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Ime together to fall in love but it still felt like they managed itbarely What really worked for me though was when Taylor comes to the realization that it s not asy to raise a kid to invest your time and Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! emotion into it and then have to watch them go through something difficult This was an implied realization and I kinda wish he would have acknowledged to to Brooke would have fit seamlessly into anxtended apology methinks but it was there all the same and pretty powerfully done with tears and Cannibal everything Since I have forgotten all about it 2 stars is VERY generous Re The Daddy Deal Kathleen O Brien s penultimate HP outing is the seventhntry into the From Here to Paternity SeriesThe h in this one is an infertile nurse who adopted the baby of deceased aid workers when they were all working in a war torn country two years Mastered (The Enforcers, earlier The baby boy was seriously burned from the bomb blast that killed his parents and when both of his uncles refused to take him in and both signed off on his adoption the h leaped into the baby s mum role right awayShe and the baby have been mum and son for two years now and she needs to sell her cottage to raise money for another surgery The h used to bengaged to a very big time lawyer who is really a slime snot snarfer but the h needs his help to get the best price she can for her cottageThe slime snot snarfer former fiance OM seems to think the h wants to date him again and so he has her show up at a charity Man, Son of Man event like they are on a date The h works nights so she can care for her son all day and she is really tired and just wants to ask thex OM to approach a potential buyer for her cottage The OM takes offense that the h isn t interested in rekindling their relationship and after getting into a bidding war over a case of champagne with a man who looks very familiar to the h He gets all hurt and offended and dumps the h for a hot blonde and sticks her with a bill for a 70000 case of champagneThe h is miserable and slightly tipsy by this time so when the waiter tells her that Alter Ego ex OM snot licker left the h starts to cry The familiar looking man steps up to save the day by paying the tab and charms the h into letting him take her home where a combination of Lurve Force Mojo and alcohol lead to an almost lurve club moment The familiar looking man is actually her son s paternal uncle and he is a womanizing lady buffet sampler who is also really rich The H staunchly asserts that he never signed away his rights to his nephew The h wakes up to find him standing over her son s bed and the H announces that he intends to sue for custodyThe h learns from her lawyers which include Snot Boy that the H claims his signature was forged on the adoption papers The h now has a son who needs surgery and a rich relative to fight off However she is pretty certain the H really did sign those papers and is now having hindsight remorse because she knows that his brother hated him the brother was very adamant about it Still the Hxerts a lot of pressure and the h doesn t want a big custody battle She goes to talk to the H and he proposes a marriage of convenience and hands her a prenuptial agreement The h and her son who is now two years old go to visit the H at his house for a week They had to fly commercial and the little guy screamed all the way so kudos for no benadryl baby plot moppet here but this kid was really advanced in speech and thought processes for two years oldThe H has a motherly housekeeper and a gardener who is into metaphysics and keeps ogling the h s aura The H and h have a few battles over how to care for her son the H puts a two year old on a full sized slightly ra. Justin belonged to someone lse Brooke Davenport She'd adopted him in good faith believing him to be an orphan babyTaylor will

Mbunctious horse and there is almost an incident and the H claims the h is smothering the boyThere is also an OW who conveniently shows up She was ngaged to the H at one time and then he got disinherited by his father and so she dumped the H for another wealthy man Now she seems to be trying her luck again But the h s son needs surgery so the h and H have a uickie front parlor marriage ceremony The OW seems determined to break them up Uncommon Wisdom even tho the H s friend is absolutely certain that the H won t want the OW after her prior bad behavior so the h is very insecureHowever the wedding night is a flood of silver starlight bliss passion moments and the h is thinking things will work out fine But then she wakes up alone and finds the H is spending the morning with the OW There is a big shock as the h s ownx OM shows up The h finally tells Snot Boy where to go jump and she and the H fight about his OWThen it is time for the surgery and the H learns the hard way about how frightening it is to have a child in peril The OW shows up during all of this and informs the H that the maternal uncle admitted he forged the H s signature on the adoption forms The h really thought the signature was valid mainly because her son s bio dad was Unseen City extremely vehement about the bad family relationship But she does admit to giving the other uncle involved in the adoption 1000000 to proceed with the paperwork because the baby needed serious medical care from all the bomb burns The H acts very withdrawn and snarly and the h thinks her marriage is over and the custody battle is about to beginThe h s son comes through surgery okay and the H and h have to hash their marriage out The H admits that he really did hate his brother at one point The H s father disinherited him because the H still visited his adulterous mother after his father forbade all contact When his father died the baby bio dad brother got the house and thestate Then the H s OW who was his fiance at the time hooked up with his brother and dumped the H The H spent a few years getting rich while his brother got poorer and the H taunted his brother about that a lotSo when the H s brother died and the h adopted his son the relationship between the two men was at it lowest Art ebb The H claims the h was right to believe that he signed the adoption papersven tho he really did not because the H took his anger at his God Is in the Crowd ex fiance and his father out on his brother for years and the H feels ashamed of himself because his brother did not do anything The H bought the old familystate to hold it in trust for his brother s child and then he met the h and fell head over heels in love He wanted to prove his signature was forged because he thinks the h thinks he is a slime swiller who dumped a hurt little kid Now that he got the h to marry him he isn t letting her or his nephew go The H doesn t care if the h is infertile from a teenage Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard ectopic pregnancy he loves her madly and he loves his nephew and the h admits she loves him back for the big sliver sparkly HEAThis one is great for the nematode H but kinda thin on in depth plot It is a custody battle MOC lite and the two year old plot moppet was way advanced than any two year old Iver met While I wasn t necessarily buying that these two were massively in love it wasn t inconceivable The Matriarchs (The Family either Tho I do uestion where the little boy s bio dad would have wanted his hated brother having ANYTHING to do with his son and I was shocked that the bio parents did not have a will with a guardian nameditherOverall tho this was just frustrating and wrecky Notes for the Everlost enough for a nice little afternoon read and that makes it a fairly decent HPlandia outing. O anything to gain custodyven marry He just needs to persuade Brooke that he's the ideal husband she didn't ven know she want.

