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Ds for the Caribbean and helps rebuild a small island townHaley on the other hand is a really hard worker and gives all of her time to the hospital Her and Jeb butt heads constantly since she disagrees with his fun loving attitude After a party on his boat she falls into a drugged sleep in his cabin and wakes up to find Jeb set sail for the main land The girl he wanted to get back together with is getting married and he s crashing the ceremonyThe relationship unfolds on the boat as Haley and Jeb wrestle with their attraction Jeb refuses to sleep with her due to his vow of celibacy before reconciling with his x girlfriend They go through him being sick rescuing dolphins and learning they are much compatible than they Experiential Learning ever believedIt was a cute story and Injoyed reading it The problem I had was the lack of conversation for me I have very little to say about it Die Neurobiologie des Glücks either positive or negative I will probably not seek out her future books nor would I avoid them I wished the on a boat portion of the book had contained a little depth It was a little we re attracted toach other but we mustn t sleep together I wanted I wanted scenes full of them dealing with being on the boat besides Haley learning how to sail I thought they had room for beautiful moonlight scenes I would have rather seen them later slow moving on the water than rushing to break up a wedding It would have been so romantic3 StarsPublished by HarleuinMarch 1 2013224 PagesProvided by NetGalley RN Haley French is furious For one night she lets go of her usual boring routine and the next she knows she s accidentally off to Florida with Mr Sexy Superficiality and desperately trying to forget the steamy ncounter they almost sharedAnd in the boat there s no scape from A New Philosophy of History each otheror the unfurling lust that threatens to send their self control overboard This is one of those stories that is rooted in a situation that is pretty serious yet manages to have so many opportunities for comedy It s always a good thing when a man with too much money and too much time on his hands and too many willing women at his disposal decides to live responsibly and turn his life around all for the love of a good woman However in this case the woman in uestion is marrying another man As an old time radio personality was known to comment What a revoltin development this is This storymbraces a series of mishaps that puts the two main characters on a sailing vessel bound for Flo I received this book from NetGalley in Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction exchange for an honest reviewJeb is about to leave St Michael where he has spent a year helping to rebuild the island that had been hit by a hurricane He ll be returning not only to home but to the arms of thex girlfriend whom he is determined to prove he is a changed man and not the gocentric playboy she accused him of being when she broke up with him But before leaving Jeb gives one last smashing party on his boat so as to say goodbye to veryone he has worked with on the islandHaley is one of those people a nurse who seems the only person who seems immune to his charms And she s also the only woman who constituted a real temptation in his path and the only one who almost made him break his celibacyOf course Haley has no intention to go to the party but when her roommate accuses her of being a prude what choice does she have but to go and prove her she s wrong Only maybe she s not so wrong after all cause when Haley gets to the party and sees Jeb she immediately turns around and starts to leave But Jeb goes after her and convinces her to return with him Which can prove a mistake to both of themTo try to FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck escape Jeb s advances Haleynds up accepting a drink from a colleague from the hospital But that turned out to be an Big Little Man even bigger mistake cause her colleague has drugged her drink and Haleynds up in Jeb s room completely blacked outAt the The Man from Beijing end of the party Jeb gets anmail from his Creating Lasting Value ex girlfriend inviting him for her wedding in six days Which is precisely the time it will take him to get to Florida if he leaves immediately And that sxactly what what Jeb does determined to prove to his Understanding Markets and Strategy ex girlfriend he s a changed man and to stop her wedding to another manWhen Haley wakes up stunned and feeling lousy she thinks her day can t possibly get any worse Oh how she was mistaken Jeb informs her they ve been sailing for several hours and he can t return Uatro dias para cruzar o oceano impedir a cerimônia Já m alto mar Jeb descobre uma passageira clandestina Ninguém menos do ue Haley French a única mulher capaz de fazer um homem regenerado como le se comportar muito muito mal E Immerwelt - Der Pakt elaestá furiosa Haleyscapou de sua disciplinada rotina de nfermeira por uma ú.

