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Ichael ust said what he needed to say to close the deal And all the while Bree s pregnancy got further along I enjoyed this book Two people who really cared for each other but damaged trust kept them from experiencing a real relationship It took the whole pregnancy for them to realize that the trust would have to be a two way street Michael was very mean and cruel to Bree at the beginning of this story Don t stop reading because the book does get better Michael believed Bree was only after his brother s money thinking she is nothing but a gold digger He is very protective of his brother For his brother was the only person that had ever really loved Michael So he has a lot of emotional baggage He is mean to hide the hurt he feels within He made a promise to his brother on his deathbed that he would take care of Bree and the baby she carried Michael and Bree had to go through a lot to find trust and love I think Bree is a much better person than I If someone was that mean to me I think I would walk away without a backwards glance I m glad she didn t I m glad the two worked out their problems Bree was also stubborn and set in her ways So at times both the Hero and Heroine annoyed me I m glad they gave love a chance One messages that is weaved within the pages is no matter how rich you are you can t buy love You can have all the money in the world and still be lonely and miserable You have to let the walls that are built around your heart down and trust others to experience love If you always think the worst of people you only hurt yourself If you keep your walls up you may never get hurt but you ll never know what love is it took a long time for Michael to realise dat his brother had been gay and Bree had been innocent all along it was very obvious dat he was enamoured wid Bree though he wud not admit it the basic plot was interesting but i got bored a lil along the way hence the 2 stars I had high hopes for this book because it s a theme I usually enjoy But the hero Michael spent so much of the book being not Mud and Stars just aerk but a cruel one that I couldn t connect with him at all It all starts when he seduces the woman he thinks is after his younger brother He s going to expose her to Will as the gold digger he thinks she is He doesn t expect to feel so connected to her but still believes himself to be right After telling her exactly why he slept with her and what he thinks of her he walks out He doesn t understand why his brother ge. Go Then a tragic accident changed everything Now he must honor a deathbed promise to his brother to protect the one woman Michael can never trust But watching over the pregnant Bree tests the tycoon'.

Ts so angry when he exposes Bree and why it creates such a wedge between them When his brother is involved in an accident involving Bree and a friend Michael barely makes it in time to say goodbye to Will He s not happy when Will makes him promise to look after Bree and the baby she carries He s still convinced she s been after Will s money all along He continues being a complete ass to Bree even as he starts to suspect he might have been wrong about herI understood Michael s protectiveness of his brother Michael had had a horrible early life before being adopted by Will s father and never felt that anyone really cared about him except for Will Michael had also been badly burned by a woman who was a gold digger and saw all women through that experience But I felt it took way too long for him to see that he was wrong about Bree Even when he did his attitude still remained that of a manipulative erk I also thought it took too long for him to realize the truth about the relationship between Bree and Will and even then it took photographic evidence to do it I really didn t feel too sorry for him when Bree refused to have anything to do with himBree was a warm and caring woman who was trying to keep her late brother s restaurant going Will had been one of her brother s friends and investors and became a friend of hers also When she first met Michael she was attracted to him even though Will told her what a cold manipulative man he could be During their second meeting she fell completely for the caring romantic man he seemed to be and was completely devastated by his words and actions the next day Though her attraction to him remained strong she was also determined not to give in to it without a complete change of attitude on his part As they started to get closer she tried to protect herself but ended up falling for him anyway I liked the way that she stood up for herself and her own needs against all of his attempts to get his way I did understand her reluctance to believe he had changed at the end She had her own issues with the past and had trouble believing he wanted to be with her for any reason other than that she was pregnantSeeing the two of them learn to let go of the past was the redeeming factor in the book It took a lot for Michael to let go of the things that had made him so cynical I did enjoy seeing him have to work to show Bree that he had changed because if it had been too easy I don t think it would have meant as much. S self control Is Bree as virtuous as she claims Or is he a fool to fall for her act Torn between desire and distrust Michael's walking a treacherous line unaware of the shocking secret she's carryin.

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( READ Her Pregnancy Secret ) Ê Ann Major – latinboyz4play.com

The story was good but both the hero and heroine drove me nuts Michael knew poverty He was raised poor When his mother married an affluent man Michael was old enough to work hard and learn to be successful His step father had adopted him even though he had a natural younger son Michael s adoptive father left the family business to Michael when he died and asked Michael to look after his younger brother Will Will wanted Michael to meet a friend of his Bree Will had invested in Bree s business and Will thought Michael might be interested Will and Bree were only friends but Michael saw most women as gold diggers and he planned to nip this relationship in the bud Michael flirted with Bree and she flirted back and Michael planned a seduction After he had seduced Bree he would threaten her to stay away from Will or he would expose their night of passion to Will Bree was a virgin and this was the first sexual relationship she had ever had Michael s cruelty broke her apartAbout two months later Michael was called to the hospital where his brother Will had been in a car accident Will was critically injured and begged Michael to take care of his wife Bree and their unborn child Will had removed his seatbelt and shielded her when he saw the on coming car Will begged his brother for his promise before they took him to surgery In shock that Will had married Bree Michael finally gave his promiseNext Michael visited the new Mrs North in the hospital The surgeon found them to tell them that Will did not make it Bree wanted nothing to do with Michael but she was going to need help for a while when she left the hospital Michael let her know that he would handle this as part of his promiseMichael was attracted to Bree and he hated himself for his lack of control Bree was attracted to Michael but she could not trust himIn Michael s mind nothing added up Why did Bree marry Will if she wasn t a gold digger Why did Bree sign legal documents on their wedding day giving her unborn child one million dollars Why was Will s roommate Tony still living at Will s apartment Bree s clothes were still at her old apartment Did the newlyweds not live together Will had invested a uarter of a million dollars into Bree s failing restaurant but she did not know it was that muchBree wanted to tell Michael her secret but she wanted his love He only seemed to see her as a deal to be closed Every time they seemed to be working out their relationship Bree would learn that She'd almost made him believe she was innocent Michael North knew Bree Oliver was a gorgeous gold digger after his brother's fortune so he seduced her in a night of lovemaking and swore he'd let her.

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