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Many people disagree with LOL and instead ead The Bride Thief or Red Roses Mean Love two of my favorite D Alessandro omances and favorite overall historicals also I m probably the only person to like this one better than the first I liked Daniel s and Carolyn s interactions their lovemaking scenes and I eally felt as if their connection was not only confined in the bedroom or the carriage or drawing oom for that matter It s a well told story even if it has nothing special or groundbreaking to introduce to the genre More 35 than 4 but still an entertaining ead Don t expect than a few hours of mindless entertainment by this one and you won t be disappointed Daniel sat beside Carolyn on the settee and clasped her hands entwining their fingers He wasn t a spiritual man hadn t uttered in prayer since the age of eight when he d painfully learned that no higher being listened to his invocations yet he couldn t stop the mantra everberating through his mind Thank you for sparing her Thank you for not taking her awayConfessions at Midnight is the story of Carolyn and DanielThree things to commend this book on Having a kickass and honest widowed heroine Having a animal loving and kind but seemingly evil hero Maintaining consistently wonderful storytellingI am so impressed by this book and the author Jacuie D Alessandro I discovered her while eading Sleepless at Midnight and The Bride Thief thanks to wonderful listopias ecommendations and was awed by her writing She continues the winning streak with this second bookOur heroine is Carolyn Turner Viscountess Wingate the widow of the late Viscount Edward Wingate She loved her husband dearly and carried his fond memories even after his death Finally pulled by her sister out of mourning she enjoys her endeavors with the Ladies Literary Society of London especially when they ead scandalous books like Memoirs of a Mistress She soon finds herself pursued by suitors one of them being notorious ogue Daniel Sutton Lord Surbrooke The hero has lusted after the heroine for very long but has never forgotten her They meet at a masuerade ball and kisses are exchanged When he finally propositions her she is eluctant With sweet kisses flowers honey heartwarming gestures and hidden kindness he wins her heart But they promised a no strings attached elationship to each other How long will their inane vow lastI eally enjoyed this book It very much eminded me of It s in his Kiss and I was impressed by the writing The small gestures of love and enchantment is what makes this book interesting The lovemaking scenes are well written sizzling and elevant and the mysterious deaths form an intriguing plot The hero was sooo worried about the heroine it was kind of cute Their tragic pasts and the scenes of them opening up were very well written and heartbreaking If it wasn t for the unnecessary drama and the end and if their confessions were heartfelt I would have given it a five star Also glad that view spoiler the heroine s infertility wasn t brushed aside hide spoile. Hackled by marriage vows He lusted after Carolyn sure but he never imagined that once he lured her to his bed he'd never want to let her go Yet only when a murderer targets his beloved will he be spurred to confess his true love and claim Carolyn as his bri.

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Did not feel that here There was no witty or tongue in cheek dialogue no humorous or particularly memorable encounters and the emotionalintellectual connection was I m sorry to say almost completely absent for meDaniel has lusted after Carolyn for ten years ever since he saw her for the first time on the eve of her engagement to Edward now I have problems with the lovelust at first sight premises but let s put that aside since that encounter is not the core of the book what is the core of the book is basically them just lusting after one another and talking about an every level connection of which I saw no actual evidence and could not eally believe in ex they love talking with each other yet we ead fewany actually meaningful previous conversations upon which they can base this feeling and so onRegarding Carolyn s desiring Daniel the progression of her feelings or lusting for him felt choppy to me because she goes from feeling ashamed and guilty for wanting him to being uite forward in their first sexual encounter she decides to surprise him have him shown into her private sitting oom and then comes in wearing just a negligee with the whole open mouth jaw dropping going on for Daniel and etc you think she s beautiful we get it move on already It was uite a leap forward and one that left me floundering when trying to connect with her character Oh and Daniel epeatedly going on about how the sight of her hand on his arm and her hand in his her knee near his etc moved him so much one thought he wanted to tattoo the image on his forehead yeah was too excessive for meCAROLYN S PREVIOUS MARRIAGEI m ashamed to admit that I don t usually like it when a hero or heroine was strongly in love before and still has feelings for the person or it didn t end badly and they have fond memories horrible I know However if you e like me and want to know the details about Carolyn s previous marriage she was married to Edward for ten years they were very happy and she was heartbroken over his death one gets the sense that her elationship with Daniel is passionate than the one she had with Edward so she is a little surprised by this aspect of his whole I can t get enough of you eaction to her but she likes itAlthough Carolyn eally did love Edward this was actually a part of the book that surprisingly didn t bother me and I thought D Alessandro dealt with it eally well when Carolyn first starts to ealize she s attracted to Daniel she feels understandably guilty conflicted and confused however she doesn t spend the whole book that way and ealizes not two pages after moping but a easonable amount of time into the book that being with another person or loving another man won t diminish what she had with Edward that he would want her to happy and that she didn t die along with him It was all very sensitively and ealistically written and I think worked eally wellBOTTOM LINESkip Confessions at Midnight it being part of a series still doesn t warrant even taking it out of the library IMHO which I know obviously. She's sure that this steamy ead is the only eason she's succumbing to the charms of notorious ogue Daniel Sutton Lord Surbrooke She couldn't possibly be falling for the ascal and his illicit caresses or could sheThe last thing Daniel wanted was to be

