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Be real and so he rejects Duras frosty attempt to deconstruct the nature of passion and obsession it leaves him coldso there is this guy Mark M he s rather an intellectual sort he is a thinker one of his favorite films is Hiroshima Mon Amour written by Marguerite Duras he admires the film s ability to position two living breathing characters as eventually something both less and than human as archetypes for all lovers for all individuals seeking meaning in escape in passion in the forms that meaning takes within the at times obliterating all encompassing physicality of each other s arms he admires Duras distance he enjoys her lack of reliance on traditional narrative plot and characterization in particular he appreciates how in books like The Ravishing of Lol Stein the reader can literally pick any random page and reading that page understand the meaning of the entire work each detail is symptomatic of the whole he loves thatso there was this bookish id Mark who worked in the av department of course while going to school at ucsd one evening he was in charge of a special screening of the film Hiroshima Mon Amour for a class that he was in unfortunately Mark was high as a ite and got the reels mixed up so the viewing audience saw the first part of the film first the third part of the film second the second part of the film last there was not a single complaint from the audience in class the next day the students discussed the film and there was no mention of a narrative breakdown of a mix up in reels the purpose of the film remained clear for the students each detail within the film distilled the meaning intended by the filmmakers the narrative order was inconseuential content did not drive form characterization was unnecessary plot was meaningless meaning was present in each part of the film each part was a whole so there was this book The Ravishing of Lol Stein it dealt with passion and obsession and the forms they take and the meaning of those forms it dealt with those subjects intellectually objectively without heat or emotion it showed no interest in rendering its characters so that they could be understood empathetically it left me cold Duras began to seem rather heartless rather cruel but after some time i began to recall Hiroshima Mon Amour and what i loved about that film i began to consider the novel again i contemplated Duras challenging themes i started to admire the novel s distance its alienation from its own topic and so i grew to understand its frigid appeal its sensual lack of earthy sensuality well what can i say sometimes i dig a cold smart bitch An intriguing read difficult to review because the story doesn t really follow narrative rules about plot progression or character motivations I think this is deliberate on the part of the author because the subject is so intimate so passionate and mysterious Duras doesn t explain and doesn t analyze the love life of Lola V Stein who may or may not be crazy I suspect she is normal as normal as anyone can be who has been deeply wounded in the first enthusiasm of young love and has chosen to retreat back inside the shell Also the title may be a little misleading there s no actual rape in the novel other th 424 Le Ravissement de Lol V Stein The Ravishing of Lol V Stein The rapture of Lol V Stein Marguerite DurasLe ravissement de Lol V Stein is a novel written by Marguerite Duras and published in France by Gallimard in 1964 The text was translated by Richard Seaver and published as The Ravishing of Lol Stein in the US by Grove Press in 1966 The text was also translated by Eileen Ellenbogen in the UK as The rapture of Lol V Stein for Hamish Hamilton in 1967At the beginning of the novel Lol Stein her middle initial is omitted in the English translation is a woman in her thirties She was born and raised in South Tahla in a bourgeois family and is engaged to Michael Richardson at 19 However at a ball in the seaside resort of Town Beach Michael Richardson leaves Lol for Anne Marie Stretter an older woman After a difficult recovery from this shock Lol marries John Bedford a musician she meets on one of her daily walks Lol leaves South Tahla with her husband Ten years later with three children Lol is an established woman with no time for fantasy She returns with her family to South Tahla and moves into the house she grew up in Lol goes on her daily walks as she did ten years before She thinks she recognises Tatiana Karl one day the friend who consoled her after her breakup with Michael Richardson The man who accompanies Tatiana makes a deep impression on Lol Lol reestablishes her contact with Tatiana and gets to now both her husband and her lover Jacues Hold Lol is able to get information from Jacues about events at the ball at T Beach 10 years before Lol reveals to Jacues her interest in him but forbids him to stay with her instead of Tatiana Lol spies on Tatiana and her lover but Jacues notices her One day Lol tells Jacues that she has been to T Beach alone and plans to return with him While doing this Lol shows Jacues the room where she and Michael Richardson had split up Lol and Jacues spend the night together The next day Jacues has one last meeting with