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Read Books Jaded by La Jill Hunt –

Aughter A daughter that his wife new nothing about Sylvia is struggling to maintain her house and deal with all the issues that comes along with her husband s love child Janelle is Sylvia s sister Even though she is trying to help her sister deal with her issues she has a lot of issues of her own Janelle is in love with a man The only problem is the man is not available but claims he loves her Janelle doesn t stop her live and is dating but in her mind nothing compares Overall I give this book 45 stars There was a mix Ect lives Now Sylvia has to deal with the reality of Garrett's dead mistress a love child she never new about and the fact that the man she's been married to for the past twenty years may not be the man she nows at all Unlike her sister Sylvia when it comes to love Janelle Hudson can take it or leave it Her on again off again uncommitted stress free friendship with Jarvis Baldwi.

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P with one of the characters having a girl and later it said boy Nothing else major to mention I would recommend reading this book I look f Midlife Crisis JadedWoooow This book was fully of drama and twists I ve always loved books by LaJill and this book just further proves why I was interested in all of the characters from beginning to end Hope to read part 2 soon WowWowI loved this book and cannot wait for part 2 The trials and tribulations reach woman went through attested to their strength Pick up your copy today. N is fine with her But her life becomes complicated when she is faced with choosing between a sure thing with a good man and what feels right with the wrong one Best selling author LaJill Hunt is back with Jaded an emotion packed story of love betrayal and family loyalty When lies are unveiled and secrets are revealed can love be strong enough to forgive even when you can't forget.

Where do I startAnother great book from on of my favorite authors The book felt so real and I felt like I new each chan personally I like how she talked about trials and tribulations of a relationship and how the test of strength love and faith can overcome any situation I can t wait to read the seuel Sylvia Blackwell thought she had the perfect life She had everything going for her One day her life gets turned upside down when a secret from her husband s past surfaces Garry s mistress passes away leaving behind his Sylvia Blackwell has it all or so she thinks She and her handsome husband Garrett are the epitome of success an immaculate house of their dreams a beautiful talented 17 year old daughter flourishing careers and nearly twenty years of perfectly wedded bliss Just as they are making plans fortheir vow renewal celebration a call in the middle of the night interrupts their picture perf.

LaJill Hunt is a native of Mobile AL who burst onto the literary scene in 2003 with her debut novel Drama ueen The memorable characters she created and the entertaining stories she told uickly drew best selling success and a following of fans young and old Although known for her urban chic lit novels she has also contributed to the street anthology series Around the Way Girls and penned a