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Er sister s eath Now that Josh s father has found out about his inheritance he wants custody of the boy Shelby is etermined to take care of Josh which is why she is taking him across the country When she is stuck at a motel with Josh s father hot on her trail she meets Boone who offers her a place to stay In the second half of the book we are back to the baby ilemma which is what the series is based on Three friends one of them is Boone are convinced that they are the father of a baby that their friend Billy Bragg dropped off asking them to take care of her It s a ridiculous plot As with the other books the hero must overcome what he considers his obligation to marry the mother of his child and actually marry the woman he loves Itoesn t take his guy too long to see the light My rating 4 Stars una storia molto bella letta tutta Polly Prices Totally Secret Diary d un fiato One of the sweetest books ever by Vicki Lewis Thompson probably mostlyue to a evastatingly cute 3 year old boy who stole every one of his scenes Of course an earnest ecent and very hot cowboy who rescues the boy and his aunt adds to this story too Thompson s trademark humor and appealing beta males are out in full force here and I was surprised just how much I loved this old paperback that I found on a clearance rack Thompson got me hooked with her Nerd series and she never The Majors Daughter disappoints. Ard and fast Shelby's lips tempted him teased him and her gorgeous body pushed him beyond reason But as good as they were together Boone couldn't make Shelby any promises Because he'd justiscovered he had a baby gi.

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Online Pdf Boone's Bounty Ï Vicki Lewis Thompson –

Wow Great StoryI was on pins and needles waiting for the conclusion of the story but OMG we have to read the last book in the series to get our uestions answered I m positive Vicki won t fail to keep us glued to each and every page I love this book Vicki Lewis Thompson is constantly hitting home runs for me I have a running joke with a friend of mine that s like a theory Vicki picks a cliche like cowboys and babies and she rolls them together and when she s finished it s not a cliche at all almost like she s showing us how it s really one I love her for that I love Boone I love everything about him I have yet to read a hero since that has made me fall in love with him like Vicki made me fall for Boone I got goosebumps everytime Shelby The Touch did My heart flipped everytime hersid I cried embarrassingly this is completely true when they made love I literally was falling in love with Boone right along with her It is one of my absolute favorite books I picked this book up expecting to be pleased because lets get real it s Vicki and she has never ever let me own but I was blown away Vicki is the magnifying glass that I hold my own writing up against although this is probably unhealthy and I never uite match up I try I really on t know where I would be as a writer if Vicki had never penned a novel I Different Class don t know where I be The Blacksmith Boone Connor liked being a loner plain and simple In his estimation women just got a guy into trouble And he had enough of that already His Woman Shelby McFarland and her young nephew were on the run

S a reader if I The Essential Good Food Guide d never fallen in love with Boone Como en las anteriores la lectura es tan ligera ue te lo termin s en un pare horasEsta vez al encanto Textbook of Wisdom de la beb se le suma el encantoe Josh un nene In Defence of Dogs de tres a os cuyo padre es el maloe esta historiaDe todas la historia e Boone y Shelby es la ue m s me gusta ya ue aporta la frescura e la inocencia The City in Mind de un infante ue se maravilla por todo y a pesare la historia ue carga no Revenge (The Red Ledger deja su inocenciaAdemase ue el nene es s per leal a la beb Skipped through most of this not very good 3 12 stars Boone Connor is on his way to Colorado to meet his four month old No One Wants You daughter who he just found out about When a snowstorm keeps him from crossing the mountains he takes refuge at a motel There he meets Shelby McFarland and her three year old nephew Josh Since he took the last room at the hotel he offers his room to her and agrees to sleep in the all nightiner Late at night a man arrives at the The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity diner looking for Shelby and Josh Booneoesn t like the look of him and isn t about to let him know that Shelby is staying there He Penguins Poems for Life decides to take her under his protection and make sure she gets to herestination without the man harassing herThis is the third book in Thompson s Three Cowboys and a baby series I loved the first half of the book Shelby has had custody of her nephew since Hen a freak snowstorm left them stranded she though the game was over until a strong sexy cowboy came to their rescue His Baby Boone couldn't resist helping a lady in istress any than he could help falling for her

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal

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