Tatiana Karl 2007 1378 199 9643112144 20 1395 169 9789642071036 nope i do not like marguerite duras janet flanner in the new yorker claims that her writing has a shine like crystal and that s probably true if one is observing that it is as pointy and depthless as crystal as chill and remote as something that refracts emptily ooooh duras BURNif this is a literary bodice ripper i gotta say i prefer the crappy contemporary ones this one isn t even intense with the taut tingling of repression which also has its place and is something i can appreciate it doesn t all have to be desperate passions and rending of garments but this zombie vacuity does nothing for me nothing nothing nothing there is nothing at stake here just people blinking emptily at each other speaking words with no momentum behind them freuently non seuiturs so it seems as though they are involved in separate conversations lack of uotation marks so that when one character will reluctantly languidly plop out a sentence you sometimes don t even Garden Bouquets and Beyond know which one is speaking unless there is a back and forth and then you can use context or whatever but the one isolated word or phrase in a scene when two people are just sitting around existing whonows who is speaking who cares and i am not just pouting because no one but me wanted to read zola for the literary smut portion of our rippings i swear i did not like The Lover when i read it but i had hope nonetheless this one sounded like it could be interesting but the french have this habit of creating highly stylized works of art that leave me cold why do they do that very infuriating frenchiesi now all the other rippers will have informed and intelligent things to say about this and my frazzled and sweaty frustration will be coolly counteracted by reasonable ladies and a dude or two with elegant and refined responses examining the psychology of characters such as these and what duras is trying to accomplish by portraying them in this way but i am a monster and i bust down the door and say boring boring boring boringalso boringnow i will go hide come to my blog. تمام می شود؛ انگار ده سال گذشته استلُلواشتاین شوهر می کند، شهر زادگاهش استالا را ترک می کند، صاحب اولاد می شود، زن باوفای عرصۀ زندگی می شود، خود را خرسند و خوشبخت نشان می دهد بعد هم از پس ده سال جدایی بین او و آن مجلس رقصِ شبانه، بازمی گردد به استالا که زندگی کند دوست از یاد رفتۀ دوران کودکیش را در همین شهر پیدا می کند، تاتیانا کارل را، همان زنی که تمام شب در مجلسِ رقصِ تییچ همراهش مانده بود، ولی لُل این را هم از یاد برده است سالدیده است وقتی از کازینو می آید بیرون، روی چرخ معلولین، یا شاید بر تابوتی روی دوش مردان چینی.

No it s not really one of the greatest novels ever written in any objective way but I m such a fan of the French nouveau roman I can t help but give this lovely little tome five stars I loved everything about The Ravishing of Lol Stein the mysterious narrator the non place and mix of cultural origins to the names of the fugitive characters the convoluted story told almost entirely through impressions and emotions the inner reality that trumps all sense of any outer objective realism the inconclusive ending the smell of the mellowing cheap paper of a Grove Press hardcover from a 1980s remainder bin I remember so vividly falling in love with the novels of Blanchot Duras Beckett Sarraute Philippe Sollers and Robbe Grillet in college how they set me to writing with increased fervor searching to say what had never been said before in new unthought forms of narrative Reading this was like hearing an LP I never heard before from a band I loved back in the 1980s The displacement brought on by conjecture and uncertainty what does any other person truly think or feel how can we now moves this smoothly out of the actual and into the metaphysical Beautifully destroyingly Duras prose is a tension system of concepts in deadly suspension but this one seems to occur at a pivot point Five years later of Destroy She Said Duras would say something like I m so sick of plots all the telling what happened I can t stand it any and proceed to continuously strip away and refine her systems into gleaming singularities Many of them at least Not that she didn t apply a rigorous minimalism to plenty of earlier works as well but there were also actions and plot movements in stories like 1030 on a Summer s Night in here where scenes repeat with the full force of any of her constructions while interacting in a larger elaborate system The early chapters create an inciting conflagration and then analyze it into obscurity and shadow an obscurity amplified by distance of interpretation Then time and perspective shift into a greater immediacy with its own ambiguities and a series of mounting aftershocks that never bring a release from the tightening tension coils that grip every wordHere just listenWhat would have happened Lol does not probe very deeply into the unknown into which this moment opens She has no memory not even an imaginary one she has not the faintest notion of this unknown But what she does believe is that she must enter it that that was what she has to do that it would always have meant for her mind as well as her body both their greatest pain and their greatest joy so commingled