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Holding what was left of the kingdom togetherRapha lle now practically an orphan was given permission by the ueen to leave and live under the guardianship of her uncle and to marry her first cousin Raymond A new life was promised to her and espite the sorrow of having lost her closest loved ones Rapha lle bravely took on the journey towards her new lifeWhat was unbeknownst to her was that her uncle s castle would be Flawed (The Butcher, dreadfully macabreunder the rule of not so much her uncle but especially so of her aunt Lady Esclarmonde She was the highest priestess of the Cathars a group of fanatically religious people who had a skewed sense of that which was moral or good On a mission of ridding the world of children marriage and all essence of Christianity the Cathars believed in adulterous relationships strict fasting of meat the facilitation of killing babies born or unborn all for the good of the planethmmm The Cathars attended morbid rituals in theeep of the night in a hollow cave where the secret gem that held all powers was keptAlthough the Cathars were sought after and tried for their heresy the tribe thrived in living incognito amongst the people of the villages The castle where Rapha lle lived was home to their highest ueen and all villagers feared her Also espised and suffering cruelty at the hands of her husband to be a great Cathar leader in the making Rapha lle planned her escapeThroughout the book there are many good soldiers and monks who help fight the cause helping the innocent and the travelers along their way One such grand man was Sir Martin a Knight Hospitaller of Saint John He was almost a constant presence in this book a savior as often as he was malignedWe meet many intricate characters in The Night s Dark Shade each contributing to the riveting events that ensue in this well written book I enjoyed learning about the religious ifferences and strongholds that this heretic religion had on those almost barbaric times Surprisingly I often felt that there were many similarities to some of the pejorative notions still held today by certain groups in terms of marriage children and morality for the most part The opinion of saving a world at the sake of its inhabitants and the over indulgence at the expense of others resonated strongly in my mind as controversial topics that still make waves today as they try to pass themselves for the normIt was indeed uite thought provoking to read this book which is about not only an absorbing love story but also about the tribulations in the name of religion the horror in the beliefs of the times and the suffering for causeWill Rapha lle s soul find peace through love and her true calling Friendship loyalty Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins deception and betrayal along with a strong religious vein are all found in this book that truly stands out on its ownI highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the time of the Albigensian Crusade and the heretics specifically the Cathars in Southern France But best of all you ll also find a beautiful love story with a surprising twist A must for those who love to read about religion in history with a touch of pure romance I wasted my money on this book I struggled to the last page to find any interest in it but the plot is botched the characters completely flat the action poorly lead and the writing awfulIt is possible to adopt an openly Catholic perspective and be a good writer so itsefinitely not the problem here. Enchantment of courtly loveA gripping tale filled with Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, danger intrigue and adventure Historical Novel Reviews OnlineIn her third work of fiction both a richlyetailed historical novel and a Pages From Bee Journal dark morality tale Elena Maria Vidal takes readerseep into the heart of the 13th century French Pyrenees Sarah Johnson author of Historical Fiction A Guide to the Gen.

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Free epub The Nights Dark Shade BY Elena Maria Vidal –

I accidentally read two Gothic novels in a row Not uite sure how that happened This was a fun adventure in which poor Raphaelle keeps getting captured and fought over while getting mixed up in a war between Catholics and Cathars I idn t know much about the Cathars prior to reading this and looked up a bit about them to see if the book seemed accurate since the way the book portrayed them seemed outlandish but apparently it is pretty accurate Religion can sure make some people crazy I enjoyed this although it got a bit muddled at the end Now I really need to read something where the poor innocent girl oesn t need go be saved by a knight turned monk like in the last two books I ve read The Night s Dark ShadeThe story of Raphaelle Vicomtesse My Indian Kitchen de Mirimande is a ripping good chapter tale If Elena Maria Vidal is anything at all as an author she is marvelously gifted as a yarn spinning bell toned story teller Ordinarily I tend not to be a fa This novel brought to life for me the era in which our early Dominican brothers and sisters lived and preached I was also stunned chilled at the parallels to our own times Wonderfully written work Interesting portrayal of a heresy that still has echoes in today s society The story is about faith love and charity no matter what the circumstances Great characters and uite an adventure Wellone It was terrible The prose was uncomfortable The characters flat one Lots of Mommies dimensional The story never went anywhere There was noevelopment nothing tied together It was a Catholic Christian novel and like most Christian novels only had one note I think the author may have been trying to make several points about marriage but they fell flat Marriage is a ark beautiful eep painful exuisite thing than this author was capable of expressing She shouldn t have tried I think if she hadn t gone for the bigger points it might have made a sweet adventure but I felt like I was being lectured by someone who Fantasy Man didn t understand the subject 6 2010A spunky heroine the Cathar heresy and some swashes being buckled I liked this book uite a lot Vidal managed to combine romance without immodesty insight into how a truly Catholic girl would have responded to suddenly being confronted by a heresy and a feel for life back in those long ago times I especially liked the heroine s confusion over the many similarities of the Cathar heresy and true Catholicism It is that same confusion that often hits us today when something is not uite right about the philosophy someone is espousing but we can t uite pin itownHowever this book also felt strangely incomplete in some way which I have pondered a lot considering I enjoyed the book so much It finally occurred to me that this book was like a slice taken from a larger one and we weren t told enough of the whole story This snapshot was so good that we want to know about the heroine s time in the convent about her marriage without having just bits given to us For reference to any who would like to know what came to mind when thinking of fully satisfying book I give you historical fiction Samuel Shellabarger romancemystery Jane Eyre Mary Stewart Georgette Heyer overall good fiction Rumer Godden Also the typesetting was gigantic The book could easily have been 100 normal paperback pages if it had been set in a normal size Oh the painRecommended for those who like a pure romance who want to know about the Cathar heresy and who like historical fiction A histori. Set amid the turmoil of the Albigensian Crusade in thirteenth century France THE NIGHT'S DARK SHADE tells of heresy versus orthodoxy and of forbidden love versus fidelity Heiress of her father's estates in Auvergne the orphaned Lady Raphaelle leaves her home to marry a nobleman in a remote castle in the Pyrenees There she encounters the mysterious Cathar sec.