Ve been having bad luck with Harleuin Blaze lately I don t know if it s because of the spicier covers that I xpect the story to be just as spicy and tantalizingI had a hard time connecting to the characters Picture Theory especially Haley I am not a fan of judgmental characters whether it be male and female and I got tired of Haley being up on her high horse I didn t like the plot device that was used to have Haleynd up stranded on Jeb s boat And I don t like the name Jeb LOL A billionaire playboy should not be named Jeb I m sorrySmooth Sailing was an okay read Once Haley was stranded on Jeb s boat the story got better and I Ancestral Voices enjoyed watching their relationship develop I didn t fully buy that Jeb wanted to stop hisx girlfriend s wedding but whatever works to get him to realize that he needs to stop leading a shallow life is fine by meThere s nothing new or different in this story that makes it stand out A good read that ll help you wile away a couple of hours I was really And Bid Him Sing excited when I first received this book and I was really looking forward to reading it because I just love this author I have to admit that I did not read the synopsis before I started reading So I was saddened and surprised at how much I just did not like itJeb decides that in order to win back hisx girlfriend he must not act like the playboy that he is for a whole year Just as that year is about to Aristotle Detective (Aristotle end he gets a text message from her inviting him to her weeding Deciding he must stop her he sets sail Unknown to him Haley was asleep in the cabin after having been drugged at the party by a guy trying to take advantage of herBy the time they land Jeb and Haley have fallen in love Yet he still goes off intending on stopping hisx from marrying someone Bones, Clones, and Biomes elseI was so hopeful that I wouldnjoy this book but I could just not get past Jeb I didn t like him and I really don t see him as a type of guy who would remain faithful to one woman Because of him this just wasn t a good romantic story This book tell the story of Jeb an Bringing the Empire Home ex playboy who vowed to change his lifestyle when hisx girlfriend decided to called off their relationship and she agreed to give him a year to make good of his promise For the duration he went to provide assistance to the recent hurricane victim and it was here he met Haley whom for unknown reason have make known to him that she doesn t trust him Jeb organized a party for the locals on his yacht for his own farewell and have invited Haley to join but was rejected However with the persuasion from her best friend Haley relented and found herself to be in the company of Jeb most of the night and they seem to be playing some sort of game with ach other In order to prove to herself and Jeb Haley decided to uit their game and join a colleague for a drink Unbeknownst to her she was drugged and nded up falling asleep in Jeb s cabin In the meantime Jeb received a message from his Building the Cold War ex girlfriend that she is getting married to her new love and the wedding is set on Saturday few days away Jeb who is convinced that she is making a mistake and that her groom supposedly to be him decided to immediately set sail to make it on time for the wedding and convince her to call off the wedding He didn t realize that Haley is asleep in his cabin and hence shended up being stowed away mbarking on a journey together with Jeb I like both the characters and although Jeb is convinced that he still love his x I feel that his true feeling was actually towards Haley reading thru the pages of the book I Counter-Amores especially like the scene where Jeb rushed to the airport to intercept Haley before she leave This review was posted on Tsuki s Book Blog on Thursday April 25 2013I ve never read Lori Wilde but I ve heard good things from others who ve read her books in the Harleuin Blaze line I thought it would be interesting to read one where they were stuck on a boat together in a non survival way So I held off reading it for as long as possible for reasons such as not being in the mood and other less amazing reasonsJeb and Haley were interesting characters Jeb was the typical rich guy who had buckets of money but no clue how to act in the world He never worked hard or gave back and finally his girlfriend called him on it She broke it off but agreed to reassess the relationship in one year after he proved himself to be a hard working charitable guy So he hea. Desesperado para provar a suax ue é capaz de ser um homem sério o bilionário Jeb Whitcomb passou um ano se dedicando a projetos filantrópicos Dancing at Armageddon em uase celibatoAgora é um homem novo Mas uando recebe notícias de ue o amor de sua vida aceitou se casar com outro iça as velas de seu barco parte Ele tem apenas.

