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Experts from different disciplines offer novel ideas for improving research oversight and protection of human subjectsThe current framework for the regulation of human subjects research emerged argely in reaction to the horrors of Nazi human experimentation revealed at the Nuremburg trials and the Tuskegee syphilis study conducted by US government researchers from 1932 to 1972 This framework combining elements of paternalism with efforts to preserve individual autonomy has remained fundamentally unchanged for decades Yet as this book documents it has significant flaws including its potential to burden important research overprotect some subjects and inadeuately protect others generate inc.

Book Read Human Subjects Research Regulation –

Ong subjects investigators sponsors and institutional review boards; privacy especially regarding biospecimens and tissue banking; and the possibility of fundamental paradigm shiftsContributorsAdam Braddock Alexander Morgan Capron Ellen Wright Clayton I Glenn Cohen Susan Cox Amy L Davis Hilary Eckert Barbara J Evans Nir Eyal Heidi Li Feldman Benjamin Fombonne Elisa A Hurley Ana S Iltis Gail H Javitt Greg Koski Nicole Lockhart Holly Fernandez Lynch Michael McDonald Michelle N Meyer Osagie K Obasogie Efthimios Parasidis Govind Persad Rosamond Rhodes Suzanne M Rivera Zachary M Schrag Seema K Shah Jeffrey Skopek Laura Stark Patrick Taylor Anne Townsend Carol Weil Brett A Williams Leslie E Wolf.

Read Human Subjects Research Regulation

Onsistent results and ag behind developments in how research is conducted Invigorated by the US government's first steps toward change in over twenty years Human Subjects Research Regulation brings together the Once Upon a Time (Calluvias Royalty, leading thinkers in this field from ethicsaw medicine and public policy to discuss how to make the system better The result is a collection of novel ideas some incremental some radical for the future of research oversight and human subject protectionAfter reviewing the history of US research regulations the contributors consider such topics as risk based regulation; research involving vulnerable populations including military personnel children and prisoners; the relationships am.

I Glenn Cohen is Professor at Harvard Law School and Faculty Director at the Petrie Flom Center for Health Law Policy Biotechnology and Bioethics at Harvard Law School