Cal romance set in 13th century France The Night s Dark Shade is an engrossing tale about faith honor and courtly loveIn the wake of the loss of her family and her betrothed Lady Rapha lle finds herself thrust into a world that challenges everything she believes in Drawn into an arranged marriage with her cousin Raymond the young Vicomtesse The Flame Of Adventure de Miramande is placed under the guardianship of her uncle the Barone Marcadeau Hopeful and eager to make the most of her situation Rapha lle is isappointed to find that all is not as she believed Set upon by a band of brigands while traveling to her uncle s estate Rapha lle meets the ashing Sir Martin Divine Magnetic Lands de Revel Saissac a knight of the Hospitaller order This fateful meeting awakens Rapha lle s sense of passion and longing an awakening that brings with it a restlessness and sudden awareness of her position as a femaleStruggling betweenuty and love Rapha lle is unwittingly Frog and the Treasure drawn into a world marked by heresy and fanaticism Under the auspices of friendship Rapha lle is beguiled by her aunt the Lady Esclarmonde a Perfecta of the Cathar sect who wants to ensure that her son s marriage will prove advantageous to the Cathar Unwilling to compromise her Christian faith and wishing to annul her betrothal Rapha lle seeks the aid of her cousin Bertrand and Sir Martin and soon finds herself placed in the custody of Sir Jacues Orly King Louis IX s loyal liegeBraving The Butterfly Club danger and persecution Rapha lle emerges as a strong and thoughtful character a woman certain of her virtue and moral stance This novelrew me in from the very first page and put me in mind of the Lais of Marie Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors de France Rapha lle is a charming character whose innocence and strong opinions make her a worthy lady and a wonderful protagonist The history of the Cathari is fascinating and lends aarkness to the tale that adds a thrilling sense of mystery to Rapha lle s journeyI highly recommend this novel for readers interested in fiction about medieval women s lives and courtly love A version of this review appeared at Catholic Exchange and CatholicMomcomIt s an unfortunate fact that each generation must uncover for itself Love is a battlefield Except for those who marry their first love and early in life most of us carry on our hearts the scars of broken often ill advised romantic entanglements Each friendship leaves its mark those characterized by authentic Christian charity and fidelity touch our souls lightly and for the better Those that are not His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, do not Either way when the friendship ends some pain is inevitableMy husband and Iiscovered this for ourselves when we met each other I was 35 he was 45 Because of our respective pasts some scars run so eep that there is really no getting ri After having read the exuisite book Trianon A Novel of Royal France by Elena Maria Vidal I couldn t wait to read The Night s Dark Shade by this excellent author Although ifferent from the J.M. Coetzee days of Marie Antoinette in this 13th c novel Rapha lle our heroine also lives turbulent and trying times that reuire a strong faith to carry on at all costA noble by birth Rapha lle had been appointed in the court of ueen Blanche when all was well under the rule of Louis VIII The Lion After Louis was killed in the crusade against the Albigensians along with Rapha lle s father and her betrothed the country underwent the rule of the King s young son Louis IX It was a trying time with the masses rebelling and poor ueen Blanche barely. T who challenge all of her mosteeply held beliefs As she seeks the path of her true calling she Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women discovers hatred and betrayal as well as abiding friendship and unexpected loveA harrowing and engrossing journeyCatherine Delors author of Mistress of the RevolutionThe Night's Dark Shade explores the passions of the human soul theanger of heresyand the heady.

Elena Maria Vidal grew up in the countryside outside of Frederick Maryland fair as the garden of the Lord as the poet Whittier said of it As a child she read so many books that her mother had to put restrictions on her hours of reading During her teenage years she spent a great deal of her free time writing stories and short novelsElena graduated in 1984 from Hood College in Frederick with