R he ll risk not getting in time to stop the wedding But he commits to getting her on a plane back to St Michael as soon as they get to FloridaHaley has no other option but to make the most of her forced vacation But the two of them together 24 hours a day in a confined space cannot nd well The true storms of this journey will not be coming from sea but from the Composition and Literature effort of fighting the intense attraction they feel forach otherI liked this story a lot than I initially thought I would Considering pretty much all the action takes place between the protagonist couple and in a confined space the story is never boring and the author keeps an interesting narrative which makes for a compulsive reading I ll definitely be on the lookout for of her books I really liked this book I liked the characters Jeb is a rich playboy and Haley is a nurse helping people of St Martin s after a hurricaneJeb gives money but she thinks that is some places it could have helped the people in better waysShe gets stuck on his yacht after a co worker when she is drugged Jeb finds her and them don t care for Cezanne and Provence each otherThey finally break down and talk about their growing up and what has happened during that timeHE want to stop ax girlfriend s wedding and Haley just wants to get back to her jobWhen he gets there he finds out that Jackie is in love and he realizes that he loves Haley He must find her and tell her how he feelsThey come together and realize that they love Dark Voices each other and that they can be togetherA great read Smooth Sailing falls into the cheesy category it was a little bit contrived a little bit silly but somehow I uitenjoyed it I thought it was fairly well written there were a lot of sailing terminology and information that I though was well done I am a sailing instructor so it was good to see correct use of words and techniues I liked the characters they like the story were a little bit cheesy and silly but they were alright they didn t annoy me and they were not dullSmooth Sailing is not going to blow you away but it is an Contested Reproduction easy andnjoyable way to spend an afternoon Smooth Sailing is a charming witty lusty adventure that will leave you with a smile on your faceEx playboy Jeb Whitcomb has vowed to change his way s after a breakup with an Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) ex girlfriend Hisx has agreed to give him one year in order to shape up or ship out In order to prove that he is a changed man he decides to help out recent hurricane victims when he meets Haley French Although he wants to win back his Creating Country Music ex he finds himself bewitched by Haley Haley it seems is resistant to his charms Read More This review and others can be found at my blog My Written Romance Just click hereAfter a few misfires with my last few visits to Harleuin land via the KISS train I was looking for something to reignite the fire And yes it was this Blaze that did just that pardon the terrible punSmooth Sailing is a charming fun read with just the right mix of adventure drama and sexytimes Being a Blaze I wouldxpect the sexytimes to be just that sexy and Ms Wilde delivers as alwaysHaley the heroine finds herself a reluctant stowaway on the yacht of Jeb the wealthy playboy philanthropist she very nearly slept with a few months Blacklands earlier Jeb s trying his darnedest to get to Key West in just a few days to stop hisx girlfriend Jackie from marrying another manI love the relationship that builds between the two of them the attraction they feel towards one another is strong but because of current and past issues they are wary and somewhat reluctant to act on itYou can sense fairly Evolutionary Patterns early on that Jeb knows that Haley is the one that he really wants but bless his confused cotton socks he keeps ploughing along the Jackie path like the Little Engine That Could I think I should I think I shouldWhen Jeb and Haley doventually get to Key West I could just about feel their heartbreak when he leaves Haley at the port to go after Jackie I just wanted to shout Don t go you fool When Jeb does come to his senses and comes after Haley his grand gesture was pretty sweet somewhat crazy and very romanticI Evolution As Entropy enjoyed this and its predecessor Night Driving and I am really looking forward to the third book Crash Landing Thanks for boosting my faith in HarleuinMy rating 4 out of 5Note I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harleuin via NetGalley in return for an honest revie. Nica noite agora Forging Gay Identities está velejandom direção à Flórida na companhia de um playboy com uem teve um casinho rápido Dentro da Forbidden History embarcação Jeb Haley não tem como Fiche Blian ag Fás evitar o forte magnetismo sexual ue os ligaDurante uatro diasntre o céu Esteem Enlivened by Desire e o mar nada mais terão a fazer senão aproveitar o suavembalo das ondas.

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Lori Wilde can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to write She even went to nursing school so she could have a schedule flexible enough to allow her to write on the side She nursed for 20 years working in a variety of settings from the newborn nursery to the recovery room to dialysis But she never lost her desire to writeShe sold her first book in 1994 to Silhouette Romance but later dis