expecting to see the handsome lawyer againBut Seton falls madly in love with Lucie matching her feelings and for five years they live blissfully with their son Sam Until Rick Ravena ets out of jail and comes to find her Hampered by Seton s decision to run for Parliament Lucie tries to keep her secret knowing it could destroy his ambitions But the strain along with her pregnancy takes a toll on Lucie affecting her moods and in turn her marriageHow Lucie and Seton deal with the breakdown of their marriage is uite an emotional roller coaster with an inevitable crisis The ending is very satisfying Re The Guilty Wife Sally Wentworth does the romantic suspense in this one It literally starts with a bangThe sweet little h with a dark past is riding her bike when a man swerves to avoid a young boy and recalcitrant dog running amok and knocks her off her bike The h is injured and a trip to hospital leads to a happy marriage and romance with a very handsome lawyer HFor five years the h and H and their son are living a happy and love filled life but old seekrits have a way of emerging into the light. Can their marriage survive the truthLucie has everything The perfect husband a cherished son and a new baby on the way Her marriage is blissful until a secret in her past returns to haunt

Doreen was born on 1936 or 1937 in Watford Hertfordshire England UK She married Donald Alfred Hornsblow with whom she has a son Keith in 1968 The family lived in Braughing EnglandDoreen began her publishing career at a Fleet Street newspaper in London where she thrived in the hectic atmosphere She started writing after attending an evening class and sold her first novel to Mills & Boon

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