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BOOK Sacred Fire ¶ Tanai Walker – latinboyz4play.com

Ly well on an intimate level which initially seems to be totally out of character for Tinsley Oddities abound early on but I adored them and confidently knew a good author will bring me up to speed at the appropriate time DeliciousA secret sisterhood an apparent re incarnation an essential confrontation every seventy years barreling toward a critical reiteration ad me breathlessly on the edge of my seat Everything does get revealed before the classic battle ensues sometimes in extraordinary detail I ave to confess I went back to the longest detailed part after I knew what really appened I just couldn t focus on such meticulous material while my breath was racing a mile a minute My failing In retrospect I wished I Wylde Bears (Wylde Bears, hadn t raced to the denouement This amazing tale was than I couldave possibly imagined at the outset Astoundingly compellingNOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Review. To one of Tinsley’s turn of the century postcards and she becomes obsessed with the young woman Tinsley must choose between these two women and ultimately two factions one that will save the world the other with plans to destroy.

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I received a copy from Netgalley I found this book browsing through Netgalley The blurb caught my attention right off The story was interesting The mythology and paranormal aspects of the story were what fascinated me Though there was something about the main character and Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet her attitude that I just didn t really like I can t put my finger on The story was interesting enough but the writing style was a bit repetitive and simplistic at times so it got a bit monotonous after a while Paranormal is the operative word for this book Witches familiars reincarnation and life and death struggles with worldsanging in the balance Oh yes The Sacred Fire is a very special ritual that occurs on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year Oh my numerologically seven is my predominant number This story totally swept me into its magical and mystical center while the folks on both sides of the struggle put up their best effort This is a mos. Tinsley Swann is cursed to change into a beast for seven days every seven years She keeps Arise her distance from the world andas of a relationship with the antiue erotic postcards she collects With the time of er transformation approa.

T worthwhile trip into the nether lands Don t miss itTinsley Swan is apparently the last of er kind However the fight the struggle The Book Thief her deep seated anger at being dragged into an ancient confrontation gives us an interesting perspective when checking things out thougher eyes I was very taken with er ome environs rather clever and provocative Her passions and preoccupations provide Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, her with a most interesting opportunity to face possiblyer greatest threat or Educating for the New World Order her dearest love Tinsley was definitely one fascinating womanSandra Ortega is Tinsley s new boss since the medical illustration studio Tinsley worked for was swallowed up by a possible unfriendly takeover Sheas a peculiar captivation and intense interest in Tinsley Curiously it takes some time before the reasons come to light Sandra initially almost appears to be stalking Tinsley at every possible opportunity much to Tinsley s confusion and discomfort However they mesh remarkab. Ching she finds Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock herself torn between two women One woman is Sandra Tinsley’s new boss and the two areaving an affair Sandra glimpses er transformation and is kind not frightened The other woman Leda bears a striking resemblance.

Tanai started writing strange little novels at the age of fourteen and dreamed of becoming a published author She is a hard core musicphile and enjoys everything from Bluegrass to Rap to Metal She has an extensive collection of digital music files CDs and vinyl Tanai is a total fangirl The generous space allotted in this biography is not big enough to even begin to list all of her favorite f

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