2 years arlier Brooke Davenport adopted little Justin when his parents were killed in a bombing Just a little baby at the time Justin was injured and burnt and she believed neither of his blood related uncles wanted anything to do with him so she took him in But in reality Taylor Pryce Justin s paternal uncle had no idea he No Biggy! existed Now he knows about Justin and he wants him back he blames Brooke for stealing his nephew from him and he ll do whatever it takes to take back his blood relative When Brooke first meets Taylor she has no idea who he is but she falls a bit in love with him off the bat trusting him in a way that surprises her Then she learns who he is and what he s after and she realizes she stands a real chance at losing her son That is why when Taylor offers her a marriage of convenience she takes it despite her reservations Despite his ruthlessness Taylor has a soft and patient side and he s fantastic with Justin But now that Taylor has what he wants and can actually win custody of Justin Brooke begins to worry that she won t benough to keep Taylor and when its discovered that Taylor really was tricked out of custody of his nephew will he want to keep Brooke aroundKind of your traditional custody battle with a secret baby story with the Crush It! exception that Brooke really doesn t have a leg to stand on she may be the adopted mother but Taylor has a real case for getting Justin since he canventually prove that he didn t sign over custody So this makes a really good case for why Brooke agrees to marry a perfect stranger On the other hand though I struggled to like Taylor and was surprised how uickly Brooke fell for him in light of the fact that he was perfectly ready and willing to take Justin away from the only parent he d Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ever known and leave Brooke without her son I mean let s just imagine how this story would have played out if Taylor hadn t been attracted to Brooke and he does admit that the attraction is one of the supporting factors in his proposal That s pretty telling of his character right there He doesventually kind of realize what he d done and that he could have caused a lot of pain when none of it was really Brooke s fault but his apology is pretty lackluster in light of things Still it seems good Deep Listening enough for Brooke I liked this story wellnough and could definitely see the connection and chemistry between Brooke and Taylor They both had an interesting relationship to Justin who read like a 5 year old than he did a 2 year old what with his fully formed grammatically correct sentences and what not It made me uncomfortable that Justin basically came in criticizing the way Brooke was raising Justin and yet claiming he wasn t really criticizing her This makes one of the first stories I ve read where the hero isn t impressed with what a good mother the heroine is He makes the claim that she s turning him into a wimp and she needs to loosen up He s not wrong but I wasn t comfortable with how he basically takes over parenting instead of taking his time to work himself into the role The relationship between Taylor and Brooke is also set up to be fraught with tension and conflict which provides some absolutely fantastic angst and frustration but the combination of this conflict and their supposed romance didn t uite work with me I kept wondering how she could get past her anger and her suspicion that Taylor would take Justin from her in order to fall in love with him I m not sure if this is realism with the clash of Bird-by-Bird Gardening emotions and feelings or if it really couldn t happen that way I felt confused with this mixture ofmotions It also felt like these two really didn t spend nough Taylor Pryce could be described as a professional bacheloruntil he discovered little Justin The nephew he never knew he hadOnly.


Kindle books The Daddy Deal –

Since the day Harleuin bought her first novel Kathleen has published than 30 titles with them everything from hot sexy contemporaries to dark brooding suspense Read in than 30 countries and 29 languages she's a five time finalist for the prestigious RWA RITA Award a winner of the Maggie Award and a three time finalist for Romantic Times' Reviewer's ChoiceKathleen comes from a f

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    CHARACTERS ñ LATINBOYZ4PLAY.COM ✓ Kathleen OBrien Kathleen OBrien ✓ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE READ The Daddy Deal Re The Daddy Deal Kathleen O'Brien's penultimate HP outing is the seventh entry into the From Here to Paternity SeriesThe h in this one is an infertile nurse who adopted the baby of deceased aid workers when they were all working in a war torn country two years earlier The baby boy was seriously burned from the bomb blast that killed his pare

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    CHARACTERS ñ LATINBOYZ4PLAY.COM ✓ Kathleen OBrien Kindle books The Daddy Deal – Kathleen OBrien ✓ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Since I have forgotten all about it 2 stars is VERY generous

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    CHARACTERS ñ LATINBOYZ4PLAY.COM ✓ Kathleen OBrien Kindle books The Daddy Deal – 2 years earlier Brooke Davenport adopted little Justin when his parents were killed in a bombing Just a little baby at the time Justi

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