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Tion for undergrads or MA students to get a handle on current debates and perspectives concerning Constantine Constantinianism and other issues involved with the fourth century. Sources that inform our picture of Constantine the theological developments that occurred in the wake of his rise to power and aspects of Constantine's legacy that have shaped church histor.

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BOOKS ONLINE Rethinking Constantine author Edward L. Smither –

A brief introductory summary of current historical perspective on Constantine the scholars chosen seem relatively minor in comparison to names like Barnes Drake or MacMullen Ye. Description What happens to the church when the emperor becomes a Christian Seventeen hundred years after Constantine's victory at Milvian Bridge scholars and students of history continue to.

T their work is generally referred to although less freuently than should probably be the case given that these are top scholars in the field But this would be a good recommenda. Debate the life and impact of the Roman emperor who converted to faith in the Christian God and gave peace to the church This book joins that conversation and examines afresh the historical.

Ed Smither PhD University of Wales; PhD University of Pretoria is Dean of the College of Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University Ed joined the CIU faculty in 2012 Prior to that he taught intercultural studies and church history at Liberty University for six years Ed previously served for fourteen years in intercultural ministry working primarily among Muslims in France