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Ted made me worry if my Kindle was going to start steamingIf there s any complaint about Peyton s Ride it s that I need of the Wild Hunt like right now Fae mythology has always been interesting to me and James really sparked my interest with Peyton s Ride If she revisits Peyton and Ian or xpands on the other members of the Wild Hunt I will be on it in a heartbeat So much sexy fun potentialWhile I keep my fingers crossed check out Peyton s RideHappy reading Witty and originalJennifer James had me laughing through this Aristotle Detective (Aristotle entire piece with the characters internal monologues as much as with their actual dialogue Peyton Reynolds starts off as this female protagonist that I wanted to like because I could relate to her she s got family obligations which she feels she s neglected or not done her best with she s come to accept her figure rather than being a person who thinks their body is perfect she s had bad luck with menrelationships in the past and then Peyton becomes this chick I just want to buy a drinkShe s hilariousAll the through the piece she s fixated on getting away from her real life worries for a while living it up and trying not to noticexactly how hot the mechanic at her bike dealership isoh but that doesn t work out so well for herThe moment that Ian s POV is introduced really shifted the story for me into that great space where paranormal romance blows contemporary out of the water since it s hard to compete with the magic of that genre I loved all the details about The Wild Hunt I adored that her Fae were darker in tone than a lot of people choose to go I Bones, Clones, and Biomes especiallynjoyed how Bringing the Empire Home everything came together at thend to simply fit from pieces into a whole work like a puzzle that s finally solvedThat s how the nding felt to me as if the puzzle of Peyton s life had been solvedIt was sexy sassy and above all lse supernaturally fun times I m so glad that I got the opportunity to read this and I can t wait to see where The Hunt rides to next Review based on ARC provided in Building the Cold War exchange for an honest opinion on behalf of This Redhead LOVES Books Blog I recieved a ARC inxchange for a honest reviewWow what a different intriging read i really Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) enjoyed this book and was a great start for this series I look forward to getting glimpses into this world and learning Alsoxcited to learn about the other charactersThere is a sizzling simmering attraction that has been building for awhile some action scenes steamy sex scenes and interesting piercings secrets revealed Sometimes I m just looking for something uick and sexy and at a glance this one sounded pretty good I wanted to try the author and I love paranormal Counter-Amores elements so it was with a littleagerness that I picked this one up Then I started reading and was thrilled with the blend of fae mythology and the build up of passion between the main characters I loved how the story line was fleshed out as was the back story Dancing at Armageddon even though this is a shorter read Peyton divorced and dealing with the recent passing of her mother has decided to take some time out to think on her future from the back of her bike on a road trip Before that can happen she s having her bike Peyton s Ride is an original uick fun and surprising read that many fans of the genre willnjoy AND crave ofPeyton is a 40 year old divorced woman that s currently looking to find herself and free herself from her past Never having felt as if she truly belonged and never having been truly happy left her with many unanswered uestions Now that she has the opportunity to Double Jeopardy explore it s just what she s going to doThis is my second readingxperience with Jennifer James and I have to say I was a happy reader Composition and Literature each timeI had a lot of fun with this magical sexy short and would LOVE if this story was to be continued in some way HINT HINT Jennifer is a new author to me and after reading Peyton s Ride I m glad that I found her The story started slowly for me but once things started happening in the shop I was drawn in This is the perfect first book for a series as it introduced the other figures that might be coming upand what awesome characters they were. Ted just disappeared but the consolation prize is looking prettydamnhotWith the magic of the Hunt in the air Pixie pranks abound and his old biker gang roars into the parking lot dousing the heat in the garage with the cold dredges of mayhem Peyton's life is on the line with his bad brothers' return to his world and Ian has to decide if he can let her go or if he's willing risk herternal hatred by changing her life foreve.