as to be undefinable a single entity but unnamable for lack of a word I like to believe since I love her that if Lol is silent in daily life it is because for a split second she believed that this word might exist Since it does not she remains silent It would have been an absence word a hole word whose center would have been hollowed out into a hole the The Management Bible kind of hole in which all other words would have been buried It would have been impossible to utter it would have been made to reverberate Enormous endless an empty gong it would have held back anyone who wanted to leave it would have convinced them of the impossible it would have made them deaf to any other word save that one in one fell swoop it would have defined the moment and the future themselves By its absence this word ruins all the others it contaminates them it is also the dead dog on the beach at high noon this hole of flesh How were other words found Hand me downs from Godnows how many love affairs like Lol Stein s affairs nipped in the bud trampled upon and from massacres oh you ve no idea how many their are how many blood stained failures are strewn along the horizon piled up there and among them this word which does not exist is nonetheless there it awaits you just around the corner of language it defies you never having been used to raise it to make it arise from its Zu schnell kingdom which is pierced on every side and through which flows the sea the sand the eternity of the ball in the cinema of Lol Stein An austere meditation on passion memory and voyeurism The Ravishing of Lol Stein considers what it means to obsess over the promise of love The story follows the titular character as she starts an affair with her married best friend s lover ten years after her own ex fianc left her without warning for an older woman at a seaside ball The novel is told from the detached perspective of Lol s new lover and it unfolds in a series of short hypnotic chapters that prioritize atmosphere language and ideas over plot and character The novel interrogates the basis of romantic and erotic love in cool dispassionate prose that evokes a strong sense of alienation The ending is inconclusive and invites rereading Duras writing is like taking a slow drug something woozy and disorienting a little foggy yet intensifying slowing down time here speeding it up there Her style is fluid and incantatory a hypnotic movement of memory and breath a watercolor swirl of feelings on the surface of a lake that at first glance appears calm and neutral but underneath something bubbles up the premonition of a storm and while reading I am waiting and waiting for that storm to break for all the silt being churned up in the depths to come spewing out for something real and undeniable to emerge And does it Does one true feeling ever burst through the overriding numbness does Duras make good on all her romantic obsessive meandering to show us what or who has be Reading this book is like sitting beside a sleepy tranuil lake on one lazy Sunday afternoon You appreciate the serene surroundings the chirping birds the blowing gentle breeze the scent of the trees mixed with the water You then see a small boat docked by the lake side and decide to have do some rowing Unknown to you there is a lake loch monster silently stirring below the lake and at anytime will pop out the water and will eat you aliveMy first book by Marguerite Duras 1914 1996 a French writer and film director Definitely not to be my last Her writing is captivating not because of the usual lyrical prose but the short staccato phrases give you that feeling of immediacy and danger That feeling will make you continuously leaf the pages till the end of the book You want tonow the end and make sure that you are out of the water when the loch monster pops out This is a story of Lol V Stein who at 19 is engaged to marry 22 yo Michael Richardson only heir of a rich couple One night in a ball Michael meets an older widower Anne Marie Stretter Michael ditched Lol Hurt and with her heart broken Lol goes to another town and meets musician Jean Bedford They get married and bear children After 10 years Lol and her family return to the town Lol meets her former friend Tatiana Karl who now has a lover Jacues Hold but childless Jacues is the narrator of the storyThe story reminded me of a woman in our island town who was said to be ditched by her fianc few days before they were supposed to get married Since the day she was ditched she did not get outside the house She did get down to the lower floor only to bring up water from their water pump The island town even up to now has no water system Our family had a well but it is not suitable for drinkin. نوشتن، قصه نقل کردن نیست، خلاف این است نوشتن نقل همه چیز است در عین حال، نقل توأمانِ داستان و غیبت داستان است؛ نقلِ داستان است از گذر غیبت داستانشیدایی لُلواشتاین کتابی است متفاوت، و یگانه که “خواننده مؤلفِ” همبسته با جنون لُل را از دیگر خوانندگان متمایز می کند لُل زنی است که رنج را از یاد برده است، خود را هم از یاد برده است نسیان همین است؛ مثل آب که در دمای زیر صفر و در نسیانِ آب بودن یخ می زند یخ می زند لل از سکون و سرمالُلواشتاین در هم شکسته است از مجلس رقصِ استالا؛ نیز ساخته از همین مجلس رقص استتمام زنهای کتابهای.

