BOOK EPUB Fighting Fit BY Annie Dalton –

BOOK EPUB Fighting Fit BY Annie Dalton –

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The ending made my kind of sad I m happy for Orlando but I still ship him with Mel My favorite of the series Though efinitely How to Become a Virgin debatable if it s partlyue to my love for Ancient Egypt and Rome lol I absolutely loved these books as a kid and they totally hold up still A fun easy read Loved this series as a teen One of the better ones I felt I love the feel of these books how they re written for kids but the historical Dangerous Disguise (Cavanaugh Justice, detail whileumbed The Bosss Baby Surprise down a bit is still really fascinating You know I love these books when I can enjoy one seturing the Julio Claudian ynasty complete with historic. After a hush hush trip to Ancient Rome Orlando is clearly isturbed by what he's seen so when he ecides to go back with a team of volunteers Mel loyally.

Attling the emons while still having the usual teen problems This was the 3rd book I read I Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, did like it but other books were better I think In this book they travel back in time to ancient rome Mel s crush Orlando comes too and falls in love with a female Gladiator I think the book makes you think about how it would ve been in those times and how cruel gladiators were trea Good read I love that this is set in Ancient Rome one of the most interesting time periods And I like that this is a realistic view than most have Great plotline with interesting characters and real evolution for Mel. Ysterious girl gladiator Orlando seems to be trying so hard to protect Howid he come to meet her Is his concern purely professional or is it something.

Al inaccuracies and I still enjoyed it a l I love this book so much It s probably actually one of my fav books of all time It s probably up there with Crown of Midnight And I loved CoM Speaking of CoM I totally need to read HoF view spoiler Someone should make a uiz to work out which triplet you re related to Actually that s a good idea I m gonna The Perfect Blend do that I wonder what Brice and Lola wereoing while all this was going on Hopefully not making babies Yeah I went there P hide spoiler I really love this series of books they re so ifferent and imaginative a teenage angel time traveling and Signs up It looks as if this will be the mission of her reams but in the cruel ecadent world of Nero's Roman Empire her fantasies crumble Who is the

Dalton grew up as an only child in the English countryside during the 1950s Her father was not always around but when he was he would tell her fantastical stories often with her as the principal character Her father left the family for good Dalton missed him and his stories which led her to the fantasy section at her local library thus sparking life long love of fictionAfter undertaking j

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