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F summoning one s inner resources and facing down doubt and fear in the most trying of situations But in the end it s all about the uest You now how annoying it is when a book s ending is so unrealistic that you say to yourself in disgust This would never play out like this in real life It s happened than once right But a funny thing sometimes happens on the way to the forum Sometimes your peevishness gets assassinated Sometimes you re so damned entertained by a book that you act like a sailor on leave and say Ah what the hell Sometimes you re so amused by the characters that you see that suspension br This is what happens during war people will do anything to survive from murder to stealing to going on exhaustive food hunts Absurdly as it sounds this becomes the cultural normIt s the Soviet Union 1942 Tension is thick with famine and war The Germans are beginning their invasion Two soviet thieves Lev and Kolya are captured and thrown into the same cell However instead of death they are given a 4 day reprieve with a mission to find a dozen eggs for a wedding cake for a colonel s daughter This is their mission and the wild egg hunt they go on Trudging through a landscape of death evading nazis and cannibals fighting their own fatigue and exhaustion an unusual friendship begins Well drawn out human characters Lev Jewish shy and withdrawn paralleling that of Kolya a mild mannered fellow providing humour on this bleak trekFrom calculated neglect to constipation this a story rich in all elements of character development Writing so palatable and simplistic yet rich in texture it was a pleasure to read 5 Thank you to my GR friends who pointed this one out as a must read I have read some good fiction lately but this one is special like Catcher in the Rye or The Curious Incident or maybe The Kite Runner Instead of telling the story I will make observations as to why I loved it 1 Many historical fiction novels are written from the perspective of the thinking of the time Although it is interesting to observe how people think people thought in the past it can be a little too un modern and sometimes boring like reading Moby Dick or some other great but somewhat over the top book Here we are set back in time by the grandson who is just like us telling the story his grandfather tells him but with language and interpretations that are how we think about things today Instead of finding this. Nstead of being executed Lev and Kolya are given a shot at saving their own lives by complying with an outrageous directive secure a dozen eggs for a powerful Soviet colonel to use in his daughter’s wedding cake In a city cut off from all supplies and suffering unbelievable deprivation Lev and Kolya embar.

Tool to be unrealistic and too Hollywood modern I found just the opposite I felt like I really was back in time and I related to the characters like they were my best friends and buddies I loved this approach to history telling 2 The primary relationship in the book is between a shy 17 year old Jewish boy who is intelligent clever educated and a great story teller There is a running dialogue in his head describing his sometimes ridiculous and unimportant thoughts and observations as life threatening things are occurring His older buddy is a young man of the world a college boy who is experienced with women a writer and philosopher a handsome and sometimes arrogant guy He puts his arm around his younger shy friend s shoulder and starts to teach him about wine women and song It is a touching and fun relationship that works as well as any friendship relationship I ve ever read The observations of the younger as to the older s sometimes graphic and raunchy statements and experiences are absolutely brilliant and spot on This is how life and relationships really work and the author has been able to convey these experiences in a way that makes us relive similar things in our lives as older The Road to Einsteins Relativity kids taught us about what really goes on in the adult world and we re half thinking it s a lie and half believing it yet shaking our heads I can t think of a book I ve read that does thisind of coming of age relationship as well 3 Because the story moves fast and is about relationships and internal observations you would think that the history of the time is secondary However the story gives us a very realistic feeling of how it must have been to be suffering through the invasion of the Germans into Leningrad in the horrible cold of the winter without much good food or shelter or euipment There is a lot of good information about the cold and calculated way of the Nazis and the underfunded and yet heroic attempts of the Russian people to fend them off And yet as important as the historical setting of the book is the thing that makes it work well is the commentary and thoughts of our two friends and eventually heroes 4 There are many other great characters in the book from the brilliant and interesting Nazi leader an intense and talented young female sniper and the spoiled and wealthy man who sends them on their ridiculously trivial mission in the first place This book is the reason you read fictio. K on a hunt through the dire lawlessness of Leningrad and behind enemy lines to find the impossibleBy turns insightful and funny thrilling and terrifying City of Thieves is a gripping cinematic World War II adventure and an intimate coming of age story with an utterly contemporary feel for how boys become

It s all about the uestWhen I read books I like to do a little research about the author time period the book itself etc I was interested to learn that the creator of the video game The Last of Us drew inspiration in part from this bookThe Last of Us is a game my son Black Boy keeps begging me to play It takes place in the near future has nothing to do with World War II era Leningrad and from what I ve watched bears no resemblance to the bookIt s all about the uestIn the book the uest is to obtain a dozen eggs for a NKVD Colonel so his daughter can have a wedding cake Leningrad is under siege by the Nazis and people are eating the paste from library books so finding eggs will take some doing In the games you generally have an end point too but you can get sidetracked by doing multiple side uests Examples Mister can you rescue my puppy He s in a den of necromancers I lost my sword in a cave about 50 years ago It would bring a tear to this old soldier if you could recover it for me Oh and it s guarded by 100 zombies They re fast And they wield weapons And they use magic Did I mention there is really powerful zombie when you get to the final room I d do it myself but I m old Thanks again Zeus bless you There s a den of mutant drug fiends about a mile outside of town If youill them all I ll give you a bottle of water five bottle caps and the whole town will like you You do have options You could say no punch the asker in the face or simply walk away with their pathetic pleas ringing in your earsThere s no straight line from point A to point B in the book either It s never that simple Fortunately Lev our intrepid hero doesn t have to find the eggs by himself Kolya one of the interesting characters I ve come across in a while is in on this errand with him Kolya is the guy that s handsome funny charming and good with his fists and can talk his way into and out of any situation More or less the perfect companionIn most of the better games you have companions that you can choose from usually one at a time Companions range from drunks mages guys who can transform into werewolves 7 foot 300 pound mutants who are off their meds smoking hot vampire warriors automated trolls and talking dogs The latter is not as cool as it sounds he won t stop talkingbarking if you re trying to sneak up on enemies The book doesn t lack for humor pathos adventure and excellent characterization It s a timeless tale From the critically acclaimed author of The 25th Hour a captivating novel about war courage survival and a remarkable friendship that ripples across a lifetimeDuring the Nazis’ brutal siege of Leningrad Lev Beniov is arrested for looting and thrown into the same cell as a handsome deserter named Kolya

David Benioff worked as a nightclub bouncer in San Francisco a radio DJ in Wyoming and an English teacherwrestling coach in Brooklyn before selling his first novel The 25th Hour in 2000He later wrote the screenplay for Spike Lee’s adaptation of 25th Hour starring Edward Norton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman In 2005 Viking Press published Benioff’s collection of short stories When the Nines Ro