G So me and my brothers were the ones who fetched water from their pump that is located across the back of our house I was still very young or maybe not born yet when the ditching happened I only heard the story from my mother as usual she Sleepless (Bird of Stone, knows all the lives of people in the island As a young boy whenever I saw the old lady by the stairs or the pump I used to marvel at her feet so white so clean delicate looking and thought that maybe that was how my dirty boy feet would look like if I did not go outside the house for the rest of my life I never had the courage to talk to her my being a shy provincial boy However that old woman sort of became a legend among us boys a woman who was betrayed by her lover and chose not to show her face to the world for the rest of her lifeWe went through all that we all had our unreuited love or simply ditched by someone who used to love us How did we react This novel The Ravishing of Lol Stein has another title depending on the edition The Rapture of Lol Stein Yes she has been hurt that much that she leads an dull but seemingly painless life The pain of being ditched is inside her but she has or chooses not to have no outlet to express the pain The trauma of losing her lover is something that stays with her forever Funny thing is that at first I thought that rapture is the same as rupture so I thought that the voyeurism that Lol Stein does in the story is her rupture because of the bottled pain in her heart or her pocketbook if I may borrow the term of Mary Angelou in I Know Why the Caged Birds SingBut that old woman with white clean feet When half of the town got burned in 1984 she had no choice but to come out because the house with the pump where she lived and where we used to get clean drinking water It got burned Unfortunately I was not there because I was in college in the city so I did not see how she managed to walk on the street with many people seeing her scared face for the first time Working my way through the novels of Marguerite Duras Iept thinking sooner or later one will eventually lead to disappointment it could have been this it wasn t For again she has hit me in the most painful of places the heartThe Ravishing of Lol Stein in simple terms is a love story but those who are familiar with her work will now she writes in a stark minimal style with short sentencing but done in a most profoundly haunting way There are three main viewpoints looking in from the outside yes it s a tale of love but also a voyeuristic mystery and a nostalgic trip down memory lane Who is the person behind the mystery voice that s narrating The Ravishing of Lol Stein one of the first things I asked myself as the story focuses almost entirely on the passions of the central characters and on the narrator s attempts to understand the history of the enigmatic Lol Stripped of climax and denouement the story elevates memory and sexual tension over physical actionLol Stein is a reserved young woman engaged to wed but at a ball her love abandons Lol for a mysterious older woman Lol is left in the hands of friend Tatiana to help comfort her Later in a state of depression Lol meets a man John Bedford who is immediately intrigued by her hence they fall in love start a family and move awayAfter ten years they return but yearning for past sorrows grips Lol who takes to meandering long walks to ponder on her heartbroken youth and reminisce about that tragic night when all was lostAfter time she would take to following a women she recognized which would lead her to another man whist spying in a hotel window but as Lol takes to voyeurism but unknown to her the narrator is also following With a deft and slender touch each page feels like you are in the presence of a wondering ghost but not from a physical form and with some painfully beautiful sentences reminiscent of The Lover or Hiroshima Mon Amour this is Duras during her peak I am now optimistic for the rest of her lesser nown writingsA beautiful and haunting book In terms of Duras it s probably in my top three so there s this chick Lol Stein a real blank broad gets ditched by her cougar