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Olor paints He uses metaphors and visual language to make his advice and techniues easy to remember and illustrates every point with photos of his own paintings and painting in processI finally have the courage to start working outside which I have already done by the way and have allowed myself a bit of freedom of expression What Marc also points to in the book is the freedom that ink and watercolor provide as artistic techniues it s about expression not always mimetic representation There are many many useful tips I found in the book but I ll have to leave the other readers to find that out for themselves In any case ou will not regret picking this book up As long as ou really try out his exercises and demonstrations in our own practice of course Simple but useful Instructions are clear key points are well pointed out Beautiful drawings and sketches paired with good infoReally liked the book the drawings were really good and the information was helpful for a lot of the stuff I am While I didn t get to finish reading a library copy of this one before I had to return it the sections I did dip into were great excellent layout and balance of text and images detailed demos and exercises to try This would be wonderful for anyone who wants to improve their urban sketching with the help of some structure and guidance If How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America you re into stuff like thisou can read the full reviewDon t Document Design Techniues for Seeing and Drawing on Location by Marc Taro HolmesAs much as I harp on sight measuring accuracy isn t everything We should find our own balance between accuracy and spontaneity I have a personal motto Don t document design bold mine Don t just draw what is in front of Wicked City (Wicked City, you Design whatou put down in response to what The Celestial Selenite Scry (The Moon God Trilogy, you see There may be valid reasons forou to alter strict reality to match our perception In The Urban Sketcher Techniues for Seeing and Drawing on Location by Marc Taro Holmes. Rompts for everything from improving essential skills to diverse approaches such as montages storytelling portraits and one page graphic novelsWhether ou are a habitual doodler or a seasoned artist The Urban Sketcher will have Americas sewing book you out in the world sketching from the very first page By completing drawings on the spot in one sessionou achieve a fresh impression of not just what Secret Santa (Bluegrass Brothers, you see but also what it feels like to be there visual life stories as onlyou can experience them.

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Ing effusive is the above mentioned simplification of the watercolor process his ink pictures are somewhat busy for my tastes and the book needed proofreading and copy editing I ve been learning about Urban Sketching because I m interested in the whimsical drawing style and minimalistic approach to drawing and painting I m really interested in it as a way to create art at home so I m not the typical audience However I have learned a lot from reading about Urban SketchingThe author really seems to cross over from Urban Sketching to Plein Air Painting so although the beginning starts off strong it uickly veers off target His onsite gear often includes an easel large format paper and a huge platform board Basically he carries a LOT of gear with himTo date my favorite Urban Sketcher with regard to style is Teoh Yi Chie I really wish he would release a book that includes his drawings but until he does I highly recommend his Youtube channel He regularly reviews drawing related books and sketching related gear I think the information he provides on his Youtube channel would really benefit anyone interested in learning about Urban Sketching or minimalist drawing and painting The extremely simple and organized way Marc presents his techniues is great both as a starting point for someone new to pencilink drawingwatercolor painting and for advanced sketcherspainters who can benefit from his method which encourages forethought and organization in the painting process among other things The book itself is clearly well thought through it is pedagogical accessible explanatory in words and images and logically construed as is each step of his painting processThe most useful idea I got from Marc s book is idea of the three pass drawingpainting He explains how easy it can be to make a painting just in three passes over it either pencil drawing ink drawing ink shades or pencil drawing and then three coats of waterc. Your sketchbook Inside The Workshop you'll fi nd everythingou need to tackle subjects ranging from still lifes and architecture to people and busy street scenes15 step by step demonstrations cover techniues for creating expressive drawings using pencil pen and ink and watercolorExpert tips for achieving a balance of accuracy spontaneity and speedPractical advice for working in the field choosing subjects coping with onlookers capturing people in motion and Daily exercises and creative

Very instructive and good techniues for self trainingSomeone told me that sketching is ability born with not trainable Well I have found this book defeated that statement totally and I have started my sketch journal with the techniues from this book Recommended to all sketchers This is one of the excellent books I recommend when someone wants a good book on how to make marks Marc is clear in thought as a teacher and his enthusiasm for the process of making marks comes through in every page His watercolor sketches are GORGEOUS and he gives it all away Pen and ink watercolor is my thing and I benefited greatly by the book Came for my birthday just as I was moving to watercolors Personally I generally learn skills best through instructional videos as opposed to the written word even when detailed photographs are included So my rating is based on a personal preference than on the actual content With regards to the content the instructional steps and tips are clear however I think Stephanie Bower s methods of attaining realistic perspective and architectural sketches to be superior to Holmes s methodsAs a side note I find Holmes s sketches to be messy and not aesthetically pleasing I do realize that it is most likely due to the nature and swiftness reuired in his style of urban sketching Again that s merely my personal preference From a complete novice s point of view this is a pretty decent book for beginners It focuses on three main aspects pencil ink and watercolor The first two sections are done well but despite being the most difficult and the author s preference I found the section on watercolor to be the least well explained That s fine with me because it s something I m unlikely to get into but other readers may want to take that into accountI d probably give it than 3 stars maybe 35 but I know it s not 4 stars It is a good book it s informative and the art is nice What holds me back from be. Make the world The Legacy of Aaron Geist your studioCapture the bustle and beauty of life inour townExperience life as only an artist can Join the rapidly growing international movement of artists united by a passion for drawing on location in the cities towns and villages where they live and travel Packed with art and advice from Marc Taro Holmes artist and co founder of Urbansketchersorg this self directed workshop shows ou how to draw inspiration from real life and bring that same excitement into.

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