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Hip That is until one day when Johnny s curiosity gets the better of him and he asks Rich to show him what it s like to be with another guy Afraid to ruin their friendship Rich hesitates though not for very long This story starts out very sweet and innocent but when they make their sex date that all changesI loved verything Rich did to make Johnny s first time a wonderful and memorable Zack (Areion Fury MC experience He was such a sweetheart and Johnny matched him well in that department There is a scene with powdered donuts that had me drooling and wishing I had some of my own donuts at homeThings go fairly well for Johnny and Rich until Johnny starts uestioning himself and whether he is actually gay or not This leads to some almost irreparable bad decisions and unfortunately this is where I felt myself uestioning things and finding certain actions hard to believe But thankfully that doesn t last longJohnny s family is fantasticspecially his feisty cousin In addition to being supportive of both Rich and their son not only being gay but being together they are instrumental in bringing Rich and his father back in touchOverall this was just a very Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, enjoyable feel good story I absolutely loved watching Johnny learn things about himself and how Rich never pushed him into any of it but just let it happen guiding him along the way The writing is smooth and the story moves along at a nice pace I ll definitely be reading of Max s stories ETA 9112019 There s something about this story It s super hot manlyrotica with man stink loving Dual POV newly discovered Bisexuality some angst a midstory break up and make up all the sweaty dirty raunchy sex you could ask for and a very happy ContamiNation ending Four years of listening to audios later andthe narration is still fine overall but the character voices could ve been better Jared Bradford delivers a wonderful performance He adds a richness to the story drew me in and kept mengaged and Taxi ins Glück entranced until the veryndBradford s narration highlights the rotic romance between Rich an out and proud gay man and Johnny a straight up until now ighteen year old football player giving all the wonderfully filthy things they do to Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas each other a real spotlight Bradford also captures the strain and anger Rich has with his father beautifully as well as the roller coaster ofmotion Rich and Johnny s relationship goes throughMy biggest complaint is that Johnny is pretty immature relationship wise which is somewhat The Magic Rolling Pin expected given his age but no less aggravating view spoilerAfter being together sexually and romantically for a while sans condoms becauseven though Rich NEVER fucks without a condom they love and trust Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, each other so Rich and Johnny agree to continue to have sex bare Johnny accepts a date with a woman for a New Year s party and waits to tell Rich until the day before breaking his heartWhen Johnny realizes it s a mistake he tries to get a hold of Rich but Rich is incommunicado When Johnny confesses to his mothe Written November 17 2015 26 Stars Sweet as sugar and cute GFY with kink thanxpected My Hero is a 6 hrs audiobook just 350 narrated by Jared Bradford his first published in August this year with some happy reviews at Audiblecom My first written by the male MM romances writer Max Vos as well And why so stingy with those red starsI wanted to like this and My Hero is really cute about that first heartbreaking young love and surprisingly kinky also but nevertheless a little too sugary cheesy for me Too much young drama and my Not Without a Fight eyes rolled than one time As a friend just wrote in another review I have to remind myself that YA NA doesn t always work for me Young first college love and GFYRich Miller a senior in college and Olympic diving hopeful years ago saved a younger boy in the pool back home Once again they meet and the small A sa rencontre dans un avenir plus ou moins proche Il a deja suffisamment de problemes a traiter comme ca son pere preferant regarder un match de football ue de perdre du temps a aller voir son fils plonger La seule chose a lauelle il ne s'attendait pas c'etait Johnny ui peut se montrer tres determine Et avoir la star de football dans sa vie peut se revelertre un catalyseur pour des changements assez fracassante.

My only issue view spoilerIt takes a lot for me to forgive an MC for cheating on the other MC And in order for me to do that then the cheating MC really needs to be remorseful and show how sorry he is and the other MC needs to make it clear how not okay it was Make the cheater really work for his forgiveness That didn t happen here Johnny cheated on Rich with a woman Even admits to himself it was nice though he Garden Bouquets and Beyond enjoyed being with Rich Rich finds out and Johnny really doesn t seem that sorry about the actual act Rich cries but then the whole incident is never really mentioned again AND when they finally have sex again nobody mentions using a condom Helloooo he had sex with another person Somebody neither one of them knew very well I just think Rich should have made a bigger deal about the fact Johnny slept with somebodylse hide spoiler I loved this book I was waiting for its completion with bated breathA hot sexy tale of Rich a diver who is gay and Johnny a football player who isn t until he gets curiousFrom Johnny s first tentative kisses to two boys who can t keep their hands off The Unseen Wonder each other this book doesn t disappointI loved the way Rich and Johnny grew as a couple and it was great to see how Johnny s family supported him as he discovered a side to himself that he never knewAnd yes I cried You ll know when you get there believe meBut thending sigh Yes DNF 96% finished after author insisted see toolI love angst so cheating rarely bothers me any buti couldn t get over the pre meditateduncalled for cheating here It made no sense for a character who wasnt The Management Bible even uestioning himself who then This is the first Max Vos book I havever read and it most definitely won t be the last I won t try to go into the plot details because the blurb for the book does an amazing job laying it out while not giving away specificsHis characters have very distinct personalities While Rich and Johnny have Zu schnell enough in common to be believable friends they are very different with very different lifexperiences The least of which is that Rich is gay and has been out for a long timeBut my favorite part is that his characters seem to be real people that react in real ways They are far from perfect They are funny sad supportive selfish clueless understanding protective stubborn loving and sexyAnd to me the greatest a compliment you can give a writer is to tell them that while you wanted to reach in and smack a character and yell What the hell are you doing You still understand and love the character doing it If you read the book you will know when I was yelling this I had the honor of beta reading this book I will have a full review posted soon but it is great Max has created these young guys that will melt your hearts For such a big bad tough guy Max is obviously all softie in the middleThere are many facets to Max Vos The one you don t often see is the softie In My Hero the softie Max Vos is on full display My Hero referred to in the book is Rich Miller When he was a teenager he lifeguarded at a local pool He saved the life of Johnny MillowayWhen he s a senior in college and an Olympic diving probability he meets Johnny again My is Johnny all grown up Rich is gay and Johnny is Sleepless (Bird of Stone, exactly his type a big furry cuddly bear of a man For such a big guy Johnny is shy but he remembers that summer when Rich saved his life He doesn t care that Rich is gay The two become unlikely friends and start to work out together regularly Alone And they shower afterward AloneBut Johnny is straight and Rich doesn t want to fall for and have his heart broken by another straight man Johnny is determined to learn all he can about being gay from Rich An unexpected relationship develops based first on a deep friendshipBut Johnny is still straight right This can throw a wrench intoven the. Uand il avait seize ans Rich Miller a sauve un jeune homme de la noyade dans sa piscine locale Il ne savait pas ue des annees plus tard n tant u'etudiant t spoir olympiue de plongeon Rich se retrouverait une fois de plus face a Johnny Milloway maintenant un grand joueur de football t uand Rich dit grand il veut vraiment dire dans le genre ours Le timide sportif se souvient de son sauveteur t les deux hommes de.