lovin fiance bitch goes crazy but the uiet inda crazy the inda crazy you eep to yourself girl gets married to some musician type years later she s a mother of three living in her old town and she gets wrapped up in her hottie best friend s life the best friend is busy giving it up to this prick a dapper don who works with her husband at the local hospital Lol gets obsessed with the douchebag some boring get togethers happen Lol spends some time watching the hotel room where the two are busy banging it out mr douche spends some time wondering what is up with Lol finally Lol and the ever curious prick take a long assed train trip to the place where Lol was first ditched years ago they sit on the beach a while and talk some bullshit finally they bone the endso there is an empty vessel her name is Lol Stein some say her mind became bent when she was betrayed by her lover others say her mind was always a blank Lol is a being who has let form define meaning she has built her life around ideas such as what should a house and home look like and how should a wife act how should a scorned lover feel Lol begins to be obsessed with her friend s affair she wants to watch where the two lovers go she wants to be a silent witness to their acts she wants to find meaning in the forms of their passion she wants their passion to fill her in turn her friend s lover becomes obsessed with her he wants to understand what lies beneath that glassy surface he wants to see his passion reflected upon it is the nature of their different obsessions simply to be obsessed with the idea of an obsession is that the nature of passion of obsession form eventually becoming meaningso there is a french writer Marguerite Duras her novels are not written in the classic literary form her works are a part of the Nouveau roman they are anti tradition her novels reject such standbys as narrative characterization her novels take the details of the world the form of her characters actions and centralizes them so that these details these descriptions of form become the meaning itself in her focus on these physical details on the physicality of actions she could possibly be considered a sensual writer and yet this distance this separation of incident from emotion this focus on dividing intellectual contemplation from emotional reaction makes her works an often clinical alienating experience ironically enough her novel The Ravishing of Lol Stein is ostensibly about passion and voyeurism and the nature of love the meaning of obsession the traps and tricks of perspective and point of view it is a passionless rendering of the various forms of passionso there is a reviewer mark monday a shallow ind of guy one with an automatic bias against the intellectualization of sensuality he finds it distasteful hollow unreal even worse he finds it to be Not Hot perhaps he is merely symptomatic of gender essentialism at its most prosaic a man who responds to visual sensory outputs like all men supposedly do the Yummy Supper kind of guy who wants visceral activity sensual description theind of dude who is intimately familiar with the pornographic appeal of the extreme close up detail he wants it to. من، در هر سنّی که باشند، سرشته از گِل لُل اند، یا شاید هم به نوعی خود از یاد بردگانند؛ موجب شوربختیِ زندگیشانند؛ از کوچه و بازار هراسانند؛ به سعادت هم چشم ندوخته اند در بین اشخاصِ کتابهای من، سرآمد است لُل – لُلِ کتاب، کتابِ لُل، خیلی خواهان دارد شوریده عقلی لُل را به گوش همۀ عالم می رسانمقصۀ لُل والری اشتاین دقیقاً از وقتی شروع می شود که آخرین مشتریهای کازینوی تییچ قدم به تالار رقص می گذارند دنبالۀ ماجرا به سپیده دم می انجامد، به دگرگونی لُلواشتاین مجلس رقص که به پایان می رسد، با فرجام شب، در خواب و خاموشی، قصه هم.


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Marguerite Duras was born Marguerite Donnadieu on 4 April 1914 in Gia Định Cochinchina French Indochina now Vietnam Her parents Marie née Legrand 1877 1956 and Henri Donnadieu 1872 1921 were teachers from France who likely had met at Gia Định High School They had both had previous marriages Marguerite had two older siblings Pierre the eldest and PaulDuras's father fell ill and h