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The hero sure as hell took his sweet time to come to his sensesA ood romance with lovable characters Both hero and heroine was ok There was past hurt and all but everything was polished at the end RecommendedPs I didn t like some of the hero s actions regarding Ow but he didn t sleep with her or even kiss her soooo as usual I Swallowed Pchokengtitiktitikchokengs She is one of my fav writer and I have read better and amazing books of her Lucy Monroe is waaaaayyyyyy better than thisThe h and the H have been in love with each other for a long time but apparently are TOO FREAKING and oh do I want to use another word there STUPID to figure it outI m not even First Steps to Wealth going to bother with the plot as it is so boring it doesn t make sense Frankly I don t know I was skimming so lost plot points anyway Bottom line when I finally lost it is when the H invites ANOTHER woman over because he thinks if he has sex with her he won t obsess about the heroine so much In his favor he realizes this not aood idea when the woman comes over The h is jealous and tries to wreak a little havoc Do I feel sorry for the H for being so clueless No Do I feel for the heroine because she s feeling threatened the tiny idjit No I feel sorry for the chick that was invited over and treated like dirt Twice It doesn t help that I read the seuel that Adventures in Fetishland gives her story as she s a niceirl but judged because she s voluptuous You uys H and h SUCK 35 starspretty enjoyable read the H was not a brooding alpa male He was nice and possessive towards h Both were pretty stupid for people that have known each other for than a decade No epilogue with babies but at least there was a wedding THE MILLIONAIRE S FORBIDDEN VIRGINGrant Cortez is rich famous and seriously sexy But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever has as her best friend he s strictly a no o zone Grant wants Zoe badly but knows he can t have her When they re forced to live together the temptation is too much and so Grant imposes some rules no kissing and definitely no sex But then there s the best rule of all some rules are just made to be broken less I read this book years ago and found it again today I forgot what a sweet story it was Today s HP romances have lost a bit of the innocence and sweetness that made them so special This one is a classic that made me smile throughout he storyZoe is a uirky personality who loves Grant but fears that he doesn t feel the same Her need to save every lost animal causes her to Rko get evicted from her apartment Millionaire Grant see Zoe as his best friend while fighting his need for her When sheets evicted trying to help him out he has no choice but to help her find a new home As they search for an apartment for Zoe they find it harder to resist each other The sparks fly and they have to decide if they want to risk their friendship by starting a physical relationship with each other It was a easy sweet read that reminded why I loved Harleuin Presents 25 stars and such a disappointment Having read her mercenary trilogy I was at least expecting a ood story but it was just a round and round turn of overblown silly misunderstandings This is also another book billed as a Christmas themed story but Christmas THE MILLIONAIRE'S FORBIDDEN VIRGINGrant Cortez is rich famous and seriously sexy But although he arouses feelings in virginal Zoe that no other man ever.

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Pdf Download The Rancher's Rules ´ Lucy Monroe – latinboyz4play.com

Just plain sweet and not the usual woman in a Harleuin Presents novel Her love for life animals and her Kindergarten students was endearing and her secret crush on her best friend Grant Cortez will sueeze your heartGrant and Zoe have rown up together and during their later years have had two sexy encounters which left Zoe hurt and embarrassed because all of her life she has secretly loved Grant Their relationship in spite of everything remained in tact and they consider themselves best friendsZoe has never felt she s belonged as her parents made it clear the son they lost should have run their ranch When her father decides to retire he sells the ranch to Grant leaving Zoe without a home She understands that she would never have been a rancher due to her love for animals being a vegetarian plus her non relationship with her family well she feels abandoned and unloved with the exception of the one man she can always count on her best friend GrantGrant has the responsibly of running the family ranch and business as his father and stepmother have moved to another state due to his father s health For years he has watched over Zoe has been her closest friend and truly adores her Now Grant finds himself not only thinking about her but also fights a physical attraction for Zoe On top of everything else he now finds himself having to take care of her as she s been evicted from her apartment because of all of her petscats birds dogs hamsterNow they find themselves in a bad situation and where will Zoe live With Grant Because of spending time together they find themselves doing the one thing that Grant has a rule againstthe NO kissing rule yet on a few occasions the rule is broken They both fight the attraction but in the end Edwin (The Northumbrian Thrones give in and then decisions need to be madeshould they take it a step further and explore their feelingsYou will absolutely adore this wonderful story not only due to it s warmth and humour but the ma This was an okay story with a couple Grant and Zoe who had plenty of chemistry a friendship with a lot of sexual tension and some interesting banter They start out with a solid friendship but their desire for one another keepsetting in the wayand even when they re The Phoenix Project going about trying to resolve their tension other peopleet in the way I don t really like this kind of book where the heroine is trying to seduce the Hero who is totally resistant because he keeps telling himself he should think of her as a sister or she s better off not etting involved with him I always think that those heroes are TSTL And Grant was so wishy washy One minute it s fine the next he has doubts He needs a ood smack And what s with the town that expects people to remain virginal I understand not having sex on the sidewalk of a town where you live and teach elementary schoolers But why can t you date I didn t know people had to be so concerned about their reputation in the modern world 35 i love the story what i like about it is that throughout the story the only problem they had was basically brought by misunderstanding there wasn t any significant thing that happened everything was just misunderstanding and it s very tiring reading about those but i still love them both they re fun and lovable. Is too much and so Grant imposes some rules no kissing and definitely no sex But then there's the best rule of all some rules are just made to be broke.