Originally posted on Adria s Romance Reviews I received a copy of this book in Cezanne and Provence exchange for an honest reviewI don t think I vever read a book uite like this one before Peyton s Ride is heavy on the fantasy Dark Voices element but at the same time I was able to follow along prettyasilyAt just 65 pages Peyton s Ride isn t very long but it does pack a lot into a short amount of time It feels like a full novel With its brief but thorough character descriptions and backgrounds author Jennifer James gives readers who aren t familiar with her work a chance to get acuainted with the characters before she begins their journeyI loved that Peyton wasn t a boring heroine She s an older woman a divorcee and she is taking a step outside of her comfort zone with her plans of a cross country motorcycle ride The fact that she isn t as sure of herself as a mature woman made her likable to me I d like to think it would be okay if like Peyton I didn t have all the answers to my life at 40 Peyton s a bit of a klutz and has a slight case of verbal diarrhea at the worst times but that just added to her charm Way to go Ms James for making Peyton feel like a friend instead of a dull mother figureIan is one of my favorite bad boys simply because he is a bad boy He s not faking it and he s not hiding it he is what he is I loved his raw masculinity and blunt way of Contested Reproduction expressing himself He just oozes sexuality and I could see from the very first scene why Peyton was so hung up on him I would be too if someone like Ianxisted in my lifePeyton s Ride has such a heavy fantasy Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) element that I should have been turned off by it completely but with such witty dialogue andasy to follow story line I found myself Creating Country Music enjoying Peyton s adventure immenselyFinal Verdict I was caught off guard by how much I reallynjoyed reading Peyton s Ride It was different but didn t feel foreign to me The characters were fun Blacklands entertaining andxtremely sexy This was a great start to a series While reading the first chapter I wasn t sure if I was Evolutionary Patterns even going to finish the story The main character Peyton is sporadic and mentions her ovaries twice which isn t particularly sexy I felt like I was looking into the mind of someone with ADD However I was given a copy for an honest review by This Redhead LOVES books so I decided to stick it outBoy was Iver glad I did It may have started slow but once it switches to Ian s perspective it really picks up Jennifer James shows a great knowledge of the supernatural and dives head first into this world of Fae and sexual tension There s action sex and Evolution As Entropy even throws in true love I cannot wait until the next book in the series As a fan of paranormal romance I canasily say that this novella did not disappoint and left me wanting of The Hunt as a result The action does take some time to build for a story of its length but I was never bored and kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen next Peyton Reynolds is a sassy strong fun female lead and I sincerely Forging Gay Identities enjoyed her inner dialogue throughout the piece She s been let down in life and has sacrificed a lot to help take care of her mother during the last years of her life Peyton makes a hard choice by sending her mother to a nursing home but only because she cannot care for her any longer She s anveryday type of woman She s curvy unsure of herself and overall I found her to be a character that I could identify with The only release she has is riding her new bike oh and stealing glances at the hot mechanic at the dealership where she purchased her bike Which brings us to Ian Coghlan said sexy mechanic but when we re first introduced to him I wasn t uite sure what to make of him because of Peyton s inner dialogue Ian was cast out of The Hunt due to his inability to find a mate finding peace and uiet in a small town in Georgia to help calm his magic Life was good for Ian something changes one day when Peyton comes into the garage for one last tune up He begins to wonder if she s his missing mate but he s never picked up on the fact that she was Fae until that day The other members of The Hunt are upon them causing Ian She's about to trade her treasured motorcycle in on a much wilder ride Ian CoghlanDivorcee Peyton Reynolds is ready to scape the the judgement of a small town bad memories of her failed marriage and the grief of her mother's death A month long cross country ride should do just the trick One last check up on her new cruiser has her tripping over her hormones while alone in the garage with the town's sexy bad boy Ian Coghlan.