Best gay relationship Rich has never been close with his father who actually spent time with Johnny while he was growing up because he was a football booster and Johnny a football star Johnny s parents mbrace Rich and try to facilitate some healing between father and sonWhile Rich and Johnny are having what Rich considers to be a relationship Johnny screws it up There is a date with a girl involved And a trip to a gay party in Atlanta And a lot of texts and voicemails ignored Who did what You need to read it and find outWhen he returns to school after the New Year Rich just doesn t know who to talk to so he breaks down and contacts his father They have a lunch meeting that clarifies so many things for both of themAfter that some spoilerish things happen that I am not willing to share Just know that I was smiling literally from Yummy Supper ear toar when I was reading the closing pages of My Hero I highly recommend this sweet read by a tough guy of an author I read this new Max Vos story in practically one sitting I loved furry Johnny and sleek Rich The slow build of the UST and sexual relationship was a lot of fun The angst points were just right Great job Max I would have liked to have seen how Johnny s coming out was handled by the football team but otherwise this was a very satisfying read122113 Edited review from 4 stars to 5 stars at year nd review I am against the tide here but I find the characters are weak and very inconsistent particularly Johnny and the nding is a bit forced Consider this You have been sleeping with another person for months One day you decided to try something Deep Listening else so you invited a girl to come to your home holding hand At that point the person you ve been sleeping with and you are fully aware how his feeling was toward you saw you two You know he felt hurt In fact you felt hurt yourself However to prevent the date from also feeling hurt you carried on with the date and slept with her Yeah I call that premeditated cheating CharactersJohnny He simply follows what others surrounding him says and doesn t really have any conviction despite what the author tried to redeem him at thend view spoiler When he realized how he hurt Rich he followed his mother s wicked wisdom to keep the date with the woman so the woman wouldn t feel sad When the woman seduced him he didn t ven bother to put any objection So ven if he kept his promise to his mom to proceed with the date on New Year s Eve he didn t actually have to sleep with herThe problem I think partly because we never read anything about Johnny s doubt about being gay And then suddenly bam he needed to date a woman to introduce the angstAt the Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature end when Rich was not sure that Johnny would last with him Johnny said that once he decided something he d stick with it Yeah right He decided that since he had hurt Rich anyway so he stick with it He decided that since he was already on a date and being seduced by a woman anyway so he stick to it Not sure the couple will last long I have a feeling the next opportunity Johnny get to cheat he would do it again as long as he decides to stick with his decision Especially if the mom who I doubt to have the son s best interest in her heart convinces him to do so hide spoiler Review written for The Blog of Sid LoveThis was a really sweet story Johnny and Rich become really good friends once they meet again in college Johnny is this big football guy and just a big softy teddy bear who pays no attention to Rich being gay but instead focuses on how Rich saved his life years before He makes it clear from the start to all of his friends that anyone going after Rich will have to go through himRich is a star athlete himself with hopes of making the Olympic diving team Johnny and Rich team up working out and just generallynjoying their friends. Viennent amis Johnny n'est pas rebute par le fait ue Rich st gay En fait plus il passe de temps avec Rich plus il devient curieux Johnny veut connaitre toutes sortes de choses ce ue c'est ue d'embrasser un gars par xemple Seulement il ne s'arrete pas la Rich a du mal a croire ue cette relation peut mener uelue part Johnny Trajan est heterot Rich n'est pas pret a accepter le chagrin u'il se doute avoir a prouver suite.

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Books read My Hero AUTHOR Max Vos Author Max Vos –

Max Vos is a classically trained chef with over 30 years of food service experience After retiring in 2011 Max found himself with time on his hands and turned his talents to writing ‘Cooking English’ a short story was his first published work and has two others currently in publication and he has just completed his second novel