S mentioned only once and that s it No warm holiday cheer here so if that s what you re looking for then pass on this oneSeveral times I was wondering if I was reading a historical what with all the moral preachiness about sex before marriage town Finding a Dream (Conquest, gossipistsoing on about two people living together to the point where the heroine s boss tells her that she should stop seeing the hero for the ood of the school she works at what the You expect that in a historical but not in a contemporary unless it s one of those inspirational books The heroine is not the most believable of characters either She lives in an apartment with nearly every possible pet known to man from a huge dog some cats parrots hamsters to a oat In an apartment Dumb Then you have the hero who s trying to be noble to protect her from himself Dumb againThe writing itself reads like a uickie first draft with too much stilted language Suddenly there are no contractions in the dialog so it sounds very formal and out of character The Spanish terms of endearment rang false alsoThe ending had a rushed awww shucks Porterhouse Blue (Porterhouse Blue, gooeyness to it There were the beginnings of someood Monroe steamy scenes like her other books but they just never really made it The steam itself doesn t even happen until you re practically at the end of the book One irritating tease after another with an unexpected friend walking in the phone ringing she changes her mind he changes his mind and all the other predictable things The story had potential but needed some major tweakingI think I ll be sticking with her hotter and better written Brava contemporaries instead of her wishy washy seen it all a hundred times Harleuins A whole lotta angst would have been saved if these 2 had talked 4 years ago They were both bonkers about each other but as he was a bit older and experienced he rushed his fences so to speak and panicked the virgin h She soon came to her senses when she thought about it but when she decided to o for the h he decided to flirt with others and leave her the hell alone because he has scared her a bitI liked their friendship though it was awesome how it lasted through the years and they were both determined that it would lastFast forward 4 years and they are still dancing round each other and showing signs of jealousy when they see each other with dates h is innocent of all charges but H is a bit of a tarth has uite terrible parents tbh although not the worse by far in HPlandia All in all not a bad start to the new year it remains to be seen how long the H will last as a meat muncher on his ranch I m sure the h will be keep to share her vegetarianism with her future kids While I applaud her rather Clarice Starling beliefs rowing up on a ranch I m too partial to bacon to ever Toward the Zen of Performance give it up and will support animals in my own way purchasing ethically sourced local critters who have had lovely lives The Rancher s Rules was released in the UK in 2006 and will hit the USA in December just in time for a wonderful Christmas romanceIt is absolutely fabulousit s sexy warm very very funny and just an extremely entertaining readI so enjoyed this bookI laughed I cried and found it to be the perfect Holiday read Zoe Jensen s character was fun invigorating dear. Has as her best friend he's strictly a noo zone Grant wants Zoe badly but knows he can't have her When they're forced to live together the temptation.

Award winning author Lucy Monroe had her first book published in September 2003 Since then she has sold than 70 books to four publishers and hit national bestsellers lists in the US and England She writes sexy category romance for Harleuin Presents including her own ongoing mini series The Royal Brides If you prefer a longer book but want to keep it steamy try her Mercenary trilogy or

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