O uestion Peyton s linage further The sexual tension that builds between Peyton and Ian is absolutely wonderful and the sex itself is scorching hot Overall Peyton s Ride was a fun mystical uick read and a wonderful way to start off the Riding With the Hunt series I give it five out of five stars and agerly await the next installment Review based on an ARC received on behalf of This Redhead LOVES Books Blog in Fiche Blian ag Fás exchange for an honest review Find this review and at Lusty Penguin ReviewsPeyton s Ride the first installment of the Riding with the Hunt series is a thoroughlyntertaining paranormal romance from Jennifer James The author does a masterful job of building her uniue paranormal world where the Wild Hunt Fae and Pixies are the normFor the last five years Ian Coghlan a shape shifting Fae has had Esteem Enlivened by Desire eyes for Peyton Reynoldsver since she walked into his motorcycle shop Ian never acts on his feelings toward Peyton not until the Pixies in Ian s shop play a horrible trick on Peyton injuring her The bump on Peyton s head reveals a surprising secret about Peyton she is a Fae too a lost Fae When Ian s family return to Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith encourage Ian to rejoin the Wild Hunt Ian slowly realizes that Peyton is his mate Even though Ian feels that Peyton is his mate Peyton is free to choose another if she wants to Ian will do anything to be Peyton s choice but he will not force it on her because he knows that in just a couple of hours time her life has been forever changed which makes him a swoon worthy leading man Ian and Peyton s chemistry burns up the pages and their bedroom play is scorching hotBefore Peyton s Ride I had not read a paranormal romance based on the mythology of the Wild Hunt and the Fae but I must admit I am thoroughly intrigued by it all I am really looking forward to see how James builds upon the paranormal world she has created in future installments of this series An original paranormal world and a fun couple make Peyton s Ride a wonderful way to spend an afternoonI received anBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility 45 out of 5 stars I received a copy of this story for an honest review for Amber s Reading Room Pictures used as part of this review were used for fun and do not belong to meFrom full length novels to uick novellas verything I ve had the opportunity to read and review of Jennifer James s I have njoyed and readily recommended I m happy to report that Peyton s Ride is another solid addition to her writing resume Take one sexy cougar unsure of how to put her claws into action add one ridiculously hot pierced and tattooed mechanic who happens to be a supernatural powerhouse mix in a mutual love of motorcycles and you get one hell of a ridePeyton Reynolds is not feeling on top of her game Betrayed by her cheating bastard of a husband and left as the sole the caretaker to a mother ravaged by Alzheimer s disease Peyton s few moments of joy have come on the back of her old motorcycle With her divorce finalized and her mother now passed Peyton s determined to put herself first and They Shall Be One Flesh embrace her love of the open road Fae Ian Coghlan was cast out of the mythical Wild Hunt for his inability to find a mate Hiding himself in middle of nowhere Georgia Ian passesndless days selling and fixing bikes He has always The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning enjoyed Peyton s brief visits to the shop but today her presence is different Today that spark of interest Ian felt for Peyton ignites into a blazing inferno When the Wild Hunt shows up at the shop Ian knows it s no coincidence Could Peyton be his missing mate And if so can he fight off his Fae brothers longnough to claim her Peyton s Ride was so fun and uniuely interesting that I couldn t put it down I burnt through the story in one uick sitting Peyton and Ian manage to be super lovable and blush inducing hot Both had their own hurts but maintained their pride and sense of humor I loved how Hereward (Hereward, each not so secretly checkedach other out as they gradually made their mutual interest known Once they connected the amount of heat the two genera. Tattooed pierced and able to shape shift Ian will give her the ride of her life Ian Coghlan knows he's nothing but disaster for a woman like Peyton His place in the Wild Hunt and killer instincts have held him back from acting on a five year attraction When the curvy brunette responds to one tiny grin with a spark of interest sockets fly out of the toolboxes and Peyton is knocked to the floor That month of solitude she wan.

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Epub Books Peytons Ride Riding With The Hunt #1 ✓ Jennifer James – latinboyz4play.com

Jennifer James is a multi published erotic romance author who lives in the Midwest on the shore of Lake Erie She once landed on her head in a creek while sled riding Not to be outdone by her older brother she continued to play and had to walk home with frozen twigs and leaves in her hairShe loves spiked cocoa in the winter Dirty Palmers in the summer and has a raunchy sense of humor Publish