Ebook free Confessions at Midnight Mayhem in Mayfair #2 – latinboyz4play.com

Carolyn Turner Viscountess Wingate is absolutely shocked by the Ladies Literary Society of London s latest selection Memoirs of a Mistress is scandalously explicit and downright wicked and it s stirring feelings within Carolyn that she hasn t felt well ever She s sure that this steamy ead is the only eason she s succumbing to the charms of notorious ogue Daniel Sutton Lord Surbrooke She couldn t possibly be falling for the ascal and his illicit caresses or could sheThe last thing Daniel wanted was to be shackled by ma I made it about a uarter of the way through before I just had to stop I put this book down than I picked it up and wasn t interested in it at all I found it to be extremely boring and didn t like the dynamic between Daniel and Carolyn although I had been looking forward to it after the previous book I didn t like that they both start off immediately attracted to one another I was hoping that Daniel would be knee deep in love with her and Carolyn would be somewhat disinterested However she s already attracted and interested and that just wasn t fun The masuerade at the beginning It would ve been fun and interesting if Carolyn didn t know it was Daniel and Daniel didn t know it was Carolynbut they did That wasn t fun eitherI also got annoyed with hearing about how Daniel is kind of a whore and we meet two of his previous lovers and this is not even a uarter of the way through I get it okay I know he s a big whore and is disillusioned with life I know this already I eally don t need eminders every few pages and names to faces and meetings with his previous conuestsIt was boring and I had no interest in either character Not trying to be uniue here but unlike almost everyone else and to my surprise I did not like this bookI m obviously in the minority but I disliked this book Normally I m a fan of Jacuie D Alessandro s novels but I found this one and Never A Lady pretty horrible It took me 11 days to ead this book the longest by many days it has ever taken me to ead a historical omance and I literally had to force myself to finish it so I could just write my eview and put it away The freuent appearance of the three other heroines and heroes from the Mayfair Series was nice and I m looking forward to eading Books 2 and 3 and hopefully enjoying them than this one Random detail Carolyn is 32 years old and Daniel is 33MAYHEM IN MAYFAIR SERIESBook 1 Sleepless at Midnight Miss Sarah Moorehouse and Matthew Devenport Maruess Langston 12 eviewedBook 2 Confessions at Midnight Carolyn Turner Viscountess Wingate Sarah s older sister and Daniel Sutton Lord Surbrooke Book 3 Seduced at Midnight Lady Julianne Bradley and Gideon MayneBook 4 Tempted At Midnight Lady Emily Stapleford and Logan JennsenCRITICISMD Alessandro is skilled at writing steamy scenes and great sexual tension however it is usually all the enjoyable to ead because there is such a strong non physical elationship that is developing at the same time or has already developed between the two main characters and I just. Carolyn Turner Viscountess Wingate is absolutely shocked by the Ladies Literary Society of London's latest selection Memoirs of a Mistress is scandalously explicit and downright wicked and it's stirring feelings within Carolyn that she hasn't felt well ever.

Jacuie D'Alessandro grew up on Long Island and fell in love with romance at an early age She dreamed of being swept away by a dashing rogue riding a spirited stallion When Joe her hero finally showed up he was dressed in jeans and driving a Volkswagen but she recognized him anyway They married after they both graduated from Hofstra University and are now living their